BA Journalism Jobs:

The students have a widen opportunity in both Print and Electronic journalism since newspapers, magazines are very constant in a country like India and also due to the increase in smartphones, the electronic medium is also getting popular. Radio and news channel are one of the most powerful media and they are the most widen opportunity for the journalism students

At the beginning of the career, they might get salaries like INR 15000 to INR 20000 but as they build several skills by years of experience their salary may increase up to INR 50000.

Some of the popular job roles of BA Journalism students are Video and Radio Jockey, News Analyst, Anchoring and Critic.  

Average Salary Scale Based on Job Position for Bachelor Arts (BA) of Journalism:

Source: Payscale

Key Stats For BA Journalism:

Source: Payscale 

Other Related Job Scope and Salaries:

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