LLM Jobs:

After pursuing the LLM course there is a lot of great opportunities for the newly post-graduate fresher students as the scope is high in terms of growth. LLM course studies are especially useful in today’s job market because every industry is regulated by the laws. Those who understand compliance issues and how to avoid costly litigation are especially valuable across all industries, as are those with negotiation and dispute resolution skills. The following are some of the top industries affected by compliance and regulations, and why LLM studies can be useful in advancing a career in each:

  • Government and Military
  • Healthcare
  • Information Technology
  • Financial Sector

LLM Jobs for Freshers:

New opportunities open for freshers in LLM, few jobs for freshers is tabulated below:

Jobs for Freshers
Sl.No Jobs
1 Laws Officers
2 Young Professionals
3 Joint Advisor
4 Assistant Manager (Legal and Finance)
5 Jt. Directors
6 Sr. Legal Officers

LLM Government and Private Jobs:

The Government and Private job roles for the LLM is tabulated below:

Government Jobs
Sl.No Jobs
1 Livestock Officer
2 Assistant Legal Adviser
3 Programme Officer
4 Adjunct Professor
5 Research Associate
6 Deputy Company Secretary


Private Jobs
Sl.No Jobs
1 Head Legal Company Secretary
2 Compliance Officer
3 Assistant Legal Manager
4 Senior Tax Associate
5 LLM Associate Professor
6 Legal Manager


LLM Jobs Abroad:

There is a great opportunity for LLM graduates in other countries as there are many scholarships available for these graduates, few job role available for the LLM graduates is tabulated below:

Jobs Abroad
Sl.No Countries Jobs
1 Dubai Sr. Legal Officers
2 USA Senior Tax Associate
3 UK Head Legal Company Secretary
4 UK Research Associate
5 UAE Jt. Directors
6 France Young Professionals


Other Related Jobs:

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