NID 2019 Reference Books

Exam Date : 12th March 2019 To 15th April 2019
Result Date : 2nd May 2019

NID 2019 Reference Books

Some of the recommended books for the NID 2019 entrance exams are:

  • NIFT, NID, IIFT Entrance Examination by Dharmendra Mittal
  • NIFT/NID/IIFT Entrance Exam Guide Surendra
  • NIFT/NID/IIFT Entrance Examination #year Dharmendra Mitta Success Master

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Recommended Books

What are the recommended books for the NID exam?

Asked By: Nithya Menon,

Answer By: GetmyuniEnterprise

The recommended books for the NID exam are as follows: -

  • NID Entrance Exam Guide Surendra
  • NID Entrance Exams Study Material Books Dr. D. Mittal
  • NID Entrance Examination 2017 Dharmendra Mitta lSuccess Master
  • NID Entrance Examination by Dharmendra Mittal