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UNICUS Olympiad 2024 - Exam Dates, Registration, Eligibility

Unicus Olympiads is started by a group of alumni from IIT Delhi, Stanford University, University of Chicago and Oxford University, and a few other distinguished professionals. Unicus Olympiad is India's first Summer Olympiad, focusing on students' conceptual understanding of previous classes where assessments occur during Summers (May/July 2024) when the school curriculum is complete.

Unicus Olympiad Foundation conducts exams in Mathematics, Science, English, and General Knowledge. Schools must regularly do qualitative and quantitative assessments at the international level to build up students' questioning skills.

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Unicus Olympiad 2024 Highlights

Unicus Olympiads was established by distinguished personalities who share a common interest in education. The name Unicus is a Latin word for "Unique." Unicus Olympiads aim to increase students' questioning curiosity and make them stand out in the stiff crowd. Unicus Olympiads, while trying to avoid unnecessary pressure on the student, enhances the student's competitive spirit and fosters their foundation, making them future-ready.

Nowadays, most of the olympiad exams are commencing from October to December, which is still halfway to the end of the curriculum. To make it more effective for students, the Unicus Olympiad comes up with summer olympiad exams where students can take their assessments once the academic portions are entirely taught.

Unicus Olympiad believes that the skills offered below are necessary for the bright future of any student.

  • Students should learn about their previous concepts.
  • Students are supposed to dig deeper into what and why they are studying.
  • Students should get a proper understanding and be prepared for future examinations.
  • Learning should enhance their practical approach to solving problems.

Here are the highlights of the Unicus Olympiad exams.



Name of Organization

UNICUS Olympiad

Organized by

Alumni of IIT Delhi, Stanford University, University of Chicago, and Oxford University

Olympiad Frequency



Classes 1 to 11

Unicus Olympiad Subjects

Mathematics, Science, English, GK, and Computer

Mode of Exam

  • Pen and Paper (Offline-Only for Registrations Through Schools)
  • Online

Unicus Olympiad Levels


Negative Marking


Unicus Olympiad 2024 Exams

Unicus Olympiads encourages students to learn basic concepts so that they can answer all the questions. Unicus Olympiad Exams is an international competitive exam conducted online and offline for students in classes 1 to 11.

Unicus Olympiad exams are single-level exams conducted on two different dates where the school can decide their time of participation in case of school registration. Whereas for students appearing as individual participants, they can determine their date of exam. Here we have listed the Unicus Olympiad exam dates.

The exams will be multiple-choice questions that are to be completed in under 60 minutes. The Unicus Olympiad syllabus for classes 3 to 11 will cover the topics of the previous two classes passed by the student. For example, for class 3, questions will be from the curriculum of class 2 and class 1.

The exam consists of two sections given below.

Classic Section: This section summarises all the previous class questions related to practical applications of mathematics.

Scholar Section: The section includes high-order thinking skills (HOTS) questions.

The list of all Olympiad Exams conducted by Unicus Olympiad is listed below.

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Unicus Non-Routine Mathematics Olympiad

The Unicus Non-Routine Mathematics Olympiad (UNRMO) is an international competitive exam held online for students in classes 3-10 (the year 2024).  UNMRO is the only exam conducted by UNICUS Olympiad which is conducted at 2 levels.

Level 1: This level is free of cost for every student. This exam is simpler than NMTC – National Mathematics Talent Contest.

Level 2: Around 15% of students will qualify for Level 2 and they will be eligible for merit certificates, medals and trophies. The fees for Level 2 are Rs. 300 for students residing and studying in India while $20 (INR 1400) for students residing and studying outside India. This exam is similar to NMTC.

UNRMO follows a similar syllabus and question pattern to other Non-Routine Mathematics exams like NMTC, PRMO, etc. It will have 20 questions for students. The syllabus will be the same for Classes 3-4, 5-6, 7-8 and 9-10. The medium of the exam is English.

Unicus Olympiad 2024 Exam Modes

Unicus Olympiad exams focus on student's practical application of concepts and are the summer Olympiad Exams. Unicus Olympiad exams are conducted in both online and offline modes.

Online Mode

Exams will be conducted online. The students will have to take the exams from their residence or any other place where they can access computers with functional internet connectivity and the latest version of the browser (preferably google chrome).

If schools have subscribed for an online exam mode, they may conduct the exams in their computer labs.

Offline Mode: Exams will be conducted in schools only in pen/paper mode.

Unicus Olympiad 2024 Eligibility Criteria

From the academic year 2024-25, students of classes 1 to 11 can apply for all subjects conducted by the Unicus Olympiads except UNRMO. A few highlights of the Unicus Olympiad exam are as follows,

  • For class 1, the Unicus exam will be assisted by the parent or teacher.
  • Students must be studying in the recognized schools in India, which are affiliated with the standard education boards of India.

Unicus Olympiads 2024 Registration

The application form for Unicus Olympiads is available on the official website. Students can fill out the application form online or through the school coordinator and submit it accordingly along with the appropriate amount.

The school has to register itself using the school registration form available on the official website and then fill the interested students' names in the student registration form (prospectus) mailed to the respective schools. The coordinator should send the registration prospectus through the post (offline) or email (online) to Unicus Olympiad.

Payment for Unicus Olympiad registration should be deposited to the company's official bank account.

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Unicus Olympiad 2024 Key Features

For every Unicus Olympiad Exam, a minimum count of 50 students from a participating school must register. Other key features of Olympiad Exams are listed below.

  • The participating school will become an exam centre for the Unicus Olympiad Exam.
  • The school registration is free of cost, whereas the participating students must pay registration fees.
  • Unicus Olympiad Exams have two dates for Olympiad Exams and answer key release. The decision can be made by participating in school regarding the date of the exams.
  • The Unicus Olympiad exam dates are the same for all the classes, with unique question papers for each student.
  • The Unicus Olympiad exam papers are based on the syllabus prescribed by CBSE, ICSE, and the state education board.
    • Classes 2 to 11 are eligible for the Unicus Olympiad Exams.

Unicus Olympiad 2024 Importance

Unicus Olympiad exams are newly introduced in the country that enhances the questioning curiosity among the student community to meet the international level. Though they are new qualitative and quantitative sample exams introduced by them, they show their unique techniques.

  • Most importantly, Unicus is the first Olympiad based on previous years of conceptual understanding.
  • Unicus Olympiad offers students access to view & challenge each question and answer.
  • They encourage both school and individual participation. In the case of own participation, online exams will be proctored using a webcam.
  • Unicus Olympiad offers students one mock test to practise before the final exam. The mock test can be attempted three times.
  • Unicus Olympiads are one-level exams.
  • Unicus exams have no negative markings.
  • Unicus Olympiad subjects are selected to assess the development of the student. Also, the exam of each subject has questions from its defined syllabus only.

Unicus Olympiad 2024 Awards

Top scoring students are eligible for Unicus Olympiad awards like medals and certificates based on their state or country rank. Few Unicus Olympiad award features are listed below.

  • Every student participating in the Unicus Olympiad is awarded a digital participation certificate.
  • Toppers of each registered school are awarded scholars trophies and merit certificates.
  • The top 3 students who registered through their school are awarded gold, silver, bronze medals, and a merit certificate.

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