DUET Preparation 2023: Tips and Strategy, Best Books

Apr 12, 2023 | Arts, Commerce


DUET preparation 2023 tips shall help candidates in effortless preparation for the DUET Exam 2023 with the help of DUET Preparation 2023 suggestions. With the appropriate preparation, you won't feel nervous even though the DUET Exam 2023 is a hectic and tough one. A large portion of the curriculum is made up of content that candidates have already studied in school.

It is suggested that candidates read the section-by-section DUET preparation 2023 tips for a stress-free preparation. Candidates who follow the study tips will be able to ace the exam.

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How to Prepare for DUET 2023

Have a Schedule: Make a schedule to plan what subjects and topics you will be studying and when. This will help in giving equal time to everything while not being too burdened with exam stress.

Use as many resources as possible: The DUET 2023 paper is mostly theoretical, so candidates should refer to as many books as possible. Whatever resources are available to gain more knowledge and help from, you should make the most of it.

Work on your weaknesses: Practicing mock tests will give you a clear idea of what topics or parts are weaknesses for you. Make sure you focus on them and work towards making them better. All while making sure you don’t lose your strengths.

Solve NIMCET mock tests: Make sure to take mock tests on a regular basis to monitor your progress. Set a time restriction for yourself that is similar to the time allotted for the exam, and try to complete as many problems as you can within that time frame. Solving as many mock tests as you can solve will assist in correcting errors and preventing any last-minute exam fear.

Revise a lot!: The most crucial component of preparation for any exam is revision. Make sure to periodically review your knowledge. Keep a record of what you have learned by taking notes, and reviewing them in the last days. Revision should only be done in the final few days before the test.

DUET Section-Wise Preparation Tips

There are four subjects are included in the DUET Syllabus 2023. The subjects included in DUET Exam 2023 are Mathematics, General Knowledge, General English, Logical Reasoning, and Science. Some subject-wise DUET Preparation Tips 2023 are given below for the candidates’ reference.

General Knowledge

  • Read newspapers every day.
  • Solve general knowledge quizzes.


  • Clear your concepts and memorize formulas.
  • Practice solving more questions in less time so that you can be faster during the exam.
  • Learn tips and tricks to solve questions in a nonconventional way. This will help save time.

General English

  • Practice the basics of English grammar.
  • Increase your vocabulary by reading more and listening to more talks in the English language.
  • Solve passage-based questions to make sure you are good at reading comprehension.

Logical Reasoning

  • Solve puzzles like crossword and sudoku.
  • Try solving a set number of questions each day and give yourself a limited amount of time.
  • Get familiar with graphs, series, numbers, etc.


  • Make sure to memorize formulas and not mix them up.
  • Practice writing the formulas, this will help in memorizing them.

DUET Preparation 2023 Strategy

Some DUET Preparation 2023 strategies are given below that will help the candidates.

  • Practice and make sure you are good at the basics of the topics.
  • Read and revise each topic thoroughly a few times.
  • Assess your strong and weak areas and work on them.
  • Practice more mock tests and solve more sample question papers.

DUET Best Books 2023

There are a lot of DUET books available to help candidates prepare for the 2023 Exam. Candidates can refer to NCERT books on the relevant subjects. However, some of the best books for DUET Preparation 2023 are given in the table below.

DUET Best Books 2023
Books  Author/Publisher 
Delhi University MA English Guide Arihant Experts
Fluency in English Department of English; University of Delhi
Delhi University BEd JEE Arihant Experts
Delhi University MCom Honors Guide Arihant Experts 



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