Job, Scope, Salary & Placements for Master of Philosophy [M.Phil.] (History):

Employment Opportunities for Master of Philosophy [M.Phil.] (History):

  • Associate Editor - History

  • Lecturer - History

  • Data History Analyst

  • Subject Matter Expert - History

  • Part Time Consultant - Curriculum Design (History)

  • Junior Research Fellow - History

  • Researcher

  • Archaeologist

  • Historian

Job Types for Master of Philosophy [M.Phil.] (History):

  • Market and Quality studies.

  • Social-economic studies, Demographics and opinions.

  • Planning of services

  • Organisational management

  • Design of project evaluation

  • Human Resources

  • management

  • Grant management and public agreements

  • Satisfaction: marketing, communication and publicity

  • Regional planning

Placement Opportunities for Master of Philosophy [M.Phil.] (History):

  • Sociology as a career is not only a very enticing career but also many options.

  • The career is diverse in terms of the specializations that one can choose from.

  • Once you have completed your education there will be a handful amount of opportunities. 

  • Research institutes, the criminal justice system, public health and welfare organizations, private businesses, law firms, international agencies, medical centres, educational institutions, advertising firms, survey, and polling organizations are only some of the example where people from this background are required.

  • There are options of working in other sectors with area specialists to help function.

  • People like economists, political scientists, anthropologists, psychologists and social workers also require the assistance to make the right choices in their field. 

Salary for Master of Philosophy [M.Phil.] (History):

Salary for Master of Philosophy [M.Phil.] (History)

Source: Payscale

Key Stats for Master of Philosophy [M.Phil.] (History):

Key Stats for Master of Philosophy [M.Phil.] (History)

Source: Payscale

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