B.Tech Biotechnology is one of the most sought after courses due to its high popularity in the jobs sector and increases in popularity, However, in order to broaden their learning vision and manage several domains under Biotechnology Engineering, fundamental engineering subjects are combined with Biotechnology and chemical studies, so as to equip the graduates with the required skills to manage all domains of engineering within Biotechnology engineering scope and ensure the proper research and development methodologies are followed so as to achieve targets. The subjects are allocated according to the current trends in scope for B.Tech biotechnology and the requirements posed by the companies. The following subjects are included in the curriculum which provides a basic understanding of engineering concepts and a deeper understanding of Biotechnology engineering and its elements. Visit B.Tech subjects for other major Specializations subjects apart from Biotechnology.

B.Tech Biotechnology Subjects: 

The syllabus and subjects that are followed in the curriculum of the B Tech Biotechnology Engineering course are listed in the table below: 


B Tech Biotechnology Engineering Subjects
Semester I
SI No Subjects
1 Technical English
2 Engineering Mathematics– I
3 Foundations of Biotechnology
4 Engineering Physics
5 Engineering Chemistry
6 Engineering and Design
7 Computer Programming
8 Physics Laboratory
9 Chemistry Laboratory


B Tech Biotechnology Engineering Subjects
Semester II
SI No Subjects
1 Material science
2 Engineering Mathematics– I
3 Principles of Environmental Science
4 Engineering Graphics and Computer-Aided Design
5 Biochemistry
6 Cell Biology
7 Computer Programming-2
8 Cell Biology Lab
9 Biochemistry Laboratory


B.Tech Biotechnology Engineering Subjects
Semester III
SI No Subjects
1 Genetics and Cytogenetics
2 Microbiology
3 Human Physiology and Health
4 Mathematics-3
5 Immunology
6 Molecular Biology
7 Mechanical operations & heat transfer
8 Microbiology Lab
9 Immunology Laboratory


B.Tech Biotechnology Engineering Subjects
Semester IV
SI No Subjects
1 Bioprocess Principles
2 Biophysics
3 Enzyme Engineering and Technology
4 Biostatistics
5 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
6 Momentum Transfer
7 Genetics laboratory
8 Heat Transfer Lab


B.Tech Biotechnology Engineering Subjects
Semester V
SI No Subjects
1 Animal Biotechnology
2 Plant Biotechnology
3 Analytical Techniques
4 Elective-1
5 Recombinant DNA Technology
6 Chemical Reaction Engineering
7 Bioprocess Engineering Laboratory
8 Mass Transfer laboratory
9 Gene Manipulation laboratory


B.Tech Biotechnology Engineering Subjects
Semester VI
SI No Subjects
1 Protein Engineering
2 Metabolic Engineering
3 Bioinformatics
4 Genomics and Proteomics
5 Instrumentation and Process control
6 Elective-2
7 Plant tissue culture Laboratory
8 Animal Cell culture Laboratory
9 Design Project


B.Tech Biotechnology Engineering Subjects
Semester VII
SI No Subjects
1 Bioseparation Technology
2 Fermentation technology
3 Elective-3
4 Industrial Biotechnology
5 Bioreactor design
6 Fermentation laboratory
7 Bioseparation Lab
8 Industrial Training


B.Tech Biotechnology Engineering Subjects
Semester VIII
SI No Subjects
1 Bionanotechnology
2 Bioethics
5 Final Project
6 Comprehensive Viva Voce


B.Tech Biotechnology Engineering Important Topics:

B.Tech Biotechnology Subjects
SI No Subjects
Analytical Techniques in Biotechnology
Animal Physiology and Biotechnology
Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Basic Mathematics
5 Biochemistry
Bioethics and IPR
7 Bioinformatics
8 Biophysics
Bioprocess Economics & Plant Design
Bioprocess Engineering
Downstream Processing
Molecular Biology
Organic Chemistry
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
Plant Physiology and Biotechnology
Principles of Chemical Engineering
Principles of Management
Probability and Statistics / Biostatistics

Other Related Syllabus and Subjects: 

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