MA Internationa Relations Jobs:

The Job scopes for the graduates of M.A. International Relations are very much in abundance owing to a significant increase in international relationships with India over the past few years, which has opened up numerous opportunities for the graduates of this course. Some of their job scopes include Multinational IT sector companies, the International Trade sector, public relations management, etc. The job scopes for the graduates of this course can also be further extended to analyzing socio-political scenarios and research-based study of socio-economic scenarios of India’s allies.  MA International Relations Subjects provides qualified and quality education to the candidates of this course.

Graduates are entitled to receive healthy remuneration in both the public and the private sector as the importance of foreign relations play a major role in trade and services that directly have an impact on the economic growth of the country. They are recruited by top multinational IT sector conglomerates, multinational production companies, Business analytics companies, and many government-aided law firms and ministries in a higher job role with often higher pay scales owing to their unique skill set.

M.A International Relations Jobs

Some of the popular job roles that  are offered to the graduates of this course are:

  • Goods and Services Law Consultant
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Public Relations Executive
  • Regulations Affairs Manager
  • Legal Consultant
  • International accounts executive
  • Client Manager

M.A. International Relations Private Jobs:

Some of the popular private jobs that the graduates of this course are hired in include:

  • Bayer Group of Companies
  • BASF
  • Tata Consultancy Service
  • KPMG
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Accenture Solutions
  • Amazon

M.A. International Relations Government Jobs:

Some of the popular private jobs that the graduates of this course are hired in include:

  • Ministry of External Affairs
  • Air India
  • United Nations Representative Officer 
  • Ministry of Commerce and Industry

MA in International Relations Job opportunities:

International law and legal consultancy in many MNC goods manufacturing and distributing along with corporate services are one of the key areas in the domain owing to the major role they play in clearing legal hindrances and regulating the company regularly whether all are within the laws. This is done with at most care and only graduates of this course are skillful enough to manage the role of high risk professionally. Hence, the job scopes for the graduates of this course are generally higher owing to an increase in the number of international investments and ties with India.

 Job Opportunities are available in plenty for a graduate in MA International Relations in both the public sector as well as the private sector. The Job roles offered will be of the highest level of employment owing to their knowledge and research-based experience that makes them qualified to handle job roles of higher magnitude and multiple domains

MA International Relations Salary

MA International Relations salary may vary based on the experience gained in the field and based on the skill set possessed. On average, graduates are entitled to receive INR 4L - 10 LPA in the initial stages and are subject to hikes based on the experience gained.

Source: Payscale

MA International Relations Key Stats:

Source: Payscale

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