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UP Board Class 12th Syllabus 2022

The syllabus for the year 2022, the board has changed the exam pattern. As per the new pattern, the question paper will be divided into two sections. Section A will have multiple-choice questions, and section B will have descriptive answer type questions. In section A, a total of 20 MCQ will be asked of one mark each, while section B will have short answer-type and long answer-type questions of 50 marks. In addition, the board has also reduced 30% of the syllabus. 

Table of Contents

UP Board 12th Syllabus 2022 (Stream - Wise)

Mainly the UP board 12th is divided into three streams, i.e., Science, Arts and Commerce. These three are classified based on core subjects. Uttar Pradesh Madhyamik Shiksha Parishad (UPMSP) has revised the syllabus for session 2021-22.

Kindly go through the following table to better understand the core subjects in each stream. Given below is the subject list of UP board intermediate exam 2022.


Major Subjects


  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • English
  • Computer Science


  • Accountancy
  • Business Studies
  • Economics
  • Mathematics
  • English


  • History
  • Geography
  • Political Science
  • English
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
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UP 12th Science Syllabus 2022

The science stream's core subjects are physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, and computer science. English is a compulsory subject. Kindly go through the detailed syllabus of each subject below.

UP 12th Physics Syllabus 2022

Physics involves derivations and numerical and it is a scoring subject if the concept is clear. Go through important topics and mark distribution to prepare for the examination.

Unit Unit Name Marks
Part A
1 Static Electricity 08
2 Electric Current 07
3 Magnetic Effect of Current and Magnetism 08
4 Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents 08
5 Electromagnetic Waves 04
Part B
1 Optics 13
2 Matter and Dual Nature 06
3 Atoms and Nuclei 08
4 Electronic Devices 08

UP 12th Chemistry Syllabus 2022

The topics in Chemistry include Solid State, Solution, Electrochemistry, Chemical kinetics, Haloalkanes and Haloarenes, Alcohol, Phenols, and Ethers, etc. Find below the UP board class 12th Chemistry syllabus for the 2020-2022 academic year. 

Unit Unit Name Marks
1 Solid State 5
2 Solution 7
3 Electrochemistry 5
4 Chemical Kinetics 5
5 Haloalkanes and Haloarenes 5
6 Alcohol, Phenols, and Ethers 5
7 Aldehydes, Ketones, and Carboxylic Acids 6
8 Amines (Organic Compounds containing Nitrogen) 4
9 Biomolecules 6
10 Surface Chemistry 5
11 p-block Elements 7
12 d and f-block Elements 4
13 Coordination Compounds 6

UP 12th Biology Syllabus 2022

Students should go through the UP board class 12 syllabus 2022 for Biology and chapter-wise mark distribution before starting the preparation for the exam. The Biology syllabus consist of topics like Genetics & Evolution, Biology & human welfare biology & human welfare, Ecology and environment, Reproduction, etc. 

Unit Unit Name Marks
1 Genetics & Evolution 18
2 Biology & human welfare biology & human welfare 14
3 Biotechnology & its applications 10
4 Ecology and environment 14
5 Reproduction 14

UP 12th Mathematics Syllabus 2022

UP board 12th Mathematics consists of six units and all the topics are mentioned below. The following table below shows the marks distribution for the respective units.

Unit Unit Name Marks
1. Relations and Functions 10
2 Algebra 13
3 Calculus 44
4 Vectors and Three Dimensional Geometry 17
5 Linear Programming 06
6 Probability 10

UP 12th Commerce Syllabus 2022

Economics, Business Studies, and Mathematics are the core subjects of the Commerce stream. However, English is a compulsory subject similar to that of the other two streams.

UP 12th Economics Syllabus 2022

Given below is the Economic Syllabus 2022. Kindly learn about the topics and prepare accordingly for the examination.

Unit Unit Name
Part A - Introductory Microeconomics
1 Introduction
2 Consumer’s Equilibrium and Demand
3 Producer Behaviour and Supply
4 Forms of Market and Price Determination under Perfect Competition with
simple applications.
Part B - Introductory Macroeconomics
5 National Income and Related Aggregates
6 Money and Banking
7 Determination of Income and Employment
8 Government Budget and the Economy
9 Balance of Payments

UP 12th Arts Syllabus 2022

Humanities/Arts is a vast stream compared to the other two. The primary subjects taught in the stream are History, Political Science, Sociology, Psychology, and more. The following section contains the detailed classification of the major subjects in the Humanities/Arts stream.

UP 12th History Syllabus 2022

Unit Unit Name Marks
Part I
1 The story of the first cities: Harappan Archaeology 30
2 Political and Economic History: How Inscriptions tell a story
3 Social Histories: Using the Mahabharata
4 A History of Buddhism: Sanchi Stupa
Part II
6 Religious Histories: The Bhakti-Sufi Tradition 30
7 New Architecture: Hampi
9 Mughal Court: Reconstructing history through chronicles.
Part III
10 Colonialism and Rural Society 30
11 Representations of 1857
13 Mahatma Gandhi through contemporary eyes
15 The Making of the Constitution
16 Map Work: from existing units 10

UP 12th Geography Syllabus 2022

The Geography subject holds 70 marks out of 100 for the theory and 30 marks for practical.

Unit Unit Name Marks
Part A - Fundamentals of Human Geography  
1 Human Geography 30   
2 People
3 Human Activities
5 Human Settlements
  Map Work  5
Part B - India - People and Economy  
6 People 30
7 Human Settlements
8 Resources and Developments
10 Geographical Perspective on Selected Issues and Problems
  Map Work 5

UP 12th Sociology Syllabus 2022

The given table consists of the Sociology syllabus 2022. Kindly go through the following table and prepare accordingly the given units.

Unit Unit Name Marks
Part A - Indian Society
1 Introducing Indian Society 4
2 The Demographic Structure of the Indian Society 8
3 Social Institutions, Continuity and Changes 5
5 Patterns of Social Inequality & Exclusion 10
6 The Challenges of Cultural diversity 10
7 Suggestion for Project Work 8
Part B - Change and Development in India
9 Cultural Change 10
10 The Story of Indian Democracy 7
11 Change & Development in Rural Society 11
12 Change and Development in Industrial Society 10
15 Social Movement 12

How to Download UP Board class 12th Reduced Syllabus 2022?

Candidates must follow the given steps to download UP board class 12th syllabus 2022.

Step 1: Visit the official website of the UP board -

Step 2: Scroll down to the home page to find the UP 12th Board Syllabus 2022 link.

Step 3: Click on the "Class 12th Syllabus" link, and in the new window, the UP board class 12th reduced syllabus will be displayed as a PDF file.

Step 4: Students can download the PDF and take a printout for future reference.

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