UCEED Exam Pattern 2021: Marking Scheme, Negative Marking, Total Marks

Exam Date

Jan 17, 2021

Result Date

Mar 10, 2021

Apr 7, 2021 | Design


UCEED 2021 was conducted on Jan 17, 2021 and candidates were required to complete the registration process before the last date. UCEED 2021 is conducted in online mode and the question is in English medium.

As per the official notification from IIT Bombay the UCEED Exam Pattern 2021, will contain 1 question paper for 3 hours which divided into two parts i.e. Part A and Part B.
Questions from both the parts are compulsory and question papers will be in English and the paper will carry 300 marks. The entire paper must be finished within the overall time duration. The candidate may refer to many UCEED reference books for their preparation.

UCEED 2021 Exam Pattern Highlights 

According to the UCEED 2021 Exam Pattern the UCEED 2021 question paper will carry a total of 300 marks which will be divided into 2 parts i.e. Part A and Part B. All the questions are compulsory to attend.

UCEED Exam Pattern 2021 
Details Description
Mode of the exam ONLINE (Computer Based Test), Numerical Answer Type(NAT), Drawing Test   
Duration 3 hours
Total marks 300 marks
Divisions Part A (Section 1, 2, & 3), & Part B
Duration Part A- 2 hours & 30 mins, Part B- 30 mins
Negative Marking Negative Marking in Section 2 & 3 of "Part A" Paper

UCEED 2021 Part A Marking Scheme (240 Marks)

As per the UCEED 2021 Exam Pattern Part A of the question paper will consist of 3 parts for a total of 240 marks and will follow the marking scheme that has been listed below. 

UCEED 2021 Exam Pattern- Part A
Section Type of Questions Marking Scheme
Section A Numerical Answer Type (NAT)- 18 Questions
  • The answer to the questions in this section will be a number which has to be entered using a numeric keyboard on the computer screen
  • There will be no option for the questions in this section
  • Correct Response – 4 marks with No negative marking for the incorrect response
  • Unattempted questions will be awarded zero marks
Section B Multiple Select Questions (MSQ)- 18 Questions
  • Each question will have one or more correct answer(s) out of the give four given options
  • 4 marks will be awarded for a correct answer and (-) 0.19 mark for the wrong answer
  • The questions which are not attempted will be awarded zero marks
Section C Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)- 32 Questions
  • 4 choices will be provided for each question out of which one will be correct
  • Each correct response will be given 3 marks. (-) 0.71 mark will be deducted for each wrong answer
  • Unattempted questions will be given zero marks

UCEED 2021 Part B Marking Scheme (60 Marks)

Part B consists of 1 question that is aimed at testing drawing skills which will require subjective evaluation. The question in Part- B will be displayed on the computer screen and the answer has to be written/drawn in the answer book provided by the invigilator only. 

  • The candidate will be given 30 mins to complete Part B questions and booklet will be collected at the end of the examination
  • Candidate can not skip Part B questions, it is mandatory to complete both the Parts of UCEED 2021 exam

UCEED 2021 Mark Distribution 

According to the UCEED 2021 Exam Pattern Part A and Part B of the UCEED 2021 Exam's Mark distribution has been listed in the table below. 

UCEED 2021 Exam Pattern- Mark Distribution
Section Number of Questions Question Numbers Marks if Correct Marks if Wrong Total Marks
Part-A (240 marks, 2 hours 30 mins)
NAT 18 1—18 4 0 72
MSQ 18 19—36 4 −0.19 72
MCQ 32 37—68 3 −0.71 96
Part-B (60 marks, 30 mins)
 Drawing  1 1 60 0 60
TOTAL (Part-A and Part-B combined): 300 MARKS



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