AISSEE Syllabus 2024: Subject Wise Syllabus for Class VI, IX

Hafsha Qureshi
Hafsha Qureshi

Updated on - Jan 17, 2024

AISSEE syllabus 2024 is released by the conducting authorities on the official website. Students must review the AISSEE syllabus 2024 to achieve good entrance exam scores.  Following the authority board's prescribed AISSEE syllabus 2024, the questions will be asked in the AISSEE 2024 examination. AISSEE Syllabus 2024 class 6 and AISSEE Syllabus 2024 class 9 for the AISSEE 2024 Entrance test is detailed below.

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Table of Contents

AISSEE Syllabus 2024

Students can review the key concepts, the breakdown of grades, and other information in the Sainik school syllabus 2024 for classes 6 and 9. For the academic year 2024–2025, the All India Sainik school entrance exam will be used to administer admission into the 6 and 9 classes from all Indian states. 
To better comprehend the topics, all students must prepare using the AISSEE 2024 class 6 and 9 syllabus. 

AISSEE Syllabus 2024 Important Points

Following are the key points to remember about the AISSEE syllabus 2024.

  • All of the topics and subtopics from each subject covered in the entrance exam are included in the AISSEE syllabus.
  • Cover all subjects included on the Sainik Sainik school 2024 course syllabus.
  • Students must review the exam pattern after reading the Sainik school entrance exam 2024 syllabus in order to allocate their study time effectively.
  • Practice example papers and question papers from prior Sainik school years once you're done with your preparation. Having a better understanding of the Sainik school entrance test curriculum 2024 is made possible by these papers.

AISSEE 2024 Syllabus for Class VI

The questions will come from disciplines taught in Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, English, and Hindi. Additionally, a part on general knowledge and current events will be included. Below is a list of the AISSEE 2024 syllabus for class VI. Candidates must complete all topics and subtopics to succeed on the AISSEE 2024 exam.

AISSEE 2024 Syllabus for Class VI
Subjects Topics

Composition/ Paragraph Writing

Comprehension Passages

Make Meaningful Sentences from Jumbled Words


Singular and Plural Forms

Affirmative and Interrogative

Antonyms and Synonyms



One Word Answers/ Fill in the Blanks


Framing Questions

Sentence Types (Interrogative, Positive, Negative, Exclamatory)

Constructing Sentences with Words, etc.


Living Things

Characteristics of Living Things

Plants and Animals

The Interdependence of Living Things and Non-Living Things

The Human Body


Rocks and Minerals



Water and Weather

Natural Satellite

Simple Machines


Natural Calamities, etc.

Social Studies



Solar System




Motion of Earth

Latitudes and Longitudes


Freedom Fighters and Great Reformers

Our Freedom Struggle

Structure of Government

Fundamental Rights and Duties

United Nations and its Functions.

AISSEE 2024 Mathematics Syllabus for Class VI

The students must be well-versed in the topics and content to ace this section. It is also the most significant portion of the AISSEE exam papers. There will be 50 questions in all, for 150 marks. The following are the class 6 Math topics from the AISSEE Syllabus 2024. 

AISSEE 2024 Mathematics Syllabus for Class VI
Topics Contents
Number System

Place Value and Face Value of Numbers

Comparison of Numbers

Writing Greatest and Smallest Numbers

Rounding Off Numbers

Fundamental Operations on Number Including BODMAS Rule

Number Patterns and Series


Prime Factorisation

Squares, Square Roots, etc.

Fractional and Decimals


Fundamental Operations Including BODMAS Rule

Lowest Form and Equivalent Fractions, Comparisons

Squares and Square Roots

Conversion of Fractions to Decimals or Percentages and Vice Versa

Applications Including Word Problems, etc.

Commercial Mathematics

Time and Work

Ration and Proportion

Unitary Method


Profit and Loss including Percentages

Simple Interest

Arithmetic Mean

Degree Fahrenheit

Preparation of Cash Bills

Time and Distance including Conversion of Units

Measurement of Temperature in Degrees Celsius, etc.


Conversion of Units of Area and Volume

Perimeter and Areas of Triangle, Rectangle, and Square including Given Diagrams

Circumference and Area of Circle

Volumes of Solids such as Cubes and Cuboids, etc.


Basic Geometry Concepts such as Line, Point, Line Segment, Ray, etc.

Triangles, Classification of Angles

Circle and its Parts

Quadrilaterals and Polygons

Interior and Exterior of Given Figures

Angle Sum Property of Triangles, Angles, Circles

Construction of Line Segments, etc.

AISSEE 2024 GK Syllabus for Class VI

Basic Social Studies and Science questions will be asked in the General Knowledge sections. The topics from which most exam questions were drawn during the prior year are listed here. Following is the AISSEE 2024 GK Syllabus for class VI.

AISSEE 2024 GK Syllabus for Class VI
Different Types of Scientific Devices Used in Daily Life Concepts on Mountain Terrain and Lifestyle
Icons and Symbols of India: National Insignia, National Emblem, Sports, Animal etc. (Elementary awareness of such symbols) Historical Monuments
Major Religions of India (Elementary awareness about founder, place of origin, religious books and important ideas) Shape of Earth and Gravitation (Basic concepts)
Art and Culture (Music, Classical and Folk Dance); Renowned Personalities, Instrumental and Vocal Music, Major Dance Forms Non-Renewable Energy Sources (Fossil Fuels)
Defence (Equivalent Ranks in three services, Weapons, Aircraft, Missiles & Warships (Elementary awareness) Food, Culture, Habitat, Languages etc of various regions (Basic concepts)
Sports and Games (India & World). Renowned personalities, major competitions and trophies associated with various games Names of young ones of different animals
Super Senses (How do plants and animals sense their surroundings) Functions of Body Parts of Plants and Animals
Relationship between Animals and Human Beings International Organizations: Basic knowledge about structure, functioning and objectives of United Nations, World Bank etc
Taste and Digestion (Basic concepts) Indian Literary and Cultural Personalities: Names and fields of achievements
Cooking and Preserving Techniques Indian Literary and Cultural Awards. (Names of the awards and recent recipients)
Germination and Seed Dispersal Natural Calamities (Flood and Earthquake)
Traditional Water Harvesting Techniques Evaporation, Condensation and Water Cycle (Basic concepts)
Water Pollution and Microbial Diseases Life of Farmers (Farming techniques)
Experiment with water on Everyday Life Tribal Communities and Forest Produce

AISSEE Syllabus 2024 for Class IX

All IX standard subjects will be covered in the class 9 exam questions. Students can review the class 9 AISSEE syllabus 2024 in the following part. Following is the AISSEE Syllabus 2024 for class 9.

AISSEE Syllabus 2024 for Class IX




Modern History of India and World History.

India in the 18th Century

The Rise and growth of British Rule in India

Policies and Impact of British Rule

Administrative Structure

Revolt Against British Rule

Changes in Economic Life

British Policies and Administration in India After 1857

Religion and Social Reform Movement

Struggle for Swaraj

Cultural Awakening

Achievements of Independence

Nationalist Movement from 1923 – 1939, etc.



Types and Developments


Human Resources

World Geography

Indian Geography

Natural Resources – Land, Water, Soil, Minerals, Energy, Plants, and Wildlife.

Manufacturing Industries


About the United Nations

Natural Disasters – Earthquakes, Cyclone, Volcanoes, Floods, Environmental Degradation

Development Issues


United Nations – International Agencies

Human Rights

India and the United Nations

Foreign Policy of India

India and its Neighbors.



Letter Writing: Formal and Informal

Comprehension/Paragraph/Passage Writing (150 words)

Constructing a Story from the Outlines

Comprehension Passage

Types of Sentences

Antonyms and Synonyms



Sentence Types

Spotting Errors

Reported Speech

Active and Passive Voice


One Word Substitutes

Adjective Forms

Adverb Forms

Comparative and Superlative Degrees

Question Tags and forming Sentences with Words, etc.




The Universe

Structure of Atom


Transformation of Substances


Metals and Non-Metals

Cell Structure of Function

Common Diseases

Refraction of Light

Food Production and Management – Basic Practices

Source of Energy

Electricity and Magnetism.


Squares and Square Roots of Large Numbers

Rational Exponents and Radicals including Negative Powers

Cubes and Cube Roots

Compound Interest

Division of Polynomials


Loss and Discount with Percentages

Algebraic Identities

Factorization of Algebraic Expressions

Parallel Lines and their Properties



Linear Equations in One Variable including Word Problems

Perimeter and Areas of Triangle

Circumference of Circle

Areas of Plane Figures: Triangle




Surface Areas and Volumes of a Cube, Cone, Cylinder, Cuboid, Sphere, and Hemisphere.

AISSEE Preparation Tips 2024

The following are some preparation strategies for students planning to take the AISSEE in 2024.

  • AISSEE exam pattern 2024 and the AISSEE syllabus 2024 must be studied, and students must compile all the necessary study materials, including textbooks that cover all the crucial subjects and the previous year's test questions.
  • Establish a schedule and adhere to it strictly. To learn the frequently asked questions and the format of the question papers, the students must continue to attempt sample papers and other test papers.
  • To improve general knowledge, read the newspapers frequently and keep up with current events.
  • Take practice exams to familiarise yourself with the exam format so you can feel more at ease taking the real thing.


What are the Passing Marks in AISSEE Examination?

The passing marks for the general category are 45%, OBS, SC, and ST is 40%, and for differently abled students, the minimum mark required is 35%.



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