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ASSET Olympiad Exams 2022

The full form of ASSET is Assessment of Scholastic Skills through Educational Initiatives. Educational Initiatives is a private company in Gujarat that works under educational advancements. ASSET Olympiad Exam is scientifically designed to benchmark students' performance, strengths, and weaknesses.

ASSET Olympiad impacts conceptual learning in various hypothetical situations to assess students' higher-order thinking skills. ASSET exams benchmark both the students and the school at regional, national, and international levels. ASSET exams are international exams, and schools will be able to work on how to improve their teaching methods. By improving teaching methods, students will get more opportunities to enhance skills and performance.

Latest Update: 

  • The ASSET 2022-23 exam dates are announced.
  • The ASSET 2022-23 registration is now open.

Table of Contents

ASSET Exam Highlights

ASSET provides two performance analysis reports for the teacher and the management. The performance report provides instructions on student performance and how to work on the student's weaknesses by imparting conceptual learning.

Given below are the highlights and tentative dates for the ASSET exam 2021-22.

ASSET Exam Dates Highlights
Organization Educational Initiatives
Commonly called as ASSET Olympiad
ASSET Talent Search exam 2022
  • For India: 26th & 27th November 2022
  • For Abroad: 2nd & 3rd July 2022
Eligibility test (classes 5 to 8)
  • ASSET English
  • ASSET Maths
  • ASSET Science
ASSET exam reference Online
Mode of ASSET examination OMR or Computer Based Test

ASSET offers several educational services, including an adaptive learning program that helps students learn at their own pace. ASSET is famous for its cloud-based program that supports children to understand concepts. Most importantly, ASSET exams alter the idea for each student to help them learn and understand concepts.

ASSET Olympiad 2022

ASSET examination is conducted annually by educational initiatives. It assesses a student's knowledge of different disciplines.

Given below are the exams conducted by the ASSET.

ASSET English

The ASSET English exam assesses students' skills in English. Most importantly, it determines how well they understand the language when it appears in daily life like in newspaper clippings, magazines, or online articles.

Read More: ASSET English


The ASSET Mathematics tests the students on the practical use of mathematics and real-time situations.

Read More: ASSET Mathematics

ASSET Science

The ASSET Science tests students understanding in terms of scientific experiments and science in daily life.

Read More: ASSET Science

ASSET Exam Benefits

The organization provides the platform to prepare for English, Maths, and Science Olympiads. It also consists of chapter-wise sample papers and mock tests.

Given below are the benefits of participating in the ASSET Olympiad Exams.

  • ASSET provides feedback on conceptual learning.

  • ASSET exam reports allow students to know the areas of strengths and weaknesses.

  • It provides teachers and invigilators with complete insights into where exactly their students stand.

  • ASSET Olympiad also provides a comparative analysis of students concerning students from different sections, schools, or nations.

  • It provides ample opportunities for teachers to focus on initiatives like the teacher training program.

  • It provides concrete ideas for teachers to improve assessment methods.

ASSET Olympiad Important Instructions

Other important details of the ASSET Olympiads are as follows:

  • ASSET Olympiad Exams will be pen and paper exams with multiple-choice questions.

  • No marks will be deducted for incorrect answers.

  • Students are not allowed to take any extra papers inside the exam hall. Instead, students can use the question paper to do rough work.

  • Students should not carry any written or printed material, mobile phones, calculators, electronic gadgets, etc.

  • Students should make arrangements to keep their personal belongings.

  • Students will be allowed to take a pencil, pen, and admit card inside the exam hall.

  • If a student is found malfunctioning, he/she will be disqualified and expelled from the examination center.

  • In case of unfair means during the exam, the result of the respective students will not be declared, and those students will not be eligible for any of the ASSET exam awards or certificates.

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