MCA Syllabus & Subjects

Normally, the MCA course duration in India is 3 years if the candidate's graduation is a B.Sc degree course, whereas if the candidate is a BCA course graduate then through lateral entry system MCA course duration will be for 2 years.

MCA full form is Master of Computer Application. The course is a PG course of three years and has is a Master Course in Computer Application the MCA subjects are related to computer languages computer software. The MCA syllabus is divided into 6 semesters.

The MCA course includes classroom teaching, practical assignments, and project work, a mandate in the MCA course syllabus. MCA course syllabus emphasis the latest programming languages and tools to develop better and faster applications. Some colleges encourage students to spend a full semester working in the industry to explore and understand how IT works.

To train MCA course subjects offered by the universities are Data Structures and files using C, Project Visual C++, Computer Networks and Java programming, etc. MCA syllabus varies from university to university and some of them are- Internet & JAVA Programming, Modeling and Simulation, Computer and ‘C’ Programming, Management Information System, and many others.

The MCA course list also emphasizes certain specialization topics like Troubleshooting, System Engineering, Software Development, Hardware Technology, etc. The candidates can also opt for MCA course correspondence through distance learning or MCA course in IGNOU. The MCA Subjects are mentioned below:

  1. Computer Architecture
  2. Computer Networks
  3. Data Structures
  4. Java Programming
  5. Project Visual C++
  6. Software Project Management

The syllabus vastly followed for the MCA course according to the curriculum throughout India is tabulated below:

MCA Syllabus - Semester 1
Sl.No Subjects
1 Programming Fundamentals
2 Fundamentals of Computer Organization
3 Data and File Structure
4 Mathematical Foundation
5 Elements of Basic Communication
6 Web Technology


MCA Syllabus - Semester 2
Sl.No Subjects
1 InfoSystems Analysis Design & Implementations
2 Operating Systems
3 Oral and Wireless Communications
4 Accounting and Management Control
5 Probability & Combinatorics
6 Business Programme Lab
7 Unix & Windows Lab


MCA Syllabus - Semester 3
Sl.No Subjects
1 Database Management Systems
2 Computer Communication Networks
3 Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
4 Management Support System
5 Statistical Computing
6 DBMS Lab
7 Statistical Computing Lab



MCA Syllabus - Semester 4
Sl.No Subjects
1 Network Programming
2 Software Engg. I
3 Elective I
4 Organizational Behaviour
5 Elective 2
6 Network Lab
7 CASE Tools Lab


MCA Syllabus - Semester 5
Sl.No Subjects
1 A.I and Applications
2 Software Engineering II
3 Elective 3
4 Elective 4
5 Optimization Techniques
6 AI & Application Lab
7 Optimization Techniques Lab
8 Industrial Lectures Seminar, Project


MCA Syllabus - Semester 6
Sl.No Subjects
1 Project
2 Seminar


MCA Subjects

The list of subjects pursued in the MCA curriculum is mentioned below:

Sl.No. MCA Subjects
1 Mathematical Foundation of Computer Science
2 Accounting and Financial Management
3 Computer Organization
4 Computer and ‘C’ Programming
5 Paradigms of Programming
6 UNIX & Shell Programming
7 Programming Lab
8 Organization Lab
9 Unix /Linux & Shell Programming Lab
10 General Proficiency
11 Organizational Structure and Personnel Management
12 Data & File Structure Using ‘C’
13 Object-Oriented Systems in C++
14 Computer-Based Numerical & Statistical Techniques
15 Combinatory & Graph Theory
16 Computer Architecture & Microprocessor
17 Data Structure Lab
18 General Proficiency
19 Visual Basic
20 Modeling and Simulation
21 Software Engineering
22 Elective I (any one of the following)
23 Foundation of e-Commerce
24 Computer Graphics & Animation
25 Software Engineering Lab
26 Computer Graphics Lab
27 Visual Basic Lab
28 General Proficiency
29 Web Technology
30 Elective II (any one of the following)


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