B.Ed Syllabus & Subjects:

The uniform curriculum for the B.Ed course framed by the National Council of Education Research and Training [NCERT] for the better development of students lays down ground-rules and syllabus framework for students all across the nation:
Syllabus-Semester 1
Sl. No. Childhood and Growing Up Contemporary India and Education Language across the Curriculum Understanding ICT And its Application
1 Learner as a Developing Individual Contemporary India Language Background of Students Introduction to ICT
2 Development and Learning Constitutional Provisions and Education Nature of Classroom Discourse ICT and Pedagogy
3 Understanding Childhood in a Socio-cultural perspective Policy Framework for Development of Education in India Informational Reading and Writing ICT for Assessment and Management
4 Adolescence: Issues and Concerns Initiatives of Government of India    
5 Stages of Child Development: Implications for Teachers Contemporary Indian Education: Concerns and Issues    


Syllabus-Semester 2
Sl. No. Learning and Teaching Knowledge and Curriculum Assessment for Learning
1 Understanding the Learner Knowledge and Knowing Assessment and Evaluation: An Overview
2 Understanding Learning Forms of Knowledge and its organization in Schools Context of Assessment
3 Learning in ‘Constructivist’ Perspective Curriculum Determinants and Considerations Assessment Procedure
4 Understanding Teaching Curriculum Development Data Analysis, Feedback, and Reporting
5 Teaching as a Profession Curriculum Implementation and Renewal  


Syllabus-Semester 3
Sl. No. Engagement with the Field: Tasks Creating an Inclusive School Health, Yoga and Physical education
1 Tasks and Assignments in different Courses Understanding Inclusion in Education Health Education
2 School Internship Understanding physical, psychological and social-cultural diversity Physical Education
3 Courses on Enhancing Professional Capacities Addressing Learners’ Diversity Yoga


Syllabus-Semester 4
Sl. No. Gender, School and Society Reading and Reflecting on Texts Arts in Education Understanding the Self
1 Gender Issues: Key Concepts Read the prescribed stories Visual Art and Craft Understanding of Self
2 Socialization Processes in India: Family, School, and Society Essays/ Excerpts from Literary Texts Performing Arts: Dance, Music, Theatre, and Puppetry Development of Professional Self and Ethics
3 Creating Gender Inclusive Classroom Essays /Excerpts from Educational and Scientific Texts Theory: Appreciation of Art Role of Teacher in Developing Understanding of Self among Learners

The subjects pursued in the curriculum of Bachelor of Education [B.Ed] as prescribed by various Universities and Colleges are:

Sl. No. Subjects of Study
1 Paper-I Philosophical and Sociological Basis of Education
2 Paper-II The Learner – Nature and Development
3 Paper-III Teaching-Learning Process
4 Paper-IV (PART-A) School Management
(PART-B) Computer Education
5 Paper-V (PART-A) Guidance and Counselling
(PART-B) Any One of the following options:
(i) School Library Services
(ii) Comparative Education
(iii) Adult and Continuing Education
(iv) Health and Physical Education
(v) Education of Children with special needs
(vi) Population Education
(vii) Distance Education and Open Learning
(viii) Environmental Education
(xi) Yoga Education
(x) Value Education
(xi) Educational Technology
(xii) Elementary Education
(xiii) Women Education & Indian Society
(xiv) Co-Curricular Activities in Schools
(xv) E-Education Resource Development

B.Ed Specializations:

The specialization options are available to students in the Bachelor of Education [B.Ed] curriculum is listed below:

Sl. No. Specializations
1 B.Ed (Accounts)
2 B.Ed (Arabic)
3 B.Ed (Biological Sciences)
4 B.Ed (Business Studies)
5 B.Ed (Child Development)
6 B.Ed (Commerce)
7 B.Ed (Computer Science)
8 B.Ed (Economics)
9 B.Ed (Education of Handicapped)
10 B.Ed (English)
11 B.Ed (Geography)
12 B.Ed (Home Science)
13 B.Ed (Information Technology)
14 B.Ed (Malayalam)
15 B.Ed (Maths)
16 B.Ed (Natural Science)
17 B.Ed (Physical Science)
18 B.Ed (Sanskrit)
19 B.Ed (Social Science)
20 B.Ed (Special Education – Locomotor and Neurological Disorder)
21 B.Ed (Special Education)
22 B.Ed (Special Education) (Learning Disability)
23 B.Ed (Special Education) (Mental Retardation)
24 B.Ed (Special Education) (Visually Impaired)
25 B.Ed (Tamil)
26 B.Ed (Vocational)