CET Delhi Syllabus 2021: Subject-wise Syllabus and Weightage PDF Download

Jun 9, 2021 | Architecture, Arts


CET Delhi is held every year to offer admission into both technical and non-technical diploma courses offered by participating institutes. Depending upon the course opted by the students, five different sets of exams are conducted. Therefore, candidates must understand the Delhi CET 2021 syllabus to do well in the exam. Let us have a closer look at the syllabus for different tests in this section of the article.

CET Delhi Polytechnic Syllabus 2021

As said earlier, 5 different test will be organized for different courses opted by the student. Once the conducting authority releases the official notification, we will have more detailed information on the exam. For now, the subject-wise CET Delhi syllabus for 2021 can be found below.

CET Delhi Test 1 Syllabus

The test 1 is conducted for 10th based technical and non-technical courses. The CET Delhi syllabus for test 1 can be found below.

  • Physics- 40 questions
  • Chemistry- 30 questions
  • Mathematics- 50 questions
  • Biology- 15 questions
  • English- 15 questions

The Test-I syllabus for Delhi CET will be strictly based on CBSE class IX and X. So, candidates can refer to the books from 9 and 10th from the CBSE board for the preparation of the exam.

CET Delhi Test 2 Syllabus

The Test-II of the Delhi CET will be divided into four different sections- Part A, B, C and D. Candidates who opted for Modern Office Practice - MOP, Retail, Hospitality, and Finance Executive courses will be taking this test. Part-A will be mandated for all courses, where the rest will only be applicable for the MOP course. The CET Delhi syllabus for Test-II can be found below.

  • Part A- Bilingual, will be common for all the courses.
  • Part B- English Comprehension & Grammar- Canddiates who opted for MOP English.
  • Part C- Hindi Comprehension & Grammar- Canddiates who opted for MOP Hindi.
  • Part D- 40 question each from Hindi and English Grammar and Comprehension - Candidates opting for both Hindi & English MOP.

CBSC 12th level books for Logical, Aptitude, Current Affairs, Grammar can be referred to prepare for Test 2.

CET Delhi Test 3 Syllabus

Candidates opting for the Pharmacy diploma course offered by participating institutes will take the Test 3 of the CET Delhi exam. The subject-wise syllabus for the same can be found below.

  • Physics- 45 questions
  • Chemistry- 45 questions
  • Mathematics- 60 questions
  • Biology- 60 questions

Candidates can refer to CBSE class 11th and 12th books of the above-mentioned subject to prepare for this test.

CET Delhi Test 4 Syllabus

The CET Delhi test 4 is conducted for the courses offered in ITI training. The subject-wise syllabus for this test is shared below.

  • Physics - 60 questions
  • Chemistry - 30 questions
  • Mathematics - 60 questions

Candidates can make use of CBSE X books of the subjects mentioned above to prepare for this test.



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Exam Date: Jun 19, 2021

Result Date: Jun 30, 2021

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