UCEED 2019 Exam Pattern

Exam Date : 19th January 2019
Result Date : 1st March 2019

UCEED 2019 Exam Pattern



Mode of the exam

The exam will be an online mode


The exam will be for 180 minutes

Total marks

The total marks of the exam will be 300


The paper will be having 3 divisions/sections


4 marks for each question in section A&B with no negative marks and 3 marks in section C with negative marking of 1 mark for one wrong answer

UCEED 2019 Exam pattern- Sections


Type of Questions

Marking Scheme

Section A

Numerical Answer Type (NAT)

  • The answer to the questions in this section will be a number which has to be entered using a numeric keyboard on the computer screen.

  • There will be no option for the questions in this section.

  • Correct Response – 4 marks with No negative marking for the incorrect response.

  • Unattempted questions will be awarded zero marks.

Section B

Multiple Select Questions (MSQ)

  • Each question will have one or more correct answer(s) out of the give four given options.

  • 4 marks will be awarded for a correct answer and No negative or partial marking is given for this section.

  • The questions which are not attempted will be awarded zero marks.

Section C

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

  • Four choices will be provided for each question out of which one will be correct.

  • Each correct response will be given 3 marks. (-)1mark will be awarded for each wrong answer.

  • Unattempted questions will be given zero marks.

UCEED 2019 Exam Pattern - Details:

Section A(Numeric answer type):

  • The answer to this section will usually be in numbers so candidate need to use numeric keys

  • No options will be given for this section.

  • No negative marks will be awarded for the wrong answer.

  • Each correct answers carry 4 marks.

Section B(Multiple selection types):

  • The answer for this section may be one or more than one.

  • 4 marks will be awarded for the correct answer.

  • No negative mark will be awarded for the wrong answer.

Section C(Multiple choice questions):

  • Each question consists of 4 options which one will be the correct answer.

  • Each correct answer will be awarded 3 marks and for a wrong answer (-)1 marks will be deducted.

  • The unattempted questions will be awarded zero marks.

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