MP Board 12th Exam Preparation 2024: Tips and Strategy

Sumitra Saha
Sumitra Saha

Updated on - Aug 4, 2023

MP Board 12th Exam Preparation 2024 - There is a huge amount of syllabus to cover, and there must be a systematic preparation strategy to excel in the board exam. Preparing for your MP 12th board exam can be very daunting. Use the following MP board 12th exam preparation 2024 to perform well.

MP board 12th exam preparation 2024 must be planned and scheduled to finish the syllabus on time. There should be sufficient time for revision as well. Sample papers and previous year questions must be practised to clear the exams.

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MP Board 12th Exam Preparation 2024 

Check out the detailed MP Board 12th exam preparation 2024 tips given below:

Make a plan

It can be very daunting to handle a huge syllabus and keep track of what you know and don't. Therefore, making a study plan with weekly targets/goals for the syllabus to be covered is essential.

Test yourselves

Blindly reading and highlighting your textbook is not an effective way to study. You must constantly test yourselves on the knowledge you gain. Try to solve practice question papers and available mock tests.

Be thorough with the syllabus

Knowing your syllabus is just as important as knowing the contents of your entire syllabus. It is important to keep the big picture in mind when studying. The course outline or the syllabus can help you visualise the big picture.

Turn off distractions

Refocusing after being distracted is much harder than focusing with a fresh mind. It is important to note that when you sit down to study, always turn off anything distracting. This could be your phone, TV, or any entertainment device. Once you are distracted, building back that focus can be very hard. Hence, you lose progress.

Plan your answers

Knowing your concepts or syllabus is not enough. In an exam, the question is asking something very specific. You must train yourself to parse the question and figure out what the question is asking. Once you have that figured out, create a plan for your answer. You should be able to visualise what your answer will look like in your head.

Maintain your health

Having a proper diet, exercise, and at least 8 hours of sleep can do wonders for your preparation. Without these three elements, the body is not designed to function for long hours. So during your preparation, ensure that you have all three elements in your schedule.

Understand the Basics

It would be best if you learned to run before you can walk. The same principle applies to your preparation. There is no point in jumping into advanced problems or solving previous year's papers without solid understanding of your basic concepts. Understand those first and then move to more challenging questions.

MP Board 12th Subject-wise Preparation Tips


Students should note down important formulas and memorise them. Students should practice the questions on derivations and revise them thoroughly to be able to remember them during exams.The question paper for Physics always has questions on graphs or a device. Students should practice these to score full marks in these sections.This method will prepare them for the actual examination day.


Students must be completely aware of the syllabus. Once syllabus and marking schemes are checked, students can start with their textbooks, followed by sample papers and previous year question papers. For Chemistry, students should know the weightage of physical, organic and inorganic chemistry separately.They should practice numerical questions from different reference books apart from the main textbook. Chemical reactions should be given special importance and practised thoroughly. Understand the numericals from multiple aspects. Note down formulas & reactions and revise them from time to time.


Diagrams are crucial for the biology exam. Start practising diagrams well before the exam. Always make use of a ruler to label the diagram. It is advised to label the diagrams on the right side. Underline important sentences or keywords in your answer. Divide your answers into paragraphs for clarity in long answer type questions.Practise previous years' question papers. Try to include diagrams even if it is not mentioned in the question.


Practise one or two passages every day well before the exam. Make it a habit to read questions before reading any passage. Practise previous year’s question papers in 3 hours time slot. Go through all the chapters at least once. For novels, focus should be given more on themes, plots and character sketches.

Business Studies

Definitions must be understood properly along with the meaning. Understanding the logic and reasoning behind the concept is important. Important definitions must be memorised after understanding them. Students should learn the features, advantages and disadvantages of various topics. Students must not cram the format of capital structure rather they should understand how that statement/format is derived by applying formulas. Students must regularly practise the basis of the formulas/ format/ statement.


Practising question papers for revision is crucial to a good hold over accountancy. Students should revise the concepts related to the questions they couldn’t solve immediately after finishing the paper. Solve at least 10 sample papers before MP board 12th exam for Accounts. Do not use calculators while practising questions. Try to solve all the questions manually. Also, try to be accurate in your calculation as a minor mistake may lead you to lose marks.

Computer Science

The main topics in Computer Science are Object Oriented Programming in C, Data Structures, Databases and SQL, Boolean algebra, and Computer Networks. The only way to make familiar with programming languages is through practising. Practising previous year's question papers will help a lot. Students should make notes on crucial facts in addition to preparing a topic. 

Preparation Using MP Board 12th Question Papers 2024

Sample Papers and previous year's question papers are a great resource to test your knowledge and practice your exam-taking skills. In your study schedule, ensure that you have dedicated time to solve the previous year's papers and sample papers. The most important part about solving sample papers is analysing your answers after you have taken them. Make a note of the topics you have missed, questions you went wrong in, and other mistakes to understand your areas of strengths and weaknesses.

How to Download MP Board 12th Question Papers?

Below are the steps to download the MP Board 12th question papers from the official website.

  • Step 1: Go to the official website of the MP Board.
  • Step 2: Go to the "Academics" section.
  • Step 2: Click on the "MP board 12th Model Papers" links.
  • Step 4: Select a subject.
  • Step 5: Now, download the MP board 12th question papers 2024 and take a print of it, if needed.

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