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SilverZone Olympiad 2023

The SilverZone Olympiad is conducted by a non-governmental organization under the Delhi Government every year. It is conducted at SilverZone Olympiad 2023 National Level and international levels. TheSilverZone Olympiad administers students from grades 1-12 based on their creativity. Over 1.8 million students have appeared in the SilverZone Olympiad 2023

The main objective of the SilverZone Olympiad is to promote SilverZone Olympiad Science, Mathematics, Computer Education, General Knowledge, and English language skills.  It encourages students to think outside the four walls of the classroom. It provides ample opportunity for the students to SilverZone Olympiad Online Test their skills, sharpen them accordingly based on SilverZone Olympiad exam syllabus, and provide knowledge of international standards.

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About SilverZone Foundation

The SilverZone Olympiad is conducted to test the complete understanding of the students over various topics. The foundation believes that the olympiad exams must help to motivate students to think beyond their curriculum books. This way, the students can improve their academic performance more practically. 

The SilverZone Olympiad 2023 ranking is divided into SilverZone Olympiad international level, national, and zonal ranks. Note that the winners of each division will be awarded merits and recognition in the form of certificates, medals, trophies, and SilverZone Olympiad prizes

Some of the SilverZone Olympiad highlights are given below.



Name of Organization

SilverZone Foundation

Popularly Known As

SilverZone Olympiad 



Mode of Reference


Mode of Examination

OMR or Computer Based Test

Frequency of Conduction


SilverZone Olympiad Exam Duration

1 Hour


English and French

SilverZone Olympiad Helpline Number/ Contact Number

+91 8448992604

SilverZone Olympiad Email Address

SilverZone Olympiad 2023 Objective

The primary goal of the SilverZone Foundation is to release the true potential of the students and prepare them for a bright and enterprising future. SilverZone Olympiad organization achieves its goal by organizing and conducting International Olympiads every year.

SilverZone Olympiad 2023 Exams

Every year, at different times the SilverZone Foundation holds ten primary SilverZone Olympiads at the national and international levels. By participating in the SilverZone Olympiad exams the students can showcase their abilities and win various certificates, medals, trophies, and prizes.

Here are the details for all the SilverZone Olympiad 2023 exams:

The IIO 2023 examination will be based on computer science. It provides ample opportunity for the students to participate in SilverZone Olympiad online test. This way, students get to test their skills and sharpen them based on SilverZone Olympiad exam syllabus.

IOM conducted by the SilverZone Olympiad foundation assesses the student's expertise and capability in mathematics at the national and international levels.

IOS examination assesses the capability and expertise in science. The exam is held annually at the national and international levels, based on the SilverZone Olympiad syllabus prescribed by CBSE/ICSE and the SilverZone Olympiad State Level boards according to the SilverZone Olympiad Exam Format.

SilverZone Olympiad, IOEL, was conducted to enhance the student's English language skills under two levels. Students who qualify for the level exams are qualified for SilverZone English Olympiad level 2 exams.

IFLO is a SilverZone international olympiad that aims to make French learning an exciting and interactive process in which learners can put their skills, memory, talent, and knowledge to the test.

ABHO helps to evaluate the student's interest in Hindi. ABHO encourages students by competing at the national level Hindi language to develop their language learning skills.

SKGKO conducted by SilverZone Olympiad is a test of general knowledge based on subjects like history, geography, general science, current affairs, and sports.

SilverZone International Talent Hunt Olympiad, ITHO, is an examination based on three subjects, i.e., science, mathematics, and mental ability.

ISSO conducted by the SilverZone Foundation tests students' knowledge and expertise in history, geography, and civics.

IRAO is conducted for students from class 3 to class 10 with SilverZone Olympiad Study Plan. IRAO analyzes the reasoning and mental ability of the individual student.

SilverZone Olympiad 2023 Exam Dates

The SilverZone Olympiad is conducted based on different subjects to cover every interest of students thoroughly. Further, the authorities release the SilverZone Olympiad dates of all the exams to be held at SilverZone Olympiad exam centers annually on its official website.

SilverZone Olympiad Exam Dates for offline mode are given below. The SilverZone Olympiad exam pattern has remained consistent and the last date to apply for SilverZone Olympiad Registration is Aug 31, 2023


SilverZone Exam

Exam Dates

SilverZone Olympiad Registration Date (Registration Deadline)


International Informatics Olympiad

  • Oct 31, 2023 (Tuesday)  - 1st Exam Date
  • Nov 30, 2023 (Thursday) - 2nd Exam Date
  • Aug 31, 2023


Smart Kid G.K. Olympiad

  • Nov 1, 2023 (Wednesday) - 1st Exam Date
  • Dec 1, 2023 (Friday) - 2nd Exam Date


International Olympiad of English Language

  • Nov 8, 2023 (Wednesday) - 1st Exam Date
  • Dec 12, 2023 (Tuesday)- 2nd Exam Date 


International Olympiad of Science

  • Nov 11, 2023 (Tuesday) - 1st Exam Date
  • Dec 15, 2023 (Friday) - 2nd Exam Date 


International Olympiad of Mathematics

  • Nov 23, 2023 (Thursday)- 1st Exam Date
  • Dec 20, 2023 (Wednesday)- 2nd Exam Date 

Akhil Bhartiya Hindi Olympiad

  • Nov 2, 2023 (Thursday)- 1st Exam Date
  • Dec 7, 2023 (Thursday) - 2nd Exam Date 


International Social Studies Olympiad

  • Nov 3, 2023 (Friday) - 1st Exam Date
  • Dec 21, 2023 (Thursday) - 2nd Exam Date 


International Reasoning & Aptitude Olympiad

  • Nov 24, 2023 (Friday) - 1st Exam Date
  • Dec 22, 2023 (Friday) - 2nd Exam Date 

SilverZone Foundation App

SilverZone Olympiad Foundation created an app to provide information and the latest updates directly to students and teachers. For convenience, the SilverZone authorities have created two separate applications for students and teachers that can be downloaded from both the Play Store and Apple Store.

SilverZone Mentor (Application for Students)

SilverZone Olympiad Mentor application is specially created for students to give them a better platform for their preparation. This app will help students to prepare for IOEL (English), IOS (Science), IIO (Informatics/Computer), and IOM (Mathematics) more practically and interactively. It will allow participants to give the SilverZone Olympiad Online Test Series anytime, anywhere with instant reports and analysis.

SilverZone Teachers (Application for Teachers)

SilverZone Olympiad teachers' app helps to connect SilverZone ERP software and SilverZone Olympiad School Level principals, teachers, and coordinators. This app provides real-time information about all the exams of SilverZone directly to the school. Registered schools can also order SilverZone Olympiad Books for themselves from this app.

SilverZone Olympiad 2023 Eligibility Criteria

Students who follow SilverZone Olympiad Study Material and studying in any of the recognized education boards in India can participate in the SilverZone Olympiad 2023 as long as the below-given SilverZone Olympiad Exam Eligibility are met.

  • All the students of SilverZone Olympiad class 1 and 2 to class 12 are eligible to take part in the Level 1 exam only.
  • From each class, the top 500 Olympiad rank holders are eligible for Level 2
  • SilverZone Olympiad Topper of each school scoring a minimum of 75% marks in Level 1 will also be eligible for Level 2.
  • 1st rank holders of Olympiad from classes 6th to 12th from level 2 will be eligible for the level 3 examination.

The authorities identify the performances based on two/three levels of SilverZone Olympiad Online Exam. Further, the Students who qualify for the level 1 exam are eligible to apply for the SilverZone Olympiad 2023 level 2 exams. Furthermore, the students who score the first rank in level 2 exams are eligible for the SilverZone level 3 exam as long as the SilverZone Olympiad Exam Fees is paid in due time.

SilverZone Olympiad 2023 Registration

The SilverZone Olympiad is conducted every year to identify talented students all over the country. The students of classes 1 to 12 can apply for the exams through the school SilverZone Olympiad registration process. However, it is important for them to first get the parent consent form signed by their parents and submit it to the school coordinator along with the appropriate amount.

After that, the prospectus containing the participation forms of various SilverZone Olympiad 2023 is sent to all the schools registered with the SilverZone Foundation, which has been incorporated through updates later on the SilverZone Olympiad Official Website. Students are advised to practice the SilverZone Olympiad Mock Test and SilverZone Olympiad Sample Questions for a better result.

Note: The schools that are not registered with the SilverZone Olympiad may also request a prospectus by sending an e-mail to [email protected] or by contacting the Foundation at +91 8448992604.. 

Instructions to Fill the SilverZone Registration Form

Students must refer to the instructions given below to fill out the SilverZone Olympiad online registration form.

  • Students must use capital letters to fill up the registration form.
  • School Code is a 5-digit unique code assigned for the school by the Foundation. Students may find it posted on the Information Brochure sent with this School Registration Form. If not found the column should be left blank and the code will be intimated through email/phone/SMS.
  • Fill complete School Name to appear in the SilverZone Olympiad 2023, as it will appear on each certificate and will be used in all future communications.

SilverZone Olympiad Registration 2023 Fees

SilverZone Olympiad Registration Fee has been categorized as below for Schools of India and Schools outside of India. 

SilverZone Olympiad 2023 Registration for Schools in India

The authorities send across the Olympiad question papers to the schools that conduct the test themselves. The schools collect the participation fee for Silver Olympiad 2023 based on the information given below;

  • Students must pay a participation fee of Rs. 125/-.
  • The Reasoning Aptitude Fee is Rs. 175/-
  • The Stem Olympiad Fee is Rs. 275/-

SilverZone Olympiad 2023 Registration for Schools Outside India

The SilverZone officials send the Olympiad question papers to different schools outside India that conduct the test on their own account. These schools collect the participation fee for Silver Olympiad 2023 based on the information given below;

  • Students must pay a participation fee of USD8.
  • The Stem Olympiad Fee USD20.

Note: The schools may collect an additional fee of Rs. 25/USD2 in its own account. This money is used towards the remuneration for teachers and for other miscelaneous expenses.

SilverZone Olympiad 2023 Registration Payment Methods

The SilverZone Foundation sends the brochure containing information about the registration forms to all registered schools. Once the application forms are issued, students and the concerned staff are required to submit the fees. 

Note that the schools can pay the SilverZone Olympiad 2023 registration fees through Online Payment mode or Offline. In case the school is paying the fees online the payment has to be done to the following bank account.



Account Name

Silverzone Foundation

Account Number


Bank Name



Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi

Swift Code




Note: SilverZone Olympiad registration last date for payment and amount with school details must be intimated through SMS or WhatsApp or SMS at +91 8448992604. Whereas for offline mode, fee payment Demand Draft or Cheque is to be taken in favor of SilverZone Olympiad 2023, payable at New Delhi.

Benefits of SilverZone Olympiad 2023

Apart from benefitting the students by broadening their curriculum from the four walls of the classroom, SilverZone Olympiad 2023 offers many other perks. Here are the benefits of participating in the SilverZone Olympiad Exams given below;

  • SilverZone exam toppers from classes 6-12 of the SilverZone Olympiad will be taken on an educational excursion abroad.
  • Schools from over 14 countries conduct the SilverZone Olympiad 2023 in their esteemed schools regularly.
  • Over 9000 schools from India and abroad are registered with SilverZone and aim to conduct SilverZone Olympiad 2023 exams in their respective schools.
  • SilverZone creates an international platform to prove skills, proficiency, and competency in various fields and subjects.

SilverZone Olympiad 2023 Preparation

The students should have their basics strong, therefore going through NCERT books and reference books can be a good idea for more effective SilverZone Olympiad preparation. The SilverZone Olympiad 2023 provides the SilverZone Olympiad previous year papers and SilverZone Olympiad Sample Papers, to familiarize the students with the SilverZone exams.

Students must assess the pattern of the real examination paper, SilverZone Olympiad Practice Papers, and prepare to crack the top ranks. The Previous Year Question Papers are available in PDF format for instant download on the official website. Further, students can download each paper @Rs 100/-. It is also significant to go through the SilverZone Olympiad Question Bank.

Preparation Tips For SilverZone Olympiad Exam

Here are a few preparation tips to ace the SilverZone Olympiad 2023 exams.

  • Make notes while reading SilverZone Olympiad 2023 preparation material.
  • Understand the exam structure and pattern.
  • Keep track of the previous year SilverZone Olympiad Cut-off Marks
  • After preparation, start with chapter-wise tests followed by unit-wise tests.
  • Practice the previous year's IOQM Olympiad sample questions to be closer to SilverZone Olympiad Scholarship

SilverZone Olympiad 2023 Awards

Students with good SilverZone Olympiad results would be awarded based on their SilverZone Olympiad rankings. The awards include medals, and appreciation that are offered to the winners of various exams conducted by the foundation.

The Students will be awarded based on different categories as given below;

  • Those who achieve Category-A will be awarded with a certificate of excellence. Along with that, they will receive a cash prize of Rs. 10,000 or a momento.
  • Students under Category-B will receive a certificate of excellence with Rs. 10,000 cash prize or momento.
  • The Category-C students will be awarded with a certificate of excellence. With that, they will get a Rs. 5000 cash prize or momento.

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