B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering Jobs:

There's a huge job availability for aeronautical engineers. B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering course gives the students the required basics for them to work in the aeronautical field. They get to work in different job positions. Some of the job positions are mentioned below:

  • Corporate Trainer
  • System Safety Management Engineer
  • Aerospace or Mechanical Engineering
  • Aeronautical Engineer
  • Professor
  • Aircraft Designer
  • Wind Turbine Blade Designer

B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering Jobs For Freshers:

Freshers are highly welcomed in the field of aeronautics. There are a high number of vacancies in both government and private sectors where B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering freshers can apply. Some of the aeronautical engineering jobs freshers are as follows:

  • Professor
  • Analysis Engineer
  • Instructor/Assistant Instructor
  • Design Engineer
  • Aerospace Chief Engineer
  • Lecturer & Professor

B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering Government and Private Jobs:

Aeronautical engineering is one of those courses that have a lot of career aspects in India. This course offers exciting job prospects in top aeronautical engineering and research companies. Top government aircraft manufacturers and reputed departments are mentioned below:

  • Indian Space Research Organisation(ISRO)
  • National Aeronautical Laboratory
  • Civil Aviation Department
  • Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL)
  • Defense Research and Development Laboratories (DRDO)

Jobs are available at the public and private airline services as well as aircraft manufacturing units. These are incredibly well-paid jobs but it is also very demanding. The demand for aerospace engineers is on the rise because of their requirement in aerospace sectors.

B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering Jobs Abroad:

Aeronautical engineers often work for large multinational aviation companies like Airbus, Boeing, and even NASA. These companies hire a lot of aeronautical engineers. Following postings are given to the B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering graduates:

  • Aeronautical Engineer
  • Associate Engineer - Aerodynamics
  • Associate Engineer - Aircraft Performance
  • Repair Design Engineer
  • Professor
  • Aircraft Design Engineer

Salary Scale for B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering Course:

Aeronautical engineer's salary varies with the experience below mentioned is the salary scale for B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering:

Experience From Up to
0-5 Years - INR 4.6 L.P.A
5-10 Years INR 4.6 L.P.A INR 6.5 L.P.A
10-20 Years INR 6.5 L.P.A INR 10 L.P.A

Salary Packages Offered by the Top Companies in India for B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering:

Aeronautical engineers are recruited by top companies and these companies pay a very good salary for them. Below mentioned are the salary packages by top companies for aeronautical engineers:

Sl.No Job Type Average Salary per annum
1 ISRO INR 6.2 L.P.A
2 HAL INR 4.5 L.P.A
4 Boeing INR 10 L.P.A
5 Lockheed Martin INR 13 L.P.A

Average Salary Based on Job Position for B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering:

Engineers employed in government sectors and private sectors are paid differently according to their job position and their experience. Skilled aeronautical engineering professionals working in airline industries can get swell benefits from the companies. Average salary according to job position is mentioned below:

Sl.No Job Type Average Salary per annum
1 Aerospace Engineer INR 7.1L
2 Design Engineer INR 4.5L
3 Software Engineer INR 5.6L
4 Data Analyst INR 3.6L
5 Systems Engineer INR 2.9L
6 Planning Analyst INR 5.8L

Source: Payscale

Key Stats for B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering:

Key stats such as gender wise pay and pay according to job experience for B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering is mentioned below:

Source: Payscale

Source: Payscale

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