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Technothlon 2022 - Exam Dates, Eligibility, Application Form

Technothlon is a competition conducted for school students internationally by the student body of IIT Guwahati. Technothlon was started with a group of students in a small room in 2004 to inspire young minds. The competition started with students in the city of Guwahati. Later, it expanded to more than 450 cities in the past 16 years with various centers abroad.

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 What is Technothlon Exam?

Technothlon is a logical assessment test conducted by the student fraternity of IIT Guwahati to test students on their basic logical, puzzle-solving, and decision-making skills. Generally, Technothlon is conducted in teams, but for 2022, students can participate only as individual contestants. Through Technothlon students can participate series of events and contests where their mental aptitude and logic are tested. The competition was designed to build fundamental skills & knowledge and teach the students to think outside the box for solutions.

Students are divided into two groups depending on the class. The groups are,

  • Junior squad- This squad includes students of classes 9th and 10th.
  • Haut's squad- This squad includes students of classes 11th and 12th.

Name of the Exam


Organized by

Student Fraternity of IIT Guwahati

Introduced Year



Classes 9 to 12

No.of Rounds


Technothlon Prelims Exam Date

31st July 2022

Technothlon Mains Exam Date

1st to 4th September 2022

Technothlon Aim

Inspire Young Minds

Mode of Exam


Mode of Registration

Online/ Offline

Registration Fee


Technothlon 2022 Levels

Technothlon Olympiad is held in two stages, with one stage being the prelims and the other phase being the mains. In both stages, students can participate only under their respective squads, i.e., Junior or Senior Squad.

Technothlon 2022 Exam will be conducted in two rounds prelims and mains.

Prelim is a written exam that is conducted all over India in multiple schools in August. For 2022, the prelims are conducted only in Online mode.

Mains is a competition where 50 ranked participants from each squad are invited to participate in different events conducted in "Technique," the annual techno-management festival of IIT Guwahati.

Technothlon Prelims

Prelims are written exam which does not involve any subjects that students study in their class curriculum. Technothlon 2022 exam is solely based on general knowledge, aptitude skills, and analytical ability. The Technothlon exam is 2 hours 30 minutes long, with the question paper divided into various sections like maths, code crunchers, and puzzles.

The prelims exam is conducted in online mode for 2022, where students can participate in the comfort of their homes. Technothlon not only checks the intellect but also tests their logical and puzzle-solving skills.

Technothlon Mains

Students selected for mains will be invited to visit IIT Guwahati during "Technique," the techno-management festival of IIT Guwahati. Mains is an exam where students are graded based on their performance in multiple events specially designed for Technothlon every year.

Features of Technothlon Mains include,

  • The events are designed to test analytical and out-of-the-box thinking skills. It is a competition and a learning platform where students get to learn several new things.
  • It is a fun event comprising challenging questions reflecting the series of practical application-based events.
  • The student who performs the best in all these events will be crowned the winner in each squad.
  • Students can also attend workshops, lectures by prominent authorities, and the premises, accompanied by top celebrities in India.

Technothlon 2022 Registration

Registration for Technothlon can be done online from the official website of Technothlon or offline through the help of the Head/ City representative. For Technothlon 2022 registration, students can go to the register tab of the official website and register themselves by uploading the required details like name, email, contact, and eligible squad.

Note: For 2022, Technothlon has announced no-fee registration. Students can register for free.

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Technothlon 2022 Eligibility Criteria

Technothlon conducts the championship exam in two groups Junior squad and Haut's squad, and to be eligible for the championship exam, students must be studying in any of the recognized education boards in India.

Students must satisfy the following eligibility criteria to appear for the Technothlon Championship exam conducted by IIT Guwahati.

Technothlon Championship exam eligibility details are as follows,

  • For the Junior squad, a participant must be a student of either class 9 or class 10.
  • For the Hauts squad, a participant must be a student of either class 9 or class 10.
  • The student must be studying in any recognized education board i.e. CBSE, ICSE, state board, etc.

Technothlon 2022 Syllabus

Technothlon is an aptitude and logical reasoning test, so the Technothlon syllabus is the same as most other reasoning-based tests. The difference is that questions asked in the prelims try to test the student's skills and their ability to work with other students.

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Technothlon 2022 Sample Papers

Sample papers are one of the practice ways of preparing for the exam. The Technothlon sample paper makes students understand the exam pattern. It helps students get used to the number of questions in the exam and increase their solving speed. Technothlon 2022 sample paper helps them to analyze the areas where they lack and helps them improve.

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Technothlon 2022 Results

Students can check out the Technothlon 2022 answer key to get a better picture of the result and answers they gave in the examination. Technothlon 2022 result is posted on the Technothlon official website. An email will also be sent to the winner, who will be selected for the mains.

Winners of the mains will be decided on the last day of the "Technique."

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Evolution of Technothlon Olympiad

Starting with a small group of students in the city of Guwahati, Technothlon has grown to over 400 cities across India and numerous locations abroad in the last 15 years. Technothlon now has branches in several places throughout the world. Technothlon is more than just a test, it's an exciting voyage along the path of logic that will put your logical and creative thinking to the test.

Technothlon evolved from the idea of a group of students from IIT Guwahati to inspire young minds.

  • Initial participation started from 200 only from the city of Guwahati.
  • The participation increased to over 700 in the next two years, and the exam spread all over North-East India.
  • The following year shows exponential growth in participation, with it reaching four figures in 2008 with students participating from all over the country.

In 2009, Technothlon tied up with more than 1000 Kendriya Vidyalaya.

  • The next year saw it go international, with it being conducted in Singapore and Dubai. It also tied up with Jawahar Navodaya all over the country.

In the next two years, the competition spread to more than 150 cities and around 200 centres.

  • For these two years, the organization saw visits from eminent personalities like Rajendra K. Pachauri – Nobel Laureate, Nobel Peace Prize 2007 & Chairman of the intergovernmental panel on climate change, and Dr. Udaya Kumar, the maker of the rupee symbol.

By 2015, the exam had expanded to 350 examination centres across 250 cities in the country.

  • The exam also began to conduct in Hindi.
  • It tied up with UNICEF and had visitors from other countries like Roger Hunter, Kepler Mission Manager at NASA Ames Research Center, Christer Fuglesang, Swedish physicist, ESA Astronaut, Claude Nicollier, and Swiss ESA & Professor at EPFL.

Now, Technothlon has reached more than 450 cities in 30+ countries all over the world.

Technothlon 2022 Awards

Technothlon is an excellent platform for students to showcase their abilities and win fantastic prizes and awards. Prizes will be given to the top 250 rank holders.

Details of the awards given to the participants and toppers of prelims are given below.

  • Technothlon, IIT Guwahati, has presented Gold and Silver certificates to each squad. A gold medal and a city topper certificate are given to each city topper.
  • An e-certificate of participation is awarded to all students who attend the prelims.
  • They also receive an in-depth analysis report of their strengths and weaknesses concerning the themes they encountered throughout the exam.

Furthermore, during Techniche, the top 50 students from each team are invited to IIT Guwahati, where they compete in a variety of interesting events such as robotics, aeromodelling, electronics, finance, and more to be proclaimed the next Technothlon champion.

Details of the awards given to the participants Techniche are given below.

  • The Grand prize is awarded to the winners of this round from each squad.

Key Changes in Technothlon 2022

Technothlon has announced free registration for students so students eligible for the championship examination can register themselves for free.

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