B.Arch Syllabus and Subjects:

These are the core subjects that come under B.Arch course. Which may slightly differ according to the universities/colleges you want to study. But the main focus in the syllabus will be planning and designing.

Sl. No. Subjects of Study
1 Architecture design
2 Building construction
3 Theory of structures
4 Building Science & services
5 Building management
6 History of architecture
7 Architectural drawing
8 Computer & software lab
9 Workshop practice
10 Architectural appreciation
11 Theory of settlement planning
12 Design applications
13 Training
14 Thesis project
15 General proficiency

B.Arch Syllabus:

The Semester wise syllabus for B.Arch course is mentioned below:

B.Arch Syllabus- Semester I
SI.No. Subjects
1 Evolution of Architecture I
2 Design Fundamentals
3 Materials & Methods of Construction I
4 Structural Mechanics I
5 Mathematics IA
6 Descriptive Geometry
7 Free Hand Drawing
8 Basic Design
9 Workshop Practice VI


B.Arch Syllabus- Semester II
Sl.No. Subjects
1 Humanities
2 Evolution of Architecture II
3 Materials & Methods of Construction II
4 Structural Mechanics II
5 Mathematics IIA
6 Architectural Graphics
7 Educational Tour I
8 Architectural Graphics
9 Architectural Design I


B.Arch Syllabus- Semester III
SI.No. Subjects
1 Climate and Architecture
2 Architectural Construction I
3 Theory of Architecture I
4 Theory of Structures I
5 Surveying
6 Mathematics IIIA
7 Climate and Architecture
8 Computer-Aided Delineation
9 Architectural Design II


B.Arch Syllabus- Semester IV
Sl.No Subjects
1 Elements of Computing
2 Architectural Construction II
3 Theory of Architecture II
4 Theory of Structures II
5 Structures for Architects
6 Architectural Design II
7 Educational Tour II
8 Surveying Practical


B.Arch Syllabus- Semester V
Sl.No Subjects
1 Landscape Architecture
2 Architectural Construction III
3 Analysis of Contemporary Works I
4 Design of Structures I
5 Services and Equipment I
6 Computer Programming for Architects
7 Working Drawing
8 Architectural Services I
9 Architectural Design III


B.Arch Syllabus- Semester VI
Sl.No Subjects
1 Analysis of Contemporary Works II
2 Quantity Surveying, Specification
3 Building Diseases and Treatment
4 Services and Equipment II
5 Design of Structures II
6 Architectural Design III
7 Educational Tour III
8 Architectural Services II
9 Civil Engineering Lab


B.Arch Syllabus- Semester VII
SI.No Subjects
1 Practical Training
2 General Seminar


B.Arch Syllabus- Semester VIII
Sl.No Subjects
1 Environmental Systems
2 Housing I (Urban & Rural)
3 Urban Design
4 Service & Equipment III
5 Architectural Acoustics
6 Architectural Design IV
7 Architectural Services III
8 Interior Design
9 Landscape Architecture


B.Arch Syllabus- Semester IX
Sl.No Subjects
1 Principles of Urban & Rural Planning
2 Entrepreneurship Development
3 Professional Practice
4 Building Economics & Project Management
5 Valuation
6 Design Methodology
7 Architectural Design V
8 Architectural Thesis Programming
9 Elective I


B.Arch Syllabus- Semester X
Sl.No Subjects
1 Architectural Thesis (Viva Voice)
2 Architectural Thesis
3 Elective II

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. You may appear for NATA at the nearest exam center. Based on the NATA score, available colleges are given.

Not necessary. But should be good at visualizing and planning. However, good at drawing is an advantage.

No. NATA is an entrance exam for B.Arch. After getting the score, one should apply for colleges based on the score criteria.