PGDM Syllabus & Subjects:

The course syllabus pursued in the curriculum of Post Graduate Diploma In Management [PGDM] course is tabulated below. While the curricula of certain colleges may vary, the crux of the syllabus structure is maintained throughout.

PGDM Syllabus - Semester 1
Sl. No. Syllabus
1 Finance for Non-Finance
2 Joy of Management
3 Micro-Economics
4 Business Statistics
5 Marketing and Consumer Behaviour
6 Excel Spreadsheet Modelling
7 Organizational Behaviour
8 Marketing of Products and Services
9 Financial Reporting and Analysis
10 Business Research Methodology
11 Operation Research
12 Macro Economics & Policy
13 Business Communication & Presentation Skills


PGDM Syllabus - Semester 2
Sl. No. Syllabus
1 Costing Products and Services
2 Synthesizing and Analyzing Data using R
3 Managing Operations and Supply Chain
4 Human Resource Management
5 Indian Banking and Financial Markets
6 Indian Economy in the Global Context
7 Managing Stakeholders and Legal Processes
8 Managing Financial Resources
9 Bringing Ideas to Market
10 Strategic Management
11 Project Management
12 Data Science Using R and Python


PGDM Syllabus- Semester 3
Sl. No. Syllabus
1 Management of Design
2 Business Model and Intellectual Property
3 Leveraging IT for Business
4 Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility
5 Analyzing and Mitigating Risk
6 Applied Business Research
7 Problem Solving and Consulting Skills


PGDM Syllabus- Semester 4
Sl. No. Syllabus
1 Capstone Simulation
2 Ethics and Indian Ethos
3 Integrated Decisions Making
4 Leadership Development
5 Applied Business Research Project

The core and elective subjects followed in the curriculum of the Post Graduate Diploma in Management [PGDM] course are listed below. While the subject list may vary from college to college, the crux of the subject composition remains the same for most colleges in India.

  1. Managerial Economics
  2. Finance & Accounting
  3. Business Ethics And Communication
  4. Basics of Marketing
  5. Organizational Behavior
  6. Statistics and Quantitative Techniques
  7. IT Skills Lab
  8. Theory of Management
  9. Management Information Systems
  10. Production & Operations Management
  11. Economics & Social Sciences
  12. Strategic Management
  13. Research Methodology
  14. Business Law & Corporate Governance
  15. International Business

PGDM Specialisations:

The various specialization options available to aspirants of PGDM course are enlisted below:

Sl.No. Specialisations
1 PGDM(Human Resource Management)
2 PGDM (Marketing)
3 PGDM (Finance)
4 PGDM (Information Technology)
5 PGDM (International Business)
6 PGDM (Operations Management)
7 PGDM (Systems Management)
8 PGDM (Financial Management)
9 PGDM (Retail Management)
10 PGDM (Banking)

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