B.com accountancy is an undergraduate course which is of 3 years and divided into 6 semesters. Under this course, a wide range of managerial skills are provided and enables the students to understand the various subjects like accounting, taxation, finance, economics, etc. Accountancy is the most important specialisation in B.Com.

Accountancy is the skill which can be used in expressing financial and business information. Accounting is the way through which a company can keep track of it's earning and expenses.

B.Com Accountancy Course Fees in India:

Students who want to pursue their B.Com accountancy course should be aware of the fees structure of this course in India. The course fees will vary from one university/college to another. The average course fees for B.Com accountancy in India is approximately INR 30,000 per annum.

B.Com Accountancy Salary in India:

Every student aims at getting placed in a reputed company after his graduation. B.Com accountancy is one of the programs which would help one to reach his dream, as it provides ample career opportunities to the newly graduated students. The average course salary offered to a newly B.Com accountancy graduate will be approximately INR 4,78,000 per annum. The initial salary would depend on, which college one has graduated from, how much knowledge he has gained, what are the skills he has acquired and many more.

B.Com Accountancy Jobs:

After pursuing the B.Com Accountancy course there is a lot of great opportunities for the newly graduated students as the scope is good in terms of growth in the financial sector. Freshers can select their industry where they will like to work, for example, Companies, Corporate industry, Banking sector, Government sector.

B.Com Accountancy Jobs for Freshers:

There is a lot of great opportunities for the freshers after their graduation, various jobs for B.Com accountancy graduates are:

Jobs for Freshers
Sl.No Jobs
1 Finance Manager
2 Teacher
3 Independent Worker
4 Financial Advisor
5 Financial Controller
6 Clerks


B.Com Accountancy Government and Private Jobs:

The government and private sector recruit freshers after their graduation in B.Com Accountancy. Few related jobs are-

Government Jobs
Sl.No Jobs
Assistant Professor
Fundraising Executive
Relationship Manager
Associate Manager
5 Accountant


Private Jobs
Sl.No Jobs
Compensation Manager
Manager of Employee Relations
3 Organisational Consultant
4 Assistant Accountant
5 Training and Relations Manager
Placement Manager


B.Com Accountancy Jobs Abroad:

Getting a job in other countries and working there will give you a great experience in work-life and also in real life. There is a huge opportunity in growth and making money in other countries.

Below is the tabulation of few job roles for fresher who want to work in other countries after post-graduation in MBA HRM:

Jobs Abroad
Sl.No Country Job Role
1 Canada Accountant
2 Qatar Financial Advisor
3 U.K Financial Controller
4 USA Finance Manager
5 Dubai Accountant


Salary packages offered by the Top Companies in India for B.Com Accountancy:

Compared to small companies MNC's would pay a relatively high salary along with some more benefits to the employees. Salaries offered by few top companies:

Source: Payscale

Average Salary based on Job Position for B.Com Accountancy:

There is a huge demand for a few roles in the Corporate sector and the company are willing to pay a huge salary for the deserved employee. Here is  the stat showing salary paid to different roles:

Sl.No. Job Position
Average Salary Offered
1 Accountant INR 2,31,000
2 Finance Manager INR 10,00,000
3 Operation Manager INR 6,98,000
4 Account Executive INR 2,38,000
5 Account Assistant INR 1,84,000
6 Senior Accountant INR 3,71,000
7 Financial Analyst INR 3,98,000

Source: Payscale

Key Stats for B.Com Accountancy:

Key stat showing the details of the job salary according to gender, and based on their experiences:

Source: Payscale

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