B.Com Information Technology (IT): Course Details, Eligibility, Fees, Admission

Duration: 3 Years
Avg Fees: ₹5K - 1 LPA
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Kripal Thapa

Updated on - Feb 19, 2023

B.Com Information Technology is a 3-year undergraduate degree course that deals with the study of computer technology, computer science and its application in the commercial domain to the graduation level, etc. The main aim of the course is to train the students both in theoretical and practical aspects related to various domains such as software development, software testing, software engineering, etc. Graduates of the B.Com Information Technology course have umpteen job opportunities in banks, IT companies, Taxation departments, and many more. Along with it, B.Com IT graduates are preferred at almost every workplace, including private and public sectors.

B.Com Information Technology Course Details

Degree Bachelors
Full Form Bachelor of Commerce in Information Technology
Duration 3 Years
Age No age restriction
Minimum Percentage 50%
Average Fees ₹5K - 1 LPA
Similar Options of Study BA (Computer Science), B.Com (Computer Science)
Average Salary INR 3.6 LPA
Employment Roles IT System Engineer, Assistant Auditor, System Analyst, Financial Information Analyst, Business Analyst, etc.

About B.Com Information Technology

Wikipedia defines Information Technology as "the use of computers to store, retrieve, data or information. IT is typically used within the context of business operations as opposed to personal or entertainment technologies. Therefore, IT is considered to be a subset of information and communications."

B.Com Information Technology's duration is three years and is divided into six semesters. The important subjects of the course are business management, Information technology, IT architecture, macroeconomics, and many more. The course has a vast job scope in almost every sector, including the private and public sectors of the organizations. The job responsibilities of the course are concerned with accounting, information technology, economics, taxation, etc. The course focuses on B.Com as the primary parent course and therefore focuses on commerce and business studies as a primary stream.

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Eligibility Criteria for B.Com Information Technology

Admission for the B.Com IT course in India requires the aspirants to complete their undergraduate degree with a minimum of 50% aggregate marks from any recognized board or university in any relevant discipline. Also, along with the essential criteria, students must have cleared the standard entrance examination with good scores from any reputed institute to get B.Com Information Technology Admission. Along with it, there is no age criteria to join for the course of B.Com Information Technology.

Admission Process for B.Com Information Technology

The Admission procedure for the B.Com Information Technology course are carried out either from the college premises or are available online. The admission process is based on merit and entrance exam scores. Therefore, aspirants applying for the course must satisfy the minimum B.Com IT eligibility criteria, which is a combination of marks scored in their schooling and entrance exam scores. Listed below are the procedures to get admission for B.Com Information Technology:

How to Apply?

B.Com IT admissions are carried out either from the college premises or are available online. The admission process relies on merit and entrance exam scores. The aspirants can apply for the course by downloading an admission form which is available online. Before entry to the program, the universities administer counseling, interviews, group discussions, and many more.

Selection Process

The selection process is carried out based on entrance exams score and marks scored in 12th/10th. After the interview, which the university officials conduct, the aspirants are allocated seats based on various B.Com Information Technology criteria fulfilled by the aspirants. The admission procedure is solely dependent on the institute or college offering admission and can make any changes regarding the exams proposed by the university or college providing admissions.

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There are plenty of entrance exams in which the students can appear for a B.Com Information Technology. Some of the top 5 entrance exams for B.Com Information Technology after the 12th are considered to get a clear idea about which entrance exams one should appear. Some of the important entrance exams for the course of B.Com Information Technology are:

Quick Glance At the B.Com Information Technology Entrance Exams

B.Com InformationTechnology eligibility criteria for the entrance exams are entirely dependent on the conducting body which hosts the exams, and hence it may vary. The entrance examinations conducted for the B.Com Information Technology course include reasoning-based and knowledge-based questions to analyze and interpret the knowledge abilities of the aspirants. The test includes:

  • A set of multiple-choice questions.
  • The conduction body conducts the exam in both English and Hindi languages, and the exam lasts for 2 hours.
  • Most of the questions in the exams are merely related to the current affairs of the business world and related to information and technologies.
  • The majority of the questions were asked from economics, accounting principles, knowledge of technologies, etc.

Top 10 B.Com information Technology Colleges in India

Top B.Com Information Technology colleges in India and abroad offer B.Com IT degree as more and more aspirants prefer the degree course. Some of the very best colleges for B.Com Information Technology in India which are very best for the graduates to pursue a career are:

  B.Com Information Technology Colleges in India


Name of the College


AJK College of Arts and Science


Attitude Business School


Bharathidasan College of Arts and Science


Dr GR Damodaran College of Science


Insoft Institute of IT and Management


Government Maharishi Valmiki College


Kaamadhenu Arts and Science College


Karim City College

Fee Structure for B.Com Information Technology

B.Com IT Fees range from 5K - 1 LPA, and it may even change depending upon the facilities and services provided at the institute.

B.Com Information Technology Fees Structure

College Name

Fees Per Annum

Jawaharlal Nehru University


Delhi College of Arts and Commerce

INR 8.5K

Kaamadhenu Arts and Science College

INR 8.1K

Karpagam Academy of Higher Education

INR 18.5K

Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar College

INR 10.8K

Syllabus and Subjects for B.Com Information Technology

The Syllabus and Subjects for the B.Com information Technology course is structured in such a way so that the aspirants get both theoretical and practical knowledge about different subjects of the course, which are essential for the aspirants to build a good career. The B.Com Information Technology course in India has various assignments, quizzes, presentations, and projects. The students are introduced to almost all major streams of Computer technology, IT, computer science and its applications, and many more.

Some of the B.Com IT subjects list are:

  • Business Management
  • Economics
  • Financial accounting
  • Information Technology
  • Management Information System
  • IT Architecture

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Why Choose B.Com Information Technology?

The answer to "why choose B.Com Information Technology?" can be explained by briefly splitting it down to the following three questions:

What Is B.Com Information Technology All About?

B.Com in Information Technology is a three-year degree course that focuses on combining business, Information, and technology. B.com Information Technology imparts design, development, implementation, and management of information systems and adapting software applications and computer hardware. The important subjects of the course are information technology, financial accounting, auditing, IT architecture, and many more. The course has a wide variety of options available in terms of topics, subjects, and job fields. After completing the course, the job scope for the course is also in very good numbers and is in diverse fields. The graduates can get opportunities in the private and public sectors immediately after completing the course.

What Does a B.Com Information Technology Graduate Do?

B.Com in Information Technology degree is known for its in-depth knowledge about finance, IT, Computer science, and other information technology fields. Some of the various functions which is been carried out by B.Com Information Technology graduates are:

Research and Development: One of the primary jobs of B.Com Information Technology graduates is in the research and development domain related to finance, IT, Computer science, and other fields of technology. The graduates will develop certain skills and etiquettes in research and development in information technology to help them grow in their profession throughout the course.

Teaching: Graduates of this B.Com Information Technology make the students exposed to deep in-depth knowledge about various computer and technology domains, which helps them pass the knowledge to the coming generations.

Reasons Why B.com Information Technology Can Fetch You a Rewarding Career

Earning potential: The earning potential for the course of B.Com Information Technology is very high. There is even a wide scope for B.Com Information Technology graduates to make good earnings in finance, IT, Computer Science, and other similar information technology domains, and that's why the career ahead for the graduates is quite rewarding for them.

Job Versatility: From higher education to real-life working profiles, the course helps the students afford versatile jobs in the professional world. Many industries and firms prefer B.Com Information Technology graduates as this course is related to finance, IT, computer science, and other various IT-related streams.

Better Career Opportunities: B.Com Information Technology course covers diverse core areas such as computer science, economics, finance, and information system, which provides better opportunities for graduates to expand their knowledge and develop strong networking skills, which will be very helpful for the graduates to pursue a wonderful career.

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Preparation Tips For B.Com Information Technology

Time Management: Effective time management is one of the best remedies that help students score better marks in exams. A timetable should be formed by the students at least a week before the exam and should follow them with the dedication to score well in exams.

Detailed Understanding Of the Exam Structure: The graduates should thoroughly understand the exam pattern and test structure of the examination while preparing for the exams to get a clear idea of the exam patterns and make a time-bound exam preparation strategy.

Make a Month-Wise Preparation Plan: The students can go through the course syllabus for the examination they are preparing for and make a timetable or daily routine after going through the syllabus.

Scope For Higher Education

B.Com Information Technology course has a lot of scopes both in India as well as abroad. Graduates willing to enhance their career knowledge in information and technology can opt for an M.Com Information Technology degree in India. Some of the higher education after B.Com Information Technology are:

Salary Of a B.Com Information Technology Graduate

B.Com Information Technology degree salary package in India ranges from INR 3.6 LPA - 5 LPA. The salary paid to the graduates may vary depending on the level of skills and experience possessed by the graduates along with the city in which the graduates are posted for work.

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Career Options After B.Com Information Technology

A million job opportunities are opened for the graduates after completing B.Com Information Technology, both in the public and private sectors. The career after the course of B.Com Information Technology is so vast, and the job offered to them will differ according to the industry the graduates work in and the knowledge possessed by the graduates.

Some of the very best career options after B.Com IT in the government sector are as follows:

  • System Officer
  • Resident Engineer
  • Assistant Manager
  • Junior system administrator
  • Lecturer

Some of the very best career options after B.Com IT in the private sector are:

  • Information Technologist
  • Database Administrator
  • Graphic Designer
  • Information Architect
  • System Designer
  • Web Designer
  • Online Editor

Skills That Make You The Best B.Com Information Technology Graduate

B.Com IT graduates must possess certain skills to help them succeed in their professional careers and help them evolve in their profession. The skill sets possessed by the graduates will help them in terms of academics and capture a well rewarding career and help them evolve as the best working professional in their job profile. Some of the necessary skills possessed by B.Com Information Technology graduates are:

  • Communication Skills
  • Time Management
  • Problem Solving
  • Research Skills
  • Creativity Skills
  • Resourcefulness
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