B.Sc. Agriculture Syllabus & Subjects:

The course syllabus pursued in the 4-year B.Sc.Ag course is enlisted below. While the syllabus may vary minorly as per the institute's curriculum, the core of the syllabus is maintained throughout the nation.

Sl. No. Syllabus-Semester 1
1 Basic Science & Humanities
2 Comprehension and Communication Skills in English
3 Rural Sociology and the Constitution of India
4 Educational Psychology
5 Introduction to Computer Applications
6 Plant Biochemistry


Sl. No. Syllabus- Semester 2
1 Principles of Agricultural Economics
2 Agricultural Finance and Co-operation
3 Production Economics and Farm Management
4 Agricultural Marketing, Trade and Prices
5 Fundamentals of Agribusiness Management


Sl. No. Syllabus-Semester 3
1 Principles of Soil and Water Engineering
2 Farm Power and Machinery
3 Protected Cultivation Structures and Agro-Processing
4 Energy Sources and their Application in Agriculture


Sl. No. Syllabus- Semester 4
1 General Entomology
2 Economic Entomology
3 Crop Pests and their Management
4 Sericulture


Sl. No. Syllabus-Semester 5
1 Dimensions of Agricultural Extension
2 Extension Methodologies for Transfer of Agricultural Technology
3 Entrepreneurship Development and Communication Skills 


Sl. No. Syllabus-Semester 6
1 Agricultural Microbiology
2 Soil Microbiology


Sl. No. Syllabus- Semester 7
1 Fundamentals of Statistics


Sl. No. Syllabus- Semester 8
1 Introductory Agriculture, Principles of Agronomy and Agricultural Meteorology
2 Field Crops-I (Kharif)
3 Practical Crop Production I
4 Practical Crop Production II
5 Weed Management
6 Irrigation Water Management
7 Field Crops II (Rabi )
8 Rain-fed Agriculture and Watershed Management
9 Farming Systems, Organic Farming and Sustainable Agriculture
10 Experimental Techniques in Agricultural Research I


The list of electives offered to students pursuing a B.Sc. Agriculture course is given below:

Sl. No. Elective List
1 A. Natural Resource Management [NRM]
2 B. Crop Protection
3 C. Horticulture
4 D. Agribusiness Management
5 E. Social Sciences
6 F. Integrated Livestock Farming (Animal Science and Veterinary)
7 G. Bio-inputs
8 H. Commercial Agriculture
9 I. Genetics and Biotechnology

The subjects pursued in the Bachelor of Science[B.Sc.] (Agriculture) course are enlisted below:

  1. Plant Biochemistry 
  2. Fundamentals of Information Technology
  3. Applied Mathematics 
  4. Principles of Analytical Chemistry
  5. Principles of Environmental Sciences
  6. Introduction to Computer Applications
  7. Educational Psychology 
  8. Production Economics and Farm Management
  9. Agricultural Marketing, Trade and Prices 
  10. Sericulture
  11. Crop Pests and their Management 
  12. Principles of Plant Biotechnology
  13. Breeding of Field and Horticulture Crops 
  14. Irrigation 
  15. Water Management