M.Sc Nursing syllabus prepares students to work in nursing homes, healthcare centers, military hospitals, medical universities or colleges, medicine industry, content writing medical, multispeciality hospitals, private or government healthcare units, academic or research institutes, and old-age homes. Students can choose from a variety of subjects in their M.Sc Nursing course, including genetics, epidemiology, bio-psycho pathology. As part of the M.Sc Nursing curriculum, students study social psychology, nursing research and statistics, nursing specialties, community health nursing, and nursing education.

Semester Wise M.Sc Nursing Syllabus 

 The course consists of four semesters spread out over a two-year period to provide students with a flexible schedule. In order to prepare students for careers in the medical sector, the M.Sc Nursing curriculum includes techniques and methods found within the hospitals. M.Sc Nursing course is a postgraduate course that aims to help the students gain a deep understanding of the study.

The M.Sc Nursing curriculum focuses on the latest developments in the field. M.Sc Nursing syllabus PDF is available online for download for free. The following is the semester-wise M.Sc Nursing syllabus:

M.Sc Nursing First Year Syllabus

Semester I

Semester II

Advanced Clinical Nursing including Pathophysiology

Nursing Specialities

Nursing Education

Medical-Surgical Nursing in Obstetrical, Gynecological Nursing, and Midwifery

Social Psychology

Community Health Nursing

Nursing Research and Statistics

Nursing Management


Project work, Thesis, Dissertation


M.Sc Nursing Second Year Syllabus

Semester III

Semester IV

Medical-Surgical Nursing

Advance Nursing Practice

Community Health Nursing

Nursing Research & Statistics

Psychiatric Nursing

Medical-Surgical Nursing Clinical Speciality

Obstetrics & Gynaecological Nursing

Psychiatric Nursing Clinical Speciality

Child Health Nursing

Obstetrics & Gynaecological Nursing Clinical Speciality

 M.Sc Nursing Course Subjects 

The M.Sc Nursing curriculum allows students to learn nursing techniques that will help them meet medical challenges. It is regarded as one of the best M.Sc Nursing courses in the world. An M.Sc Nursing degree provides students with a thorough understanding of the skills and techniques used by staff nurses. 

Students in M.Sc Nursing are exposed to different courses in each semester to help them gain a better understanding of the subject. Students enrolled in the M.Sc Nursing program will participate in classroom theory sessions as well as practical lab sessions to prepare them for advanced courses. During the two-year program, students choose more electives and core courses. M.Sc Nursing subject list consists of the following: 

  • Advanced Clinical Nursing including Pathophysiology
  • Nursing Education
  • Social Psychology
  • Nursing Research and Statistics
  • Nursing Specialties
  • Medical-Surgical Nursing
  • Obstetrical
  • Gynecological Nursing
  • Midwifery
  • Community Health Nursing
  • Nursing Management

M.Sc Nursing Course Structure 

The Master of Science in Nursing program lasts two years. Two years of the M.Sc Nursing program is divided into four semester-long sessions, making it an ideal program for students seeking individualized learning. There are many cores and elective subjects offered in the M.Sc Nursing program. The first year introduces students to fundamental subjects. In the second year, students study subjects specific to their specialization.

In addition, lab sessions enhance theoretical understanding. During the M.Sc Nursing program, students will study genetics, epidemiology, bio-psycho pathology, computer applications, brain and neurological system, endocrine system, cardiorespiratory system, material management, vascular functions, and anatomy and physiology of the cardiovascular system. The structure of the course is as follows: 

  • IV Semesters
  • Core Subjects
  • Elective Subjects
  • Practical Workshops
  • Research Project/Thesis Submission

M.Sc Nursing Teaching Methodology and Techniques 

The M.Sc Nursing curriculum integrates new technologies into teaching nursing. In addition to lectures and practicals, students are trained in elective subjects from different specializations. In most colleges and universities, internships and training are part of a student’s core curriculum. It is possible to acquire medical skills through teaching methodologies. In addition to traditional classroom instruction, students can use developing technologies. In general, the following teaching methods are used: 

  • Seminars
  • Group Projects
  • Digital Learning
  • Traditional Classroom-Based Teaching
  • Practical Lab Sessions
  • Self Directed Learning
  • Interactive Lectures
  • Small-Group Work
  • Journal Clubs
  • Reading Quizzes
  • Clinical Nurse Presentations
  • Workshops
  • Problem-Based Learning

M.Sc Nursing Projects 

M.Sc Nursing students will gain knowledge and experience in managing projects in the industry through participating in research projects. Students will gain an understanding of factors that influence the success of research projects and strategies for implementing them in the M.Sc Nursing course. A major advantage of the M.Sc Nursing program is the possibility of gaining valuable medical experience. By the end of the fourth semester, the M.Sc Nursing project must be completed. Following are the most popular M.Sc Nursing project topics: 

  • An Assessment of Patient’s Satisfaction of Nursing Care in Medical Wards at a Selected Hospital in Chennai.
  • Effect of Pranayama on Bio-Physiological Parameters among Patients With Bronchial Asthma.
  • A Study to Assess Patient Satisfaction With Nursing Care in Medical Wards in a City Hospital in Chennai.
  • Study of the Effectiveness of the Comprehensive Body Mechanics Program on Low Back Pain among Staff Nurses in a Neurosurgery ICU.
  • Evaluation of Quality of life of Patients with Low Back Pain.
  • Involvement of Family Members as Part of the Care Process in a Neurosurgery ICU.

M.Sc Nursing Course Reference Books 

M.Sc Nursing books are available both online and in stores, including many titles and publishers. The M.Sc Nursing books cover all major topics as well as background information on different fields of nursing. The reference books are free to download online in PDF format and are meant to clarify concepts. Students enrolled in an M.Sc Nursing program may receive different course books based on their edition. After thorough research, the purchase of reference books is a wise investment. For M.Sc Nursing students, the following books are excellent references: 

M.Sc Nursing Books

Name of the Books


Advance Nursing Practice

Neelam Kumari

Advanced Nursing Practice

Shabeer.P.Basheer and S.Yaseen Khan

Community Health Nursing

Nelson Alphonse

Nursing Education

Eshita Chanda

Nursing Management

Manoj Yadav

Clinical Case Record of Midwifery

Pawan Kumar Sharma


R. Gupta

First Aid and Emergency Nursing

I Clement

Community of Health Nursing


Research and Statistics

Dr Hanjraw and Sukhmeen Kaur Hanjra

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