BA Political Science Jobs, Scope, Salary in India

Duration: 3 Years
Avg Fees: INR 6000 -2,00,000 Per Year
Ayesha Taneem
Ayesha Taneem

Updated on - Apr 15, 2024

BA Political Science jobs are available in both the public and private sectors in roles such as Political Consultant, Security Analyst, Compliance Advisor, Human Rights Officer, CSR Manager, etc. The average salary for BA Political Science in India is approximately INR 3-5 LPA (Source: Ambition Box).

The entry-level BA Political Science salary ranges from INR 3-4 LPA per annum, whereas experienced professionals such as Political Consultant, Security Analyst and Compliance Advisor, after 3+ years can expect to earn up to INR 8-9 LPA per annum.

The average starting salary for an Election Analyst is between INR 3-4.50 LPA, and the salary for a social worker is INR 3.0 LPA. The other job roles in BA Political Science such as Corporate Training and Development Specialist earn around INR 6.08 LPA, as per the domain expertise and year of work experience.

The BA Political Science course graduates can work in private and public sectors in roles like election analyst, public relations specialist, international relations coordinator, public policy advocate, etc. Top companies like NDTV India, Thomson Reuters, Indian Political Action Committee, Times of India, etc recruit the graduates.

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BA Political Science Jobs in India

The graduates who want to work as international relations professors are expected to witness a 12% growth rate between the years 2018-2028, resulting in vast BA Political Science job opportunities. Below is the comprehensive overview of jobs available to BA Political Science graduates in India:

Entry-Level Jobs for BA Political Science Graduates

The freshers after completing BA in Political Science course can start their career with roles like human resource assistant, community outreach coordinator, international relations coordinator, policy advocate, etc. The salary of a Research Analyst ranges from INR 3,00,000- 4,50,000 per annum, and the salary of a Policy Analyst ranges from INR 3,50,000- 5,00,000 per annum.

Below listed are a few job roles for freshers after BA Political Science course and entry-level salary of BA Political Science in India:

Job Profile Job Description Average Entry-Level Salary (INR)
Junior Policy Researcher
  • Conducts research on policy issues, gathers relevant data, and assists in the preparation of research reports.
  • Collaborates with senior researchers to contribute to policy analysis.
3-4.0 LPA
Research Analyst
  • Assists in data collection, analysis, and report generation.
  • Supports research projects and contributes to the development of insights and recommendations.
3-4.5 LPA
Administrative Assistant
  • Provides administrative support, manages office tasks, and assists in coordinating activities within the organization. 
  • Handles correspondence and ensures smooth office operations.
3-3.5 LPA
Policy Analyst
  • Analyses policies, conducts research on social issues and contributes to the formulation of policy recommendations.
  • Supports senior analysts in policy-related projects.
3.5-5 LPA

 Government BA Political Science Job Opportunities

The BA Political Science govt jobs are diverse as graduates can work in civil services, legislative and policy roles, revenue and taxation, education and training, etc. 

Below listed are a few government jobs after BA Political Science course:

Job Role  Job Description
Public Policy Analyst They evaluate and analyze various public policies and their impact on the economy and further give recommendations required for policy development and implementation.
Foreign Service Officer They offer consular services, fostering diplomatic ties, and supporting foreign policy endeavors.
Environmental Policy Analyst They research environmental issues and develop policies to harness the conservation of the environment and safeguard it for the future.
Human Rights Officer They oversee violations of human rights and assist in the creation and application of human rights policies.
Public Relations Specialist They maintain media relations, develop communication strategies, and focus on crisis management.

BA Political Science Private Jobs for Graduates

The BA Political Science private jobs are in demand due to organization shifts toward maintaining public relations, corporate communications, and management. Below listed are a few BA Political Science job opportunities in the private sector for graduates:

 Job Role Job Description
Human Resource Specialist They develop HR policy and maintain compliance with labour laws to support the company's overall development.
CSR Manager They plan CSR activities to align business goals with environmental and social initiatives.
Corporate Affairs Specialists They manage companies' communication with external stakeholders like government agencies to maintain a positive image.
Corporate Communication Manager They manage the company's internal external announcements and press releases to maintain the company's positive image.
Compliance Officer They develop the company's compliance rules and regulations and monitor that the company operates with all given rules and regulations while conducting regular audits.

BA Political Science Salary Offered To Graduates In India

The average entry-level BA in Political Science jobs salary in India is around INR 3 LPA - 5.0 LPA.  The graduate's salary is affected by experience in the field, interpersonal skills, area of specialization, and knowledge in the area of specialization. 

Designation Wise BA Political Science Salary

BA Political Science scope and salary in India vary according to job designations, such as Security Analyst, Political Consultant, Community Development Specialist, Government Affairs Specialist, etc. The entry-level salary for a Political Consultant is INR 3.0 LPA, and that of a Government Affairs Specialist is INR 3.5 LPA.

Listed below are the BA Political Science job roles and the average designation-wise salary:

Job Role Average Salary for Freshers (INR) Average Salary for 3+ Years of Experience (INR)
Political Consultant 3- 4.5 LPA 6- 8 LPA
Security Analyst 3.5- 4.5 LPA 6.5- 9 LPA
Community Development Specialist 3- 4.5 LPA 5.5- 7.5 LPA
Government Affairs Specialist 3.5- 4 LPA 6- 8.5 LPA
Compliance Advisor 3- 4.5 LPA 5.5- 7.5 LPA

Experience Wise BA Political Science Salary

The BA Political Science salary in India is influenced by a variety of elements, including university placements, internship experiences, projects, type of institution, and skill set. BA Political Science professionals with more than 16 years of experience can earn upto 

BA Political Science jobs salary is in the range of INR 25,000–40,000 per month. The following table shows the range of average salaries based on experience:

Experience (in Years) Highest Salary (INR) Average Salary (INR) Lowest Salary (INR)
0 - 2 4.0 LPA 3.0 LPA 2.0 LPA
3 - 6 9.0 LPA 8.0 LPA 6.0 LPA
7 - 10 12.0 LPA 11.0 LPA 10.0 LPA
11 - 15 15.0 LPA 12.0 LPA 11.0 LPA
16 & Above 20.0 LPA 17.0 LPA 15.0 LPA

BA Political Science Salary Based on Sectors

BA Political Science graduates can work in various fields in private and public sectors like legal and compliance, public health administration, market research and consulting, etc. Below is the list of top recruiters and the average salary of BA Political Science graduates in the government and private sectors:

Recruiters in the Private Sector for BA Political Science Graduates

BA Political Science salary per month in private companies for graduates on an entry level is around INR 30,000. Below is a list of top private recruiters for BA in Political Science along with average salary:

Top Private Sector Recruiters Average Salary (INR)
Thomson Reuters 4 LPA
Republic TV 3 LPA
Political Edge 4.5 LPA
Zee Media Corporation 4- 5.5 LPA
NSS 3- 4.5 LPA

Recruiters in the Government Sector for BA Political Science Graduates

The government jobs after BA Political science salary in India ranges between INR 3.5 -4.5 LPA. Below is a list of top government recruiters for BA in Political Science graduates along with average salary:

Top Government Sector Recruiters Average Salary (INR)
Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) 4 LPA
State Public Service Commissions (SPSC) 3.5 LPA
Staff Selection Commission (SSC) 4 LPA
Ministry of Home Affairs 4.5 LPA
Ministry of External Affairs 4.5 LPA

Career Scope for BA Political Science Graduates

The BA Political Science graduates are hired by research think tanks, community development organizations, foreign trade and commerce, conflict resolution and mediation agencies, etc. Below listed are a few common areas where BA Political Science graduates are recruited along with the job roles:

Area of Recruitment Job Roles for BA Political Science Graduates
Government Services Civil Services Officer, Administrative Officer, Revenue Officer, Public Policy Analyst, Legislative Assistant
Public Relations and Communication Public Relations Specialist, Media Coordinator, Communications Officer, Press Secretary, Political Communications Advisor
International Relations Foreign Service Officer, Diplomat, International Development Specialist, Consular Officer, Global Affairs Analyst
Legal Professions Paralegal, Legal Assistant, Court Clerk, Legal Researcher, Compliance Officer
Journalism and Media Journalist, News Reporter, Editor, Correspondent, Media Analyst
Teaching and Education High School Teacher, College Lecturer, Education Consultant, Curriculum Developer, Academic Advisor
Human Resources HR Specialist, Recruitment Coordinator, Employee Relations Officer, Training and Development Specialist, HR Generalist
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) CSR Manager, CSR Coordinator, Sustainability Analyst, Community Relations Manager, Corporate Affairs Specialist

Top BA Political Science Recruiters

The BA Political Science graduates can work in the government and private sector in departments like political campaigns, research and analysis, media journalism, etc. Below listed are a few top recruiters for graduates along with their average salaries:

Top Recruiters Type of Industry Job Role Average Entry-level  Salary (INR)
Indian Political Action Committee Political Consulting/Advocacy Political Analyst, Campaign Manager, Public Relations Specialist, etc. 4.50 LPA
Times of India Media Journalist, Editor, Research Analyst, etc. 4 LPA
IPAC Political Consulting/Advocacy Campaign Strategist, Communications Coordinator, Research Analyst, etc. 3.20 LPA
Dainik Bhaskar Group of Publication Media Reporter, Editor, Digital Content Producer, etc. 3.60 LPA
SIMA Labs Research Research Scientist, Quality Control Analyst, etc. 3.0 LPA
Ministry of Defense Government/Defense Defense Analyst, Security Officer, Intelligence Specialist, etc. 4.40 LPA

Courses After BA Political Science

After completion of BA in Political Science graduates can enroll in various higher education and certification courses to improve their domain expertise and skills. A few courses that can be chosen after the B.A. Political Science course are given below:

Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Job

The BA Political Science graduates should evaluate various factors that can influence the selection of job roles that align with individual career goals and interests. Below listed are a few factors to be considered before choosing a job:

  • Skills Required: The graduate should evaluate the skills required to perform political science jobs like public speaking, research skills, etc., and how well they are equipped with them.
  • Salary and Compensation:  The salary and benefits should align with individual career aspirations and the job and responsibilities given for a role.
  • Professional Development Opportunities: The graduate should evaluate if an organization offers mentorship, training, or chances to pursue additional education.
  • Opportunities for Advancement: The graduate should evaluate if the organisation offers promotion, skill development, and increased responsibilities opportunities.

Skills Required for BA in Political Science Jobs

BA Political Science graduates need to have a diverse range of skill sets to succeed in their professional careers. Below listed are a few skills:

  • Research Skills: The graduate should have good data analysis and research skills in order to support informed decision-making.
  • Communication Skills: The graduates require good communication skills in order to write reports and convey the message to the public in a clear and crystal manner.
  • Negotiation Skills: BA political science graduate required negotiation skills in order to Element policies and deal with the complexities in the development of policy-making and gaining majority consensus.
  • Understanding of International Relations: Graduates working in International Relations departments need to understand global issues and maintain international relations to drive economic force.

BA Political Science Fee Structure


What is the highest paying job after BA Political Science?

Some of the highest paying jobs after BA Political Science are political economist, public relations manager, intelligence analyst, etc.

What skills are required by political science graduates?

Political Science graduates need to have good research skills, public speaking, ethical judgement, etc.

Can BA Political Science graduates work in the private sector?

Yes, BA Political Science graduates can work in roles related to corporate communications, public relations, and media relations in the private sector.

What is the salary range for BA Political Science professors in India?

The salary of a Political Science professor in India ranges between INR 3.2- 4 LPA.

Can a BA Political Science graduate work as a consultant?

Yes, BA Political Science graduates can work as political consultants to provide expertise on public affairs, regulations, and government policies to businesses across a range of sectors.

What is the monthly salary of a public relations specialist in India?

The entry level salary of a public relations specialist in India is in the range of INR 25,000-32,000 PA.

Do certifications or further education impact one's ability to earn in a political science field?

Yes, those who are certified could potentially earn considerably more than those who don't possess any form of certifications.