BCA Subjects and Syllabus 2023

Duration: 3 Years
Avg Fees: ₹15K - 2 LPA
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Updated on - Oct 25, 2023

BCA syllabus is well-designed and helps students to build careers in the area of Computer Application, IT, and Software Development. BCA subjects provide exposure to students in various industry-specified functions in database management systems, software engineering, operating systems, etc.  

The BCA subjects are divided into core and elective subjects. Each subject in BCA is generally industry oriented since BCA is a field that is applied in many paths of advancing technology. The BCA syllabus 1st year pdf 2023 of the colleges will be available in the websites along with the BCA syllabus of 2nd and 3rd year.

BCA graduates will have in-depth knowledge in their chosen field which helps the candidate to excel in their career. The scope of BCA expands to various opportunities in public and private sectors with employment roles like Web Designer, Technical Associate, Software Engineer, System Analyst, etc. 

Table of Contents

BCA Subjects

The BCA subjects are focused on providing students with necessary information and knowledge regarding computers, database management, network technologies, and IT among various other fields. Some BCA subjects are given below:

BCA Core Subjects

The compulsory subjects of BCA focus on the implementation and creation of computer applications, software & information technologies, and network systems, etc.  Below is a BCA subjects list of core topics that develop a fundamental understanding of the course:

  • Computer Fundamentals
  • C- Programming
  • System Analysis and Design
  • In-depth work of a computer system
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Visual Basic
  • Computer Laboratory

BCA Elective Subjects

The elective subjects in BCA focus on garnering students with extra skill sets to advance their careers and gain more knowledge in their relevant fields. Below is a BCA subjects list for elective topics that students can choose based on their interests:

  • Cloud Computing
  • Gaming and Animation
  • Computer Graphics
  • Digital Marketing
  • Data Mining
  • Agile Frameworks

BCA Subjects in Detail

Students get to learn the foundational areas of computer application and programming in the initial semesters. Some of the BCA course subjects and the topics covered are as follows:

BCA Subjects

Topics Covered

Problem-Solving Using C

Introduction to Programming Concepts: Software, Classification of Software, Modular Programming, Structured Programming, Algorithms & Flowcharts 

Data Structures

Elementary data organization, Data Structures, data structures operations, Abstract data types, algorithms complexity

Data Base Management Systems

Data Modelling Using the Entity-Relationship Model, Functional Dependencies & Normalization for Relational Database, Relational Database Language, Transaction Processing Concepts

Operating Systems

Process Synchronization and Deadlocks, Memory Management, File management, Protection & Security

Data Communications & Networks

Transmission Systems, Peer-to-Peer Protocols, Local Area Networks & Medium Access Control Protocols, LAN Standard

Software Engineering

Software Products and Software Processes, Software Prototyping, Object Oriented& function-oriented design, Software Reliability & Reusability 

Semester Wise BCA Syllabus

The BCA syllabus 2023 is spread across three years and includes diverse coursework. The BCA course subjects consist of topics that help students to understand concepts of computer application and to gain strong programming knowledge. The BCA general subjects semester-wise are listed below. However, BCA syllabus 2023 subjects will vary slightly from college to college. 

BCA 1st Year Syllabus

BCA subjects 1st year are curated based on the fundamental areas of the computer application field. The BCA subjects 1st year are given in the table below:

BCA 1st Sem Subjects

BCA 2nd Sem Subjects

Problem-Solving Techniques

Introduction to Programming Using C

Web Technologies

Structure Query Language


Object-Oriented Programming in JAVA

Discrete Structures

Data Structures

Introduction to Operating System

Computer Architecture

Python Programming

Web Development

Practical Topics Under the BCA subjects 1st year

Listed Below are some of the practical topics under the BCA subjects 1st year:

  • C Programming Lab
  • Database Management Systems Lab
  • Digital Electronics Lab 
  • Data Structures Lab

BCA 2nd Year Syllabus

BCA 2nd year syllabus comprises two semesters: 3rd and 4th. BCA 3rd sem includes algorithms, data analytics and programming. BCA  4th Sem subjects cover the functional areas of computer programming and analytics. The table below contains the BCA subjects 2nd year:

BCA 3rd Sem Subjects

BCA 4th Sem Subjects

Computer Networks

Object-Oriented Programming in C++

Design and Implementation of Algorithms

Service Learning

Big Data Analytics

Enterprise Resource Planning

Mobile Programming

Artificial Intelligence

Advance Web Scripting

Computer Networking





BCA Second-Year Practical Subjects

The following are some of the practical topics under the BCA 2nd year subjects:

  • Computer Networks Lab
  • Python Programming Lab
  • Accounting Package Lab 
  • C++ Lab 
  • Artificial Intelligence Lab
  • Internet Technologies Lab

BCA 3rd Year Syllabus

The table below contains the BCA subjects semester wise in the third year:

BCA 5th Sem Subjects

BCA 6th Sem Subjects

Web Technology with PHP

Advanced Java

Python Scripting

Theory of Computation

Laboratory Course – VB / C++

Machine Learning


Software Testing





BCA Third-Year Practical Subjects

The practical topics under the BCA syllabus in the third year are given below:

  • Web Programming Lab
  • Java Programming Lab
  • Data Analytics Lab
  • Machine Learning Lab
  • Mobile Application Development Lab

College Wise BCA Syllabus

College-wise BCA syllabus 2023 encompasses a broad spectrum of computer science and IT subjects. These programs offer students a well-rounded education in areas like programming, software engineering, computer architecture, and more. The BCA subjects semester wise syllabus 2023 of top BCA colleges is detailed in the sections below:

University of Allahabad BCA Syllabus

The University of Allahabad's BCA syllabus provides a comprehensive education in computer science and information technology, covering programming, digital electronics, communication skills, and software engineering, preparing students for successful IT careers. Listed below is the BCA subjects semester wise offered by University of Allahabad:

Semester I

Semester II




Basic Electronics

Basic Circuit Analysis

Digital Electronics & Computer Organization

Fundamentals of Programming

Data Structures

Communication Skills

Linux & Shell Programming

Business Systems

Principles of Programming Languages

Lab.I : Analog Electronics Lab

Lab.I : Digital Electronics Lab

Lab.II: Computer Lab

Lab.II: Computer Lab

Lab.III: Communication skills Lab

Lab.III: Communication skills Lab

Semester III

Semester IV

Discrete Structures & Graph Theory

Operating Systems

Design & Analysis of Algorithm

Operation Research

Introduction to System Software

Data Communications & Networks

Object Oriented Programming using C++

Software Engineering

Database Management System

.Web Programming using JAVA

Computer Architecture & Microprocessors

Numerical Methods

Lab. I: Computer Lab

Lab.I: Computer Lab

Lab.II: Communication skills Lab

Lab.II: Communication skills Lab

Semester V

Semester VI

.Net Framework & C#

Image Processing

Embedded System

Multimedia Systems

Computer Graphics

Main Project

Secure Computing


Advanced DBMS


Lab.I: Computer Lab


Lab.II: Communication skills Lab




Maharshi Dayanand University

Maharshi Dayanand University's BCA syllabus builds a strong foundation in computer science and software development, including computer fundamentals, data structures, operating systems, and database systems, equipping students for IT and software careers. The BCA subjects semester wise of MDU is detailed in the table below:

Semester I

Semester II

Computer Fundamentals and Programming

Data and File Structure


Structured Systems Analysis


Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science

Business Practices

Digital Electronics

Software Lab

Software Lab

Semester III

Semester IV

Computer System Architecture

Operating Systems Organization and UNIX

Algorithms & Advanced Data Structure

Software Engineering

Micro-Processors & Assembly Language

Object Oriented Design and Programming

Database Systems

Financial Accounting

Practical: Software Lab

Practical: Software Lab

Semester V

Semester VI

Data Communication and Networks

Network and Internet Technologies and Applications

Computer Graphics

Scientific and Statistical Computing

Principles of Visual and Windows Programming

Multimedia Information Systems

Java Programming and Internet Applications

Management Information System



Specialization Wise BCA Syllabus and Subjects

BCA Syllabus offers its candidates various specializations in many fields ranging from network to IT. data science and data analytics are the two major sub-fields among the various specializations. The majority of BCA first-year subjects will be generic, while the specialization topics will be covered from semester 3 onwards. Below is a list of specializations under the BCA Syllabus: 

BCA Data Analytics Subjects

BCA Data Analytics covers the study of Computer Simulation, Decision Analysis, Predictive Modeling, AI, and Information Systems. The following are the subjects included in the BCA Data Analytics syllabus:

  • Mathematics for data scientists-I
  • Mathematics for Data Scientists-II
  • English for professionals
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Communication skills
  • Excel for Data Scientists
  • Computer Architecture and Organization
  • Object Oriented Programming using Java
  • Object Oriented Programming using Java Lab
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Data Manipulation Using PL/SQL Programming
  • Scientific Programming Using R

BCA Data Science Syllabus and Subjects

The syllabus in BCA Data Science includes the scientific study of Machine Learning, DBMS, Big Data Analysis, R & Python, etc. The following are the subjects included in the syllabus of BCA Data Science:

  • Cultural Education 1
  • Computer Essential for Data Science
  • Computational Thinking and Programming in C
  • Computational Thinking and Programming in C Lab
  • Database Management System
  • Data Structure and Algorithm
  • Database Management System Lab
  • Data Structures Lab
  • Essential of Data Collection Ethics
  • Information and Data Security

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BCA Computer Science Syllabus and Subjects

BCA Computer Science involves several studies associated with programming languages such as C, C++, HTML, and Java. along with data analytics and other functionalities of computer science.  The following are the subjects included in the BCA Computer Science syllabus:

  • Computer Fundamentals and Office Automation
  • File Structure and Database Concept
  • Core Java
  • Internal Programming and Cyber Law
  • Multimedia Systems

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BCA Course Structure

In general, a BCA course syllabus consists of computer administration in the core subjects along with various other elective subjects.  BCA 6th Sem subjects inclined towards projects, seminars, assignments, industrial visits, etc. BCA is a three-year course with six semesters. The course structure is as follows:

  • VI Semesters
  • Core Subjects
  • Elective
  • Final Research Project 

BCA Teaching Methodology and Techniques

The teaching methods and strategies used in the BCA are created to provide students with a thorough understanding of computer applications. Some of the general teaching methods for BCA course are listed below:

  • Traditional Lectures
  • Practicals
  • Group Discussion
  • Individual Assignments
  • Internship

BCA Project Topics

The BCA syllabus includes project work and writing for periodicals. These projects help students to obtain practical insight into the BCA syllabus. Below are examples of some popular research topics:

  • Library Management System Project in Java
  • College Management System Project in Java
  • Mobile Management System Project
  • Social Networking Scripts

BCA Reference Books

Students interested in pursuing BCA as further education must invest in some reference books to gauge an idea of the course. Below is a list of books that can help students get started with their BCA course:





Advanced Engineering Mathematics

Erwin Kreyszig 


Probability and Statistics for Engineers

Irvrin Miller


Programming Languages: Design and Implementation

Terrance W Pratt

System Software

Introduction to Systems Software

D.M. Dhamdere

Software Engineering

An Integrated Approach to Software Engineering

Pankaj Jalote

Top Computer Entrance Exams

BCA Fee Structure


What are the BCA subjects in 1st year?

Programming languages like C and Java, computer basics, maths, digital electronics, and communication skills are included in the first year's BCA course

What are the important BCA books in 1st year?

Some of the BCA books in the first year are Exposure to Computer Disciplines by Edsger Wybe Dijkstra, Object Oriented Programming by Timothy Budd, etc.

What is the BCA Syllabus?

The BCA curriculum includes a number of computer science-related topics, such as programming languages, data structures, algorithms, database management, computer networks, software engineering, web development, and computer graphics.

What are the elective subjects I can choose in the BCA course?

Some of The BCA elective subjects are Cloud Computing, Gaming and Animation, Computer Graphics, MATLAB, and Agile Frameworks.

What are the trending BCA Project Topics?

Some of the trending and popular BCA project topics include Web Based Student Attendance System, Intelligent Tutoring System for Enhancing E-Learning, Opinion Mining For Social Networking Sites, etc.

What level of maths is required for BCA?

Candidate without maths background in 10+2 can also pursue BCA. Maths is not a mandatory eligibility to get into BCA.

What are the subjects in BCA?

The BCA curriculum includes subjects such as programming languages, statistics, computer fundamentals, data structures, database management systems, Java programming, etc.

Do we study coding in BCA?

Yes, The BCA course is associated with extensive coding and programming. Students will be exposed to various programming languages such as C, C++, JAVA, Python, etc.

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