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Updated on Jan 4, 2023 by Kripal Thapa

Kripal Thapa

Updated on Jan 4, 2023 by Kripal Thapa

B.Ed Tamil's subject list is related to Literature study and is divided into four semesters. The B.Ed Tamil syllabus has both core and elective subjects as part of the curriculum. Subjects in the B.Ed Tamil course will cover the study of research work in a particular specialized domain that helps out a greater cause in the development of the sector.

Semester Wise B.Ed Tamil Syllabus

B.Ed Tamil is an undergraduate course that elaborates more on the Tamil language which can be used as a tool for educational services. B.Ed Tamil course syllabus is pursued under the educational services spectrum which focuses on teaching and lecturing efficiently rather than providing a colossal depth on the subject. The B.Ed Tamil course aims to ensure that the students get an in-depth understanding of the subject. Semester-wise B.Ed Tamil course subjects list is given in the table below:

B.Ed Tamil First Year Syllabus

Semester I

Semester II

Group A: Core Course

Group B: Core Course

CC1: Childhood and Growing up

CC1: Learning and Teaching

CC2: Education in India -Status, Problems and Issues

Pedagogy of school subject Part 1 (Biology/Math/Social Sciences/Language (Hindi/Tamil/Urdu/Sanskrit/regional))

CC3: Language across the curriculum Part 1

Pedagogy of school subject Part 2: Subject knowledge and the related pedagogic dimensions

CC4 Curriculum Development and school

Language across the curriculum Part 2

EPC1: Reading and reflecting on Texts

EPC 2: Drama and Act in Education

B.Ed Tamil Second Year Syllabus

Semester III

Semester IV

Group A: Core Course

Group B: Core Course

CC1: Pedagogy of a school subject

CC1: Gender, School and Society

School Internship

Educational Technology

Educational Psychology Practical

Creating an Inclusive school

Optional Course


B. Ed Tamil Subjects

B.Ed Tamil topics that are given below are in a specialization that the institutes have to offer to the students. The B.Ed Tamil subjects of every specialization can also additionally have unique tenets of the syllabus. However, the typical format of the Bachelor's of Education in the Tamil syllabus for any specialization stays the same. Students can choose the topics to provide a duration of four semesters to make the B.Ed Tamil syllabus very flexible. Here is the subjects list of B.Ed Tamil:

  • Learning and Teaching
  • Education in India -Status, Problems, and Issues Pedagogy of school
  • Language across the curriculum
  • Pedagogy of school subject
  • Subject knowledge and the related pedagogic dimensions

B.Ed Tamil Course Structure

B.Ed Tamil course structure includes both theory and practical papers. The curriculum is curated for 3 years divided into four semesters. The course structure is made in such a way that both classroom training and practicals are included in the course curriculum. The course structure is given below:

  • IV semesters
  • Literary Theory and Practice
  • Core Subjects
  • Elective Subjects
  • Writing/ Translation/ Language

B.Ed Tamil Teaching Methodology and Techniques

The subjects in the B.Ed Tamil curriculum take into consideration different teaching techniques. Classroom learning includes practical sessions for students who are passionate about the subject. An integrative syllabus allows aspirants to learn not only about teaching methods but also the psychological, philosophical, and sociological foundation of education. B.Ed as specialization in Tamil can be taken up after successful completion of a Bachelor's degree in Education. Here are the teaching methodology and strategies:

  • Assignments
  • Thesis
  • Case studies/ Research work
  • Internships

B.Ed Tamil Projects

B.Ed Tamil Project topics are given to students to understand the concepts and help students in getting hands-on experience about the course. Most of the institutions have a “Teaching Practice” program which allows the students to have hands-on experience. As the submission of the dissertation at the end of the course is mandatory, students will gain practice on research and its methodologies which will help them pursue M. Phil and Ph.D. Some popular topics are:

  • Sanga aha ilakkiya thuraikkurippu vazhip paada porunnmai
  • Sanga aha ilakkiya thuraikurippuvazhi paadapporunmai
  • malaysia pallina makkalin vazhviyal neri
  • Mudiyarasanin kavithai thiran Vanitha
  • Prabhanjanin pudhinangalil samudhaya paarvai
  • Sirukathaikal oppaavvu

B.Ed Tamil Reference Books

B.Ed Books in Tamil are available both online and offline by many authors and publications. B.Ed Tamil books PDF is available to enhance the learning. B.Ed Tamil books are made to gain an in-depth understanding of concepts. Books on this course differ according to specializations. Some of the reference books for B.Ed Tamil subjects are:

B.Ed Tamil Books

Book Name


Shiksha Manovigyan.

Singh. A.K.

The Philosophical Bases of Education


Essentials of Educational Technology

Agarwal, J.C.

A Textbook of Advanced Educational

Dandapani S

B.Ed Tamil Fee Structure

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