M.Ed(Master of Education) Jobs, Scope, Salary in India

Duration: 2 Years
Avg Fees: ₹2.8 LPA
Ram Rakshith V
Ram Rakshith V

Updated on - Jul 19, 2023

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Jobs after the Master of Education course have a wide scope in educational firms and other academic departments. The course has an option of getting placed in the M.Ed Course placements(if it exists in his/her institution). Other than that, there are various job opportunities in both the private and government sectors. M.Ed syllabus and subjects provide a thorough understanding of the course that helps the students to get proper exposure and growth in their careers. 

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M.Ed Jobs in India

There are various M.Ed jobs available across the country upon course completion. Many universities provide their students with internship and job placement options, enabling them to begin a career as soon as they graduate. Students can continue their education if they want to improve their prospects of finding work and professional growth.

Entry-Level M.Ed Jobs for freshers

The scope for M.Ed freshers is extensive. Candidates can get various job opportunities after completing the course as freshers. The average salary for an M.Ed fresher in India is INR 2 -3 LPA

With experience and appropriate skill development, they can land good jobs in the future. The table below contains some of the M.Ed fresher jobs. 

M.Ed course Jobs Profile


School Teacher

Develops, plans, and executes educational programmes, curriculum, and lesson plans for student audiences in areas of competence.

Online Tutor 

Accountable for assisting students in learning and comprehending new subjects and completing necessary projects.

Education Consultant

provides feedback and suggestions to educators, students, and their parents.

Administrative Assistant

Responsible for a variety of administrative chores to ensure that the team can communicate and work effectively.

Junior Assistant

Responsible for carrying out administrative tasks to support corporate needs and managing operations under supervision of seniors

Government Jobs For M.Ed Aspirants

Due to the high demand, the scope of M.Ed in the government sector is increasing significantly. To get a job in the government sector, students who apply and pass the course must take an exam conducted by the government. The ME.d graduate salary in India is INR 1.3 LPA. Then, they can become teachers at the high school level or the higher secondary level.

The following list of popular government positions following a degree in M.Ed

Job Profiles



  • using shorthand when typing and taking dictation
  • Transcribes spoken words into coded language

Educational Instructor

manages class-related records, evaluates student coursework, and offers tutoring and academic counselling to students.

Assistant Manager

  • accountable for hiring new employees, and scheduling and training current employees.
  • responsible for carrying out workflow processes in accordance with instructions

Agriculture Development Officers

organises sales and acquisitions of farm equipment, seeds, agricultural products, and livestock

Studies and research to assist in the creation of long-term agricultural planning.


responsible for ensuring that library patrons have all they need to learn and explore topics of interest

Administrator Officer

serves as the primary point of contact for all workers, offering administrative assistance and managing their inquiries

Private Jobs for M.Ed Graduates

The private sector offers a variety of opportunities for graduates of the M.Ed.There exist a lot of well-established institutes in teaching in the private sector also. These institutes also recruit aspirants with M.Ed into their various teaching positions. Some of the private jobs after M.Ed is listed below:

Job Profiles


SEO/Marketing Content Writer

creating engaging, pertinent content with the relevant knowledge of SEO and Marketing techniques. 

Education Consultant

offers advice and insight to educators, students, and their parents

Field Sales Executive

travels to different areas to promote product supply to the clients they have targeted and those they already work with.

Educational Media and Technology Specialist

identify, create, and successfully integrate technology plans, tools, and programmes into the academic environment of a school.

Senior Business Analysts

offer thorough analysis services and strategy recommendations to a company's important partners and stakeholders.

Skills Required for M.Ed Jobs

There is a wide variety of job opportunities and higher education options available to graduates. In order to succeed after receiving an M.Ed., you must have both soft and hard skills.A couple of the skills are listed below:

  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Problem-Solving
  • communication skills
  • Decision-Making Skills
  • Teamwork
  • Research skills
  • Time Management 

Areas of Recruitment for M.Ed Graduates

Masters of Education graduates have a good job scope in India and can work both in the public and private sectors, depending on their interests, skills, and the type of occupation they want to choose. Both have their plus points and job benefits. Some of the professions that a ME.d graduate can take are 

  • Coaching Centers
  • Educational Departments
  • Schools /Colleges
  • Educational Consultancies
  • Home Tuition
  • Libraries /Publishing Houses
  • R&D Agencies
  • Offices

Salary Offered to M.Ed Graduates in India

Student salaries are determined by their skills, marks, and the type of job they prefer. Salary ranges between INR 25K and INR 50K in the government sector and 20K to 40K per month in the private sector. The remuneration starts from INR 15,000 onwards per month for freshers and will increase after 3 to 4 years of experience.

The average salary starts from INR 2.5 LPA and goes until INR 6 LPA. ME.d course is one in the field of specialization. So, this automatically makes them stay in a reputed sector, thus giving them enough payment. In fact, in our country, the field of education has a high scope and invites many students to work and educate the other upcoming ones.

M.Ed Salary in India

The table below shows the breakdown of M.Ed salary in India:

M.Ed Salary in India


Highest Salary

INR 6.49 LPA

Lowest Salary


Average Salary


M.Ed Salary Based on specializations

The M.Ed degree provides for specialisation in a wide range of education-based subjects. M.Ed opportunities are available in the field of speciality that candidates desire to pursue. The table below is a list of specialisations and salaries:


Average Annual Salary (INR)

Science Education

INR 4 - 5 LPA

Special Education

INR 2.5 - 4 LPA

Gender Studies

INR 2.5 - 3.5 LPA

Value Education

INR 3 - 4.5 LPA

Inclusive Education

INR 2 - 3.5 LPA

M.Ed Salary Based on Job Designations

M.Ed is a course that helps in the specialisation of Education. The salary varies depending on the industry (government or private), the type of employment, and the aspirant's skills. In India, the information on M.Ed salary is listed below:

Job Role

Average Salary


INR 6.49 LPA

Primary School Teacher

INR 5.03 LPA

High School Teacher

INR 6.46 LPA

High School Principal


Administrative Coordinator

INR 7.94 LPA

Principal / Headmaster


Physical Education Teacher

INR 7.64 LPA

Middle School Teacher


Elementary School Teacher


Graduate Teaching Assistant

INR 6.18 LPA

M.Ed Salary Based on Sectors

M.Ed. opportunities are available in both the public and private sectors. The salary of an M.Ed employee is determined by a variety of elements, including the sector's career growth, government rules, programmes, taxes, and so on. The following tables show the average M.Ed salary in India by sector:

Private Sector

After completing their M.Ed degree, candidates can pursue professional prospects with a variety of private companies. The private sector offers a variety of job titles. Some job profiles provided by major recruiters from private companies are included below, along with the average salary.

Top private Organization

Job Profiles

Salary (INR)

Ekya School

Primary School Teacher


Delhi Public School


INR 11.08 LPA

Government Sector

M.Ed programmes are becoming extremely prevalent in the government sector. The average salary after earning an M.Ed is INR 3 - 6 LPA (Source: Payscale). Some government jobs after M.Ed and accompanying salaries are given below:

Top Government Organization

Job Profiles

Salary (INR)

Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan

Primary School Teacher


Government Junior College


INR 9.84 LPA

Government of Kerala

Administrator Officer


M.Ed Placement

M.Ed placement is available at practically all colleges during or after the final semester. In partnership with several colleges, the hiring companies also plan recruitment drives that are conducted on or off campus.

The following is a list of top companies that provide placement opportunities after finishing an M.Ed degree:

College Name

Top Recruiter

Average Annual Salary 

Mumbai University

Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Capgemini, Cognizant,

INR 5 - 7.5 LPA

Amity University, UP

Amazon, Cisco, MTX, Flipkart, Airtel

INR  5 - 7 LPA

Mahatma Gandhi University

Tata Consultancy Services, Hindustan Unilever, Deloitte, S&P Global, ICICI Bank

INR 4 - 6 LPA

Punjab University

Amazon, Dabur, American Expres

INR 4 - 7 LPA

Banasthali Vidyapith University

HDFC Bank, Wipro, Bank of Baroda, Axis Bank, Decathlon

INR 4.5 - 6 LPA

Career Scope of M.Ed

The M.Ed scope in India is broad since graduates will have a wide range of job options in both the public and private sectors. The employment that graduates are offered is determined by their abilities, expertise, and specialism. There is a huge growth in demand for M.Ed graduates since many organisations seek educational services. As a result, M.Ed opportunities abound in India.

Career Options after M.Ed

Mostly it is considered a cakewalk for the graduates to get placed in an educational firm or other companies. M.Ed course provides students with an education that helps them build a rewarding and successful career path for themselves. ME.d job for students after completing Master of Education:

  • Professors - Their role is to educate the nation's aspiring youth in the related subject and deliver the greatest knowledge possible
  • Principal - The principal's responsibility is to set academic and behavioural expectations for the students. They are in charge of the curriculum, administration, and services.
  • Admission Counsellors - Their function is to advise students on the college admissions process. They assist students with college recommendations and appropriate courses for a candidate.

Courses after M.Ed

The M.Ed course has several prospects both in India and overseas. If graduates want to continue their education in the field of Education, they can pursue a Ph.D. or an advanced degree in this field. Following M.Ed, students can pursue the following courses:

Factors to be Considered Before Choosing A Job

The job path chosen by the candidates will have an impact on their future. As a result, it is critical to analyse a number of aspects, including "What is M.Ed income? What does an average M.Ed salary in India look like? "What can I accomplish with an M.Ed?" and "What is the M.Ed scope?" Consider the following variables before choosing job options:

  • Future scope
  • Salary, Entitlements, Terms & Conditions
  • Job Market Outlook
  • Company Culture and History
  • Employee Benefits

Top M.Ed Recruiters

The M.Ed is one of India's most sought-after degrees, with many big companies hiring its graduates. The following are the top recruiters in India with the highest average M.Ed salaries:

Top Recruiters

Average Annual Salary 


INR 4 - 5 LPA


INR 8 - 12 LPA


INR 6 - 7.5 LPA


INR 4 - 7 LPA


INR 2 - 4.2 LPA


INR 6 - 12 LPA


INR 5.8 - 9 LPA

M.Ed Fee Structure