Best GATE Coaching Centres in Chandigarh 2022

Jun 19, 2021 | Engineering


Find the list of best GATE coaching centres in Chandigarh. Check the fee structure, reviews, and contact details of the GATE coaching institutes in Chandigarh.

Best GATE Coaching Centres in Chandigarh 2022
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Pruthvi Das

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This is Pruthvi. He did some time as a game designer right after finishing his Game Design diploma before joining us as a content writer for GetMyUni. But, research and writing was always part of his conduct; he was a content writer before he even knew it! So, what makes him special enough that he has to be on our team, you ask? Well... not much, really... apart from the fact that he... Keeps a user-centric mindset. Does his research well. Writes as if the writing represents him. Updates himself on what's up with education pretty frequently. Dishes content out like there's no tomorrow. Handles tasks without supervision really well. Is so particular about grammar and structure that it's borderline annoying (don't tell him that). How such power can be wielded by a procrastinator remains unknown. But if he’s not busy with work, you’ll find him playing video games, drafting game design blog posts, annoying his pets, dabbling into philosophy and UI/UX, listening to 'sicc beetz', seeking the 'right font' (whatever that means...), and lurking the net. The guy's eclectic. Bug him on Twitter or LinkedIn. For anything biz-related, shoot a mail to [email protected]