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Surobhi Chatterjee

Updated on Jan 4, 2023 by Surobhi Chatterjee

Surobhi Chatterjee

Updated on Jan 4, 2023 by Surobhi Chatterjee

There are ample job opportunities in the field of computer science and engineering. After completing your degree in computer science and engineering, and can work in the field of database management, embedded systems, IT, telecommunications, multimedia, hardware & software implementation, and maintenance, and other related fields. This is done with the utmost care, and only graduates of this course are skilful enough to manage high compliance with ease. Hence, the job scope of B.Tech Computer Science Engineering in India graduates of this course is generally higher owing to a significant boom in the daily basis of Industrial domains. 

Career Prospects and Job Scope for a B.Tech CSE

B.Tech CSE scope in India concerning career is that it has wide job options in various industries with an average salary package of INR 2 - 7 LPA based on the job role one chooses to work. It is mostly considered an easy task for the graduates to get placed after doing a B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering.

Jobs after B.Tech Computer Science Engineering :

  • Systems Engineer
  • Web Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Full-Stack Developer

Jobs after B.Tech Computer Science Engineering with experience:

  • Data Engineer
  • Lead Software Engineer
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Development Operations Engineer
  • Data Scientist

Areas of Recruitment for B.Tech CSE

Computer science engineering provides opportunities in both the private and government sectors. Some of the industries to look out for are listed below:

The areas of recruitment providing B. Tech CSE jobs are:

  • System Engineering Units
  • Colleges and Universities
  • IT Companies
  • Software and Hardware Companies
  • Intellectual Property Agencies

Salary Packages for B.Tech CSE

The initial pay differs based on one's experience, research topics, area of specialization, etc. The careers with a B.Tech Computer Science Engineering jobs pay an average salary of INR 2 - 7 LPA. The other factors that affect the salary include the type of sector one chooses to work in and the job designation. The graduates' skills, knowledge, and experience play a vital role in the companies' salary package.

Below listed are the average B.Tech CSE salary in India for some of the job roles.

Source: Payscale
Designation Salary
Software Engineer INR 6.24 LPA
Software Developer INR 5.47 LPA
IT Consultant INR 6.55 LPA

Government Jobs for B.Tech CSE Aspirants

The average B.Tech Computer Science Engineering salary in India is INR 2 - 4 LPA. Scope of B.Tech Computer Science Engineering Govt jobs includes designations like:

Source: Glassdoor
Top Government Hiring Companies Job Designation Salary
Bharat Electronics Limited Project Engineer INR 1.2 LPA
Centre for Development of Advanced Computing Developer  INR 3.72 LPA
West Bengal Police Recruitment Cyber Crime Consultant INR 4.2 LPA

Other government jobs after B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering are:

  • Delhi Technological University
  • Oil India

Private Jobs for B.Tech CSE 

The B.Tech CSE salary in India ranges from INR 2 - 5 LPA. The job designations include:

Source: Glassdoor

Top Private Hiring Companies
Job Profiles Salary
Xiaomi Computer Science Engineer INR 2.1 LPA
Paypal Software Engineer INR 3.1 LPA
Calypso Technology PHP Developer INR 5.2 LPA

Some other jobs for B.Tech CSE freshers in this sector are:

  • Infosys
  • Smart Stream Technologies
  • TCS
  • Tata Consultancy Services
  • Capgemini
  • Abbott
  • ITC

Job Opportunities Abroad for B.Tech CSE

The B.Tech Computer Science Engineering scope being a versatile degree, is high and has a plethora of job opportunities to choose from within and outside India. Any individual with a skill set and capability can get a job in their preferred country. It is essential to know a lot of real-time information to make an informed decision, as it is crucial for a lot of individuals. International corporations provide product specialists, development executives, and other job roles for the graduates of this specialization in B.Tech.

Top Companies

 Check the list below for the top international companies who hire graduates of B.Tech CSE:

  • Nestle
  • Ford
  • Suzuki
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • Pepsico
  • Raymond

Best Countries

Below is the list of top countries offering job opportunities to B.Tech CSE graduates: 

  • Australia
  • Netherlands
  • Germany
  • USA
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Singapore
  • United Kingdom

Various Career Designations Abroad for B.Tech CSE Graduate

Here is a list of career prospects for B.Tech CSE graduates abroad:

  • Data Scientist
  • Software Tester
  • Web Developer
  • Systems Analyst
  • Network Architect

B.Tech Computer Science Fee Structure

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