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International Assessments for Indian Schools 2023

International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) is an internationally conducted examination customized for students of primary and secondary school. The exam is overseen by Educational Assessments Australia (EEA), a part of UNSW Global. The University of New South Wales (UNSW), one of Australia’s leading research and teaching universities owns UNSW Global and is responsible for the development of ICAS. ICAS administers these exams in over 20 countries across the world.

ICAS Olympiad- IAIS Subjects, Exam Dates


IAIS Olympiad 2023

ICAS was better known as International Assessments for Indian School (IAIS) in India. It has a partnership between Macmillan Education and EEA. Started in 2004, it has helped gauge the abilities of students in four major subjects. They are:

Where most olympiads are competitive exams which pit students against each other in a battle of the brains, IAIS is an assessment test, a test of understanding at the concept level which helps teachers and parents gauge the child’s learning outcomes.

With the help of diagnostic reports derived from their tests, IAIS provided teachers with an independent evaluation of students' knowledge and understanding in core learning areas.

IAIS also uses analytics to develop remedial programs tailor-made for the student depending on their diagnostic report.

IAIS caters to pupils from classes II to XII for English, Science, and Mathematics and from classes III to X for Digital Technologies.

IAIS also provided certificates and awards ranging from high distinction certificates for the top one percent to participation certificate to all students.

IAIS Exam Format

IAIS comprises two types of questions. They are,

  • Multiple-choice questions where students have to choose the correct answer from the choices given and

  • Free-response questions for which students have to fill the corresponding answer in the boxes provided.

They arrange questions with increasing order of difficulty with one mark per question and no negative marks for incorrect answers.

IAIS Olympiad Dates

For schools in India, exams are divided into two dates with two exams conducted on a day.  

  • Science & Mathematics
  • English & Digital Technologies

The actual dates will be updated from the Macmillan Education official website. Since the IAIS Olympiad is canceled for the year 2023, it's been kept on hold by the management. Any information on the exam getting conducted once released by the management will be updated here.

International Assessments for Indian School Fees

The cost of IAIS Exams depends on the number of subject exams you are writing along with it. The following table gives details about price changes depending on the number of exams you are attempting.

International Assessments for Indian School Fees

No. of Subjects attempted in IAIS










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