Job, Scope, Salary and Placements for Master of Philosophy [M.Phil] (Economics):

  • Manager - Health Economics Modelling

  • Senior Analyst - Health Economics Modelling

  • Data Entry Operator - Economics Research

  • Managing Editor - Economics & Statistics

  • Content Developer - Economics

  • Economics Teacher

  • Senior Technical Assistant - Economics

  • Guest Teacher - Economics

  • Lecturer/Assistant Professor - Economics

  • Home Tutor

 Advanced Courses after Master of Philosophy [M.Phil] (Economics):

  • Ph.D in Economics

Placements for Master of Philosophy [M.Phil] (Economics):

  • Economics continues to be ranked among the most popular majors chosen by the majority of students.

  • Due to the widespread use of economics in various sectors, graduates are employed in a range of posts which may, or may not, be related to the discipline they studied.

  • Jobs, where this degree proves useful, are :

    • Barrister.

    • Civil Service fast streamer.

    • Health service manager.

    • Local government officer.

    • Marketing executive.

    • Newspaper journalist.

    • Paralegal.

    • Psychotherapist.

  • Economists with an M.Phil degree are eligible to work in all sectors demanding economy analysis like manufacturing, transport, communications, banking, insurance, investment and retailing industries, as well as in government agencies, consulting and charitable organizations.

  • Various international organizations like the World Bank and the International Labor Organization offer ample job opportunities to well-known economists.

  • In government sectors, economists are getting Rs. 10,000 to 12,000 per month as assistants while experienced and seniors have an average salary of  Rs. 25,000 per month.

  • In colleges and universities, economics teachers are earning somewhere in between Rs. 12,000 to 25,000 per month depending on their seniority and private sectors.

  • In private sectors, economic consultants are also earning better returns depending upon the number of clients they own.

Salary Offered for Master of Philosophy [M.Phil] (Economics):

Salary Offered for M.Phil. (Economics)

Source: Payscale

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