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NOF Olympiad 2023 - Exam Dates, Exams List, Syllabus, Benefits

The full form of NOF is the National Olympiad Foundation. The NOF Olympiad encourages academic talent and social entrepreneurship. It helps talented students to come out from the walls of the classroom. The resources of the NOF exam are utilized for children. NOF is headquartered in Indore. It brings students from all around the world under one common platform.

Get to know the detailed information on NOF, the NOF exam dates, and other important details conducted by the National Olympiad Foundation.

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What is NOF 2023?

NOF has created a unique platform by differentiating students based on perception, age, and subject. NOF has its special features, e.g., NOF introduces Olympiad in subjects like Commerce, GK, and Biology.

NOF is an organization that conducts exams across the country. An elite body of academicians of national and international stature frame all the questions for the exam. Additionally, the research and development team of NOF involves people belonging to the topmost institutes worldwide. The development team keeps an eye on the latest developments on the subject matters to ensure that the examination's quality and competency can be maintained as per International standards.

About NOF 2023 Exam

The papers are framed so that they are compatible with the students of all the boards, e.g., ICSC, CBSE, IB, different state boards, etc. Given below are some important details related to the NOF exam:

  • Examination type: NOF exam paper contains objective-type questions that need to be submitted in the OMR sheet. Phase 1 examination has no negative marking.
  • Question paper: There are 30 multiple choice questions, and the time duration is 45 mins.
  • Level: The exam is divided into two levels, i.e., phase 1 and phase 2.
  • Venue: The examination for both levels will be conducted in respective schools.
  • Results: Results are yet to be declared on the official website.
  • NOF also gives an inventive learning book for preparation.

NOF has both school registration and individual registration. Post-registration, the time slots of the NOF Olympiad exam will be informed to the students. The exam will be conducted online between October to December for students of classes 1 to 5 (Junior Olympiads) and classes 6 to 12 (Qualifier Olympiads).

NOF 2023 Exam Dates

NOF Olympiad Exams will be conducted online mode. Students can use any device of their choice(Laptop/PC/Tablet/Mobile) while appearing from their homes. The time slot of the NOF exam will be given 15 days before the exam date through SMS, WhatsApp, and email to the registered email id or mobile number.

Given below are the important dates in tabulated form for the different exams conducted by National Olympiad Foundation.

Find below the online exam dates for NOF Junior Olympiad exams for classes 1 to 5.

NOF Junior Olympiad Exams
Olympiads Exam Date
NOF International GK Olympiad  Oct 6, 2023
NOF International French Olympiad Sep 22, 2023
NOF International Hindi Olympiad Oct 13, 2023
NOF International English Olympiad Oct 20, 2023
NOF International Science Olympiad Oct 27, 2023
NOF International Math Olympiad Nov 3, 2023

NOF 2023 Exam List

National Olympiad Foundation (NOF) conducts international Olympiads in more than ten countries based on 9 subjects. The exam is conducted for classes 1 to 12. There are 30 questions of different difficulty levels, and participants need to solve these within 45 minutes.

Following is the list of all Olympiad Exams conducted by NOF.

  • International Science Qualifier (ISQ)

NOF organizes Science Olympiad as an International Science Qualifier around the world for classes 1 to 12. It includes topics from the human body, life processes, mathematical reasoning, etc., and the difficulty level varies as per class.

  • International Math Qualifier (IMQ)

NOF organizes Math Olympiad as an International Math Qualifier around the world for classes 1 to 12. It includes geometry, measurement, applied mathematics, and difficulty level as per classes.

  • International English Qualifier (IEQ)

NOF organizes the English Olympiad as an International Science Qualifier around the world for classes 1 to 12. It includes reading comprehension and checks the writing skills of students.

  • International GK Qualifier (IGQ)

NOF organizes the GK Olympiad as an International GK Qualifier around the world for classes 1 to 12. It includes topics like sports, books and authors, abbreviations, etc.

  • International Commerce Qualifier (ICQ)

NOF organizes the Commerce Olympiad as an International GK Qualifier around the world for classes 11 and 12. It includes topics from economics, accounts, business studies, etc.

  • International Biology Qualifier (IBQ)

NOF organizes the Biology Olympiad as an International Biology Qualifier around the world for classes 11 & 12. It includes topics from cell biology, animal anatomy, physiology, etc.

  • International French Qualifier (IFQ)

NOF organizes the French Olympiad as a French International Qualifier around the world for classes 6 to 10. It includes topics like facts, geography, festivals, food, etc., of France.

  • International Hindi Qualifier (IHQ)

NOF organizes the Hindi Olympiad as an International Hindi Qualifier around the world for classes 1 to 10. It includes Hindi grammar topics like synonyms, antonyms, etc.

  • International Aptitude Qualifier (IAQ)

NOF organizes Aptitude Olympiad as an International Aptitude Qualifier around the world for classes 1 to 12. It includes topics like applied mathematics, mathematical reasoning, graphical representation of data, etc. The difficulty level varies as per class.

NOF 2023 Registration

NOF 2023 registration process is open till October 2023. In view of the covid situation, the NOF registration timeline has been extended till December 2023 (based on the exam they are applying for). Students registered for online exams have their exams scheduled between September 2023 and January 2024.

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NOF 2023 Syllabus

The NOF syllabus would be the same as instructed by the ICSE, CBSE, IB, Cambridge, or different state boards. Students are advised to go through the respective class syllabus.

NOF covers all subjects included in the school curriculum. The NOF syllabus for students appearing in the NOF Junior Olympiad has subjects like English, Maths, and EVS. Students from classes 6 to 12 have topics to study from Maths, Science, English, Commerce, etc., depending upon the Olympiad they undertake.

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NOF 2023 Features

National Olympiad Foundation exams have distinct features. Some of the exclusive features for all the NOF exams are mentioned below.

  • "Dr. R.D.Sharma." India's most famous author creates the Maths paper.
  • "Prof. Siddiqui." frames the commerce paper.
  • Schools are given the flexibility to decide their dates for the examination from the given dates.
  • Additionally, when a student participates in NOF exams, some part of the fee goes towards the food, uniform, and education for underprivileged children.
  • NOF is currently providing for thousands of such children in need. NOF students and schools who participate will be a part of a noble cause.

NOF 2023 Benefits

NOF exam is all about bringing the academic talent of children to the forefront. This Olympiad will help in the long run as it strengthens the concepts of students. Some of the benefits of appearing in the NOF olympiad are given below:

  • It develops analytical and problem-solving skills in the children. It introduces students to the concept of brainstorming.
  • The NOF exam will help improve academic performance as they will study topics that are already included in the school curriculum. Thus scoring marks would be easy.
  • The NOF exam will develop an interest in students to studying various subjects. It would help students to understand their area of interest.
  • The Olympiad will provide exposure to students and prepare them for other competitive exams as well.

NOF 2023 Awards

NOF is a strong torch bearer of individual talent. It believes that every student has some credits in their personality and participation is more important than winning the competition. Therefore participation needs to be acknowledged, and hence every student earns a participation certificate.

NOF awards, trophies, and merit certificates are given to winners of each zone and class. Moreover, all schools' best mentors will get an educator of the year award, and class toppers will get an excellence award.

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Artificial Intelligence Based Students Report

The National Olympiad has many distinct features that separate it from other organizations. Artificial Intelligence-based students report is one such feature. Here is a snap of what the report of the participants will look like.

Given below are the question-wise student's performance and analysis reports. The report gives an insight into the entire question paper, and the difficulty level asked for each topic.

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