BHMS jobs scope is high both in the country and abroad as this is focused on the medical knowledge of the Homoeopathic system. After completing the BHMS course, the graduates can either apply for Govt Jobs, private jobs or pursue higher education. BHMS salary for the graduates starts from INR 2 LPA.

Career Prospects And Job Scope For BHMS Graduates 

The BHMS scope is very high in India. It deals with treating illnesses and various diseases with the power of the natural healing process, which results in cost-effective treatment. After completing the BHMS course, the graduates can choose to opt for vacancies in BHMS Jobs(Govt jobs & jobs). Below are some of the BHMS jobs listed for reference:

  • Homoeopathic Doctor
  • Pharmacist
  • Consultant
  • Public Health Specialist
  • Researcher
  • Teacher/Lecturer
  • Medical Writer
  • Medical Advisor

Areas Of Recruitment For BHMS Graduates

The BHMS scope is very high in India as it deals with treating illness and various diseases with the power of the natural healing process, which results in cost-effective treatment. Following are the industries and sectors where BHMS graduates can choose to work:

  • Charitable Institutions
  • Homoeopathic Medicine Store
  • Clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Medical Colleges
  • Pharmacies
  • Consultancies
  • Research Institutes
  • State Dispensaries
  • Training Institutes

Salary Package For BHMS Graduates

BHMS doctor's salary ranges from INR 4 LPA [Source: Glassdoor] as a fresher and increases with experience. The BHMS salary range also depends on the BHMS job profile. To know more, check out the table below:

BHMS Salary in India Salary
Average BHMS Salary INR 2.5 LPA
Highest BHMS Salary INR 5 LPA
Lowest BHMS Salary INR 1.5 LPA

Source: Naukri

The table below contains the average salary for different designations in India:

BHMS Jobs Salary Range
Lecturer INR 2 - 3 LPA
Pharmacist INR 2 LPA
Researcher INR 3 LPA
Doctor INR 5 LPA
Private Practitioner INR 5 LPA

Source: Glassdoor

Government Jobs For BHMS Graduates

BHMS government jobs have a considerable prospects in various sectors and have an average salary of INR 5 LPA [Source: Glassdoor] and gradually increase depending on the years of experience. Below are a few BHMS government jobs listed for reference:

BHMS Jobs Salary Range
Lecturer INR 2 - 3 LPA
Pharmacist INR 2 LPA
Researcher INR 3 LPA

Source: Glassdoor

Private Jobs For BHMS Graduates

Several BHMS private jobs are available in India for BHMS graduates with an average salary starting from INR 3 LPA and increasing with experience. Check out some BHMS jobs below:

BHMS Jobs Salary Range
Researcher INR 3 LPA
Doctor INR 5 LPA
Private Practitioner INR 5 LPA

Source: Glassdoor

Course After BHMS

There are numerous options that aspirants can look for after getting a Bachelor in Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery. Check them below:

Certificate and Diploma Courses

There are numerous PG Diploma and certificate courses after BHMS that you can explore in Medical Technology, Homoeopathy and Allopathy, Pharmaceutical Management, Healthcare Administration, and Management. Here are the best diploma courses after BHMS:

  • PG Diploma in Social and Preventive Healthcare
  • PG Diploma in Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery
  • Diploma in Electro-Homoeopathy
  • PG Diploma in Clinical Diabetology
  • PG Diploma in Preventive and Promotive Healthcare
  • PG Diploma in Health Science Research
  • PG Diploma in Hospital and Health Management
  • Diploma in Food and Nutrition
  • Diploma in Medical Trichology
  • PG Diploma in Pharmaceutical Management

MD in Homoeopathy

MD Homoeopathy is a three-year program aimed at teaching students to treat various conditions by providing hands-on clinical training rather than following a theoretical methodology. It is one of the most commonly chosen courses after the BHMS. BHMS graduates can pursue an MD in various specialisations in medical sciences. Here are the best MD programs to become a doctor after BHMS:

  • MD (Hom) Psychiatry
  • MD (Hom) Pharmacy
  • MD (Hom) Practice of Medicine
  • MD (Hom) Materia Medica
  • MD (Hom) Paediatrics
  • MD (Hom) Allopathy
  • MD (Hom) in Endocrinology

Job Opportunities Abroad For BHMS Graduates

There is a pool of opportunities for BHMS jobs and especially BHMS government jobs. BHMS graduates can consider many career options in medical sciences, including working in a nursing home, becoming a researcher pursuing to become a homoeopathic doctor or lecturer. There are several opportunities for BHMS graduates abroad.

Top Companies Who Hire BHMS Graduates

There is a vast pool of BHMS jobs for graduates overseas, especially in European countries with a decent BHMS salary range. Check out the list of top companies that a BHMS graduate must consider applying for:

  • Adal Immigrations, LLP, Canada
  • NDDB, Canada
  • Dostinex Global Services Pvt Ltd, Europe
  • IBPS, Canada
  • UPSC, Canada

Best Countries That Hire BHMS Graduates

Below is the list of best countries to work in after the completion of the BHMS course:

  • Albania
  • Bosnia Herzegovina
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • Portugal
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland and
  • United Kingdom

Various Designations Abroad For BHMS Graduates

Check out the various career options available for BHMS graduates overseas:

  • Pharmacist
  • Nursing
  • Doctor
  • Private Practitioner
  • Lecturer
  • Researcher

Best BHMS Doctors

Many scholars have achieved success in the field of homoeopathy. Below are a few famous homoeopathic doctors who have attained fame worldwide:

  • Ajit Kulkarni, A homoeopath veteran
  • Ask Dr. Shah
  • Mayuresh Mahajan
  • Rakesh Patel
  • Pooja Bhalke
  • Jyotsana Nayak
  • Parth Mankand

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