Syllabus & Subjects offered in Bachelor of Engineering [BE] (Mechatronics Engineering):

BE Mechatronics Syllabus -

Semester I

BE Mechatronics Syllabus -

Semester II 

Engineering Mathematics I

Engineering Mathematics II

Engineering Mechanics

The strength of the materials

Basic Mechatronics Tech.

Basic electronics

Communication Skill in English

Mechanical Engineering Sciences

Engineering Chemistry

Engineering Physic

Problem Solving using Computers

Basic Workshop Practice

Environmental Studies

Engineering Physics Lab

Engineering Chemistry Lab


Problem Solving using Computer Labs


BE Mechatronics Syllabus -

Semester III

BE Mechatronics Syllabus -

Semester IV 

Engineering Mathematics III

Engineering Mathematics IV

Engineering Thermodynamics

Design of Machine Elements

Fluid Mechanics and Machines

Machine Tools and Processes

Analogue and Digital Circuits


Signals and Networks

Theory of Machines

Electronic Devices & Digital Lab

Microprocessor & Interfacing

Material Testing Lab

Microprocessor Lab


Fluid Mechanics Lab


Machine Shop

BE Mechatronics Syllabus -

Semester V

BE Mechatronics Syllabus -

Semester VI

Robotics and Vision System

MEMS & Nano Technology

Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems

Design of Mechatronics Systems


Control Systems

Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

Modelling and Simulation

Programmable Logic Control

Sensors and Signal Processing (SSP)

Electronics Manufacturing Technology

SSP – Lab





Automation Lab 

BE Mechatronics Syllabus -

Semester VII

BE Mechatronics Syllabus -

Semester VIII


Technical Seminar

Engineering Economics & Financial Management

Industrial Training/Tour

Elective I

Project Work/Practice School

Elective II


Intelligent Controllers


Power Electronics


Programmable Logic Control Lab