MD Anatomy


2 Years

Average Fees

INR 42,000 - 12.3 L per annum

Roumik Roy

Updated on Jan 4, 2023 by Roumik Roy

Roumik Roy

Updated on Jan 4, 2023 by Roumik Roy

MD Anatomy is a three-year full-time program that deals with the structure of the human body. There are many job roles available to the aspirants upon completion of the course. Graduates are hired in positions such as Operating Room Technician, Allergist, Genetic Counsellor, Physician Assistant, Acupuncturist, Urologist, Cardiologist, etc.

MD Anatomy Course Details

Degree Masters
Full Form Doctorate of Medicine in Anatomy
Duration 2 Years
Age No specific age
Subjects Required MBBS from an institution or university recognized by Medical Council of India
Minimum Percentage 50%
Average Fees INR 42,000 - 12.3 L per annum
Similar Options of Study MD (Pathology), MD (Forensic Medicine), MD (Obstetrics & Gynaecology) etc
Average Salary INR 10 LPA [Source: Glassdoor]
Employment Roles Anatomy Lecturer (Assistant Professor), Anatomy Reader, Medical Coder, Team Leader/Trainer, Medical Coder Trainee, Medical Transcriptionist/Proofer, Medical Coding Configuration Analyst etc
Opportunities Research & Educational Institutes, Armed Forces, Private Nursing Homes, Healthcare Management Centres, Clinical Mentoring Services

About MD Anatomy

The Doctorate in Anatomy course provides the basic framework and vocabulary used in all descriptions and communications about the human body. This course offers the following careers Operating Room Technician, Allergist, Genetic Counsellor, Physician Assistant, Acupuncturist etc.

According to Wikipedia, "Doctor of Medicine is a medical degree, the meaning of which varies between different jurisdictions. Anatomy is the branch of biology concerned with the study of the structure of organisms and their parts. “

Table of Contents

Eligibility Criteria for MD Anatomy

Doctorate in Anatomy admission can be done if a candidate gets a minimum 50% aggregate score in Bachelor’s degree in MBBS or equivalent qualification to meet Doctorate in Anatomy eligibility criteria. Some Universities provide admissions through a direct method or management quota, which is based on the marks obtained at the undergraduate level entrance exam. There is no age limit for the course.

How To Get Admission in MD Anatomy?

For pursuing a Doctorate in Anatomy in India, students must ensure that they satisfy the eligibility criteria. The Admission into Doctorate in Anatomy college in India is strictly based on national levels entrance exams, such as state university entrance test, NEET-PG etc to get admitted in various universities and institutes. The admission can be availed through both online and offline methods.

How to Apply?

Doctorate in Anatomy course details and information for admission can be found on the college's official websites, where the students should apply. The registration process can be carried out through online and offline methods.

Selection Process

Admission into the top 10 universities for Doctorate in Anatomy in India is strictly offered to only those students who clear the minimum cut-off of the respective college and fulfil the eligibility criteria. The students can get their results through email communication or can visit the colleges' official website.

Candidates are admitted for Doctorate in Anatomy courses in India based on their scores in the entrance exams. To get admitted into the top Doctorate in Anatomy colleges in India, candidates should make sure they attend the entrance exam and clear cut-off. Some of the top entrance exams are:

A Quick Glance at the MD Anatomy Entrance Exams

Students who desire to opt for an MD course should know the exam pattern and syllabus well before time, to get into the best Doctorate in Anatomy university in India. This helps students in timely preparation for the entrance exams. The entrance exam has the following pattern:

  • The syllabus will be divided into 3 sections i.e. clinical, preclinical and paraclinical subjects.
  • These 3 sections will have the syllabus from topics covered under Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pathology, Pharmacology, Microbiology, Forensic medicine, and Social and Preventive medicine
  • The duration will be 3 hours and 30 minutes.
  • 4 Marks for each correct answer, reduced by 1 for each incorrect answer and no marks for unmarked questions.

Top 10 MD Anatomy Colleges in India

MD Anatomy course is offered by various colleges in and around India. Students can opt for the top government colleges for Doctorate in Anatomy in India, depending upon their merit. Some of the top 10 colleges for Doctorate in Anatomy in India are listed below:

MD Anatomy Colleges

Sl. No.

Name of the Institute


Christian Medical College


Maulana Azad Medical College


AJ Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre


AI Ameen Medical College


Andhra Medical College


Armed Forces Medical College


All India Medical Sciences Institute, New Delhi


Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College


Assam Medical College


B.J.Medical College

Fee Structure for MD Anatomy

The average Doctorate in Anatomy fees ranges from INR 50,000 - 1.5 LPA. The Doctorate in Anatomy course fees may vary according to the college or universities based on the type of institute, location, infrastructure, faculties, and facilities available. The fee structure of some colleges is listed below.

MD Anatomy Course Fee

Sl. No.

Name of the Institute

Average Annual Fees


Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi

INR 15,450 PA


Maharajah’s Institute of Medical Science

INR 48,330 PA


Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College, Mumbai



Armed Forces Medical College, Pune

INR 10,000 PA


B.J.Medical College, Ahmedabad

INR 6,000 PA

Syllabus and Subjects for MD Anatomy

Doctorate in Anatomy course durations for three years full-time program. This course is appropriate for postgraduate students, including pre-medical and pre-allied health students, seeking to gain a better appreciation of the anatomical/ functional mechanisms of the human body. The course primarily covers subjects such as Gross and Regional Anatomy, Anthropology, Myology, Osteology, Systematic Anatomy, Neuroanatomy, etc. Listed below are a few core subjects in the course are:

  • Ventricles of Brain
  • Gross Anatomy
  • Arthrology
  • General Osteology
  • Radiological Anatomy

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Why Choose MD Anatomy?

Students often wonder about Doctorate in Anatomy details before choosing the course. Before deciding on a career, students come across queries like, "What is MD Anatomy?" and "Why choose MD Anatomy?”. To clearly understand answers to these questions, we have framed the following three pointers:

What is MD Anatomy All About?

Doctorate in Anatomy in India is a three years postgraduate course that deals with the structure of the human body from the gross to the molecular level, and on the basic principles of normal human growth. This course aims to train students with a better understanding of the human body in terms of health and disease.

What Does a MD Anatomy Graduate Do?

A wide range of job opportunities is available for the MD Anatomy graduates. They are hired in positions such as Operating Room Technician, Allergist, Genetic Counsellor, Physician Assistant, Acupuncturist, Urologist, Cardiologist, etc.

Anatomy Reader: Anatomy Readers are responsible for implementing different methods for students with various educational backgrounds. They develop and implement research strategies in a certain field, participating and coordinating in research activities.

Reasons Why MD Anatomy Can Fetch You a Rewarding Career?

Healthcare and product sectors in healthcare are growing at a high speed and raising their demand. Anatomy opens doors to lucrative career avenues in various health care fields, such as Optometry, Chiropractic, and Medicine etc. Due to the major need for Anatomists in advanced research and training, a wide range of job opportunities are available for the MD Anatomy graduates.

Career Scope and Options: There are wider job opportunities that can be explored post completing the course from a renowned college or university. The successful post-graduates of Anatomy can opt for teaching jobs in private or government universities/ colleges. They can also work in a hospital and can run their own hospitals.

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Preparation Tips For MD Anatomy

Having an MD in Anatomy opens new doors of thriving career opportunities. Some of the essential MD Anatomy course preparation tips for a candidate who wants to pursue an MD Anatomy:

Get To Know The Syllabus: The syllabus of the course is something that a student should know, this helps the student to know how to perform at the time of the examination.

Practice Regularly: Practice regularly so that it becomes easy for practical examinations.

Make A Plan: Make a course plan that helps to plan accordingly to study and work which helps them to keep both balanced.

Practice Makes Perfect: Go through all the subjects and the modules that are taught in the duration of the course.

Scope For Higher Education

To acquire more knowledge in the specific field, one can opt for higher studies. After graduating with Doctorate in Anatomy, one can opt to pursue higher education. MD Anatomy is beneficial for further studies such as Ph.D. The study options after MD Anatomy include:

  • Ph.D Anatomy
  • DNS
  • DNB
  • MS
  • DM
  • M.Ch

Salary of a MD Anatomy Graduate

Due to the need for Anatomists, a wide range of job opportunities is available for the MD Anatomy graduates. The graduates can get job offers with handsome salary packages after completing their course, starting from INR 4 - 15 LPA [Source: Glassdoor] depending upon the sector. They can work as Physician Assistant, Acupuncturists, Urologists, Cardiologists, etc.

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Career Options After MD Anatomy

In both the public and the private sector, there has been a massive growth of technology in the healthcare sector over recent years. Recently, MD Anatomy graduates are recruited in various health care fields such as Hospitals, Clinic Centers and many Government-Aided Hospitals in higher job roles with a handsome salary to their unique skill set. Some of the popular job roles for the graduates of this course are:

  • Anatomy Reader
  • Lecturer/Assistant Professor
  • Medical Coder
  • Medical Coder Trainee
  • Medical Transcriptionist/Proofer Reader
  • Team Leader/Trainer

Skills That Make You The Best MD Anatomy Graduate

Anatomy is the specialized branch of medicine that deals with the structure of the human body. MD Anatomy course aims to gain knowledge and skills in using educational methods and techniques to function as an effective leader of the team engaged in teaching and research. Must have skills are:

  • Good Problem-Solvers
  • Motivation and Initiative
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Leadership Quality
  • Professionalism Attitude
  • Communication Skills
  • Knowledge of Anatomy

MD Anatomy Fee Structure

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