MBA International Business jobs are diverse and are available in plenty offering graduates a wide range of career options both in India and abroad, due to their technical intelligence in understanding international markets and trade. The major job designations for graduates include business analyst, international marketing manager, business development executive, sales expert, etc. Some of the top companies hiring for MBA International Business include PepsiCo, Amazon, Flipkart, AbinBev, eBay, etc.

Career Prospects and Job Scope for an MBA in International Business

The growth in the number of foreign companies and rising enterprises operating at the international level has contributed to an increase in the popularity of International Business courses. Many of these businesses, which aim to grow and develop their business internationally, need aspirants who are both efficient in managing foreign scenarios and well-versed with theories and concepts that may be useful for the establishment of a business.

Several home-grown companies are moving abroad. Also, with a large population, consumption is high, and there is a need to provide skilled labor. As a result, almost every day, students will be exposed to foreign companies' news transferring operations to India or an Indian company moving abroad.

MBA International Business jobs fresher:

  • Business Development Manager
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • International Product Manager

Job opportunities for MBA in International Business graduates with experience:

  • International Marketing Manager
  • Finance Analyst
  • International Brand Manager
  • Logistics Manager
  • International Supply Chain Manager
  • Business Analytics Manager

Areas of Recruitment for MBA in International Business

MBA in International Business scope in India lies in the prospects for surviving careers and the packages provided to applicants holding a degree in this area. It also provides a chance to travel abroad and settle in any corner of the world to make an enticing offer to the applicant.

Here are some of the areas of recruitment for an MBA in International Business:

  • Global Tourism Sector
  • International Consultancy Firms
  • Global Shipping Companies
  • Banking Sector
  • International Placement Offices
  • Import and Export Department
  • International Marketing
  • Brand Management

Salary Packages for MBA in International Business

The salary of MBAs in international business professionals depends on the employer, the job profile, and the work experience. Account managers with this degree typically earn around INR 3.4 LPA on average at this time, while foreign sales managers usually earn INR 4.80-12 LPA. The range for most business development managers is INR 4-8 LPA. Marketing managers make on average about INR 3.6-10 LPA. 

It is important to remember that each unique designation packages vary but are far higher than that of a nominee from an essential MBA context.

Below listed are the average pay for the MBA International Business jobs in India.

Source: Payscale
Designation Salary
Financial Analyst INR 4 LPA
International Marketing Manager INR 18.5 LPA
Human Resource Manager INR 7 LPA
Economist  INR 6-8 LPA

Government Jobs for MBA in International Business Aspirants

Applicants with MBA in International Business can find employment opportunities in government agencies in export and import firms, finance companies, financial institutions, and banks. Because most shipping and aviation companies are engaged in international operations, graduates specialized in this field of education may also find jobs in the aviation and shipping sectors. Also, MBA International Business government jobs placement opportunities can be found in tourism and travel industry organizations operating under various state governments and India's central government. The average MBA in International Business salary in India is INR 3 - 8 LPA.

Source: Glassdoor
Top Government Hiring Companies Job Designation Salary
ATMI Dataware Pvt Ltd Marketing Manager INR 2.4 Lakhs
Edrishyaa IT India Senior Analyst INR 20 Lakhs
SALVAVIDAS Pharmaceuticals Online Marketing Executive INR 18 Lakhs
Browne and Mohan Management Executive INR 15 Lakhs

Private Jobs for MBA in International Business Graduates

Applicants with MBA in International Business can find employment opportunities in private companies in export and import firms, finance companies, financial institutions, and private banks. The average private MBA International Business jobs salary in India is listed below.

Source: Glassdoor
Top Private Hiring Companies Job Profiles Salary
Navyah Immigration Services Business Development Officer INR 10 Lakhs
Adal Immigration Management Analyst INR 9 - 10 Lakhs
Pear Visa Business Analyst INR 12 Lakhs

Job Opportunities Abroad for MBA in International Business

With the massive growth of MBA International Business in India and abroad, there is a huge demand for individuals with in-depth experience and understanding of global markets. The International Business degree is perfect for students who want to develop a global approach and appreciate diverse business management strategies. If one aims to improve the performance of companies competing in a rapidly evolving global marketplace, an MBA in International Business will introduce them to concepts that will help them face international challenges more effectively.

Top Companies

Students with a degree in international business will be part of the private and government sectors. This specialization offers an excellent opportunity to work in a competitive market and around the world.

Following are MBA International Business top recruiters:

  • ICICI Bank
  • Amazon
  • Google
  • IBM
  • Accenture
  • UBS
  • Microsoft

Best Countries

Many students now chose to study International Business to deepen their understanding of globalization and how it affects economies, companies, individuals, and information exchange between them. Here are some of the best countries to pursue an MBA in International Business:

  • Canada
  • Switzerland
  • Australia
  • Singapore
  • Sweden 

Various Career Designations Abroad for MBA in International Business Student

Here is the list of versatile job roles that attract international business graduates to work abroad:

  • Export Manager
  • Investment Banker
  • Global Business Manager
  • International Marketing Manager
  • International Finance Manager

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