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SEAMO Olympiad 2023

The Southeast Asia Mathematical Olympiad (SEAMO) is an international Math Olympiad competition that originated in Singapore and was founded by Mr. Terry Chew in 2016 in 8 Southeast Asian Countries. Since then, it is growing its popularity around the world. In 2019 it was recognized by 18 countries. In 2020 total number of participating countries increased to 22, including students from Brazil, China, Newzealand, and Taiwan students enrolled in SEAMO 2023-24.

The SEAMO Math Olympiad is held in over 22 countries, among 20,000 students. SEAMO Olympiad has been conducted in India since 2016, offered to both primary and secondary schools.

Latest Updates

  • SEAMO 2023-24 dates are now announced.
  • SEAMO 2023-24 registration to start from August 2023.

Table of Contents

About Southeast Asian Mathematical Olympiad (SEAMO)

The Southeast Asia Mathematics Olympiad (SEAMO) is Terry Chew's brainchild, author of books such as' Wicked Mathematics' and 'Unleash the Maths Olympian' in You. The test is based on an in-depth team study by the Terry Chew Institute of Mathematical Olympiads and a framework developed for testing multiple Olympiads.

The SEAMO test framework is known as the RA*CE framework used in the Terry Chew study. The center has produced several students who have excelled in many overseas Olympiads such as Kangaroo, SASMO, NMOS, RIPMWC, SMOPS, Mathlympics, SMO, AMC8, AMC10, and many others.

SEAMO Olympiad aims to bring the youngest and brightest minds to the highest level. TCIMO experts study each question to assess all categories of students, not just high-level students. As it is a one-phase test, there is no rejection process which is why. Students can participate and compete without fear of failure.

SEAMO Olympiad takes place in two phases one is SEAMO, and another is SEAMO X.

What is SEAMO 2023-24?

SEAMO offers an online examination option to support the countries most affected. They are committed to providing a test that not only protects the well-being of students and teachers but is equally consistent, robust, and supports the integrity of the competition. Students will be able to know their preparation and level of understanding of the wider competitive environment. Most importantly, SEAMO encourages students by offering national and international standards. 

SEAMO X 2023-24 is a global round of SEAMO competition, and in 2023-24 it will take place online. All the candidates who participated in SEAMO 2023-24 will be eligible for the competition. SEAMO X 2023-24 will take place in two divisions: Champion Division and Open division. Candidates who are among the top 40% of the SEAMO will be eligible for Champion Division rest 60% will be part of the Open division to attain their global rank and Credit awards.

SEAMO 2023-24 Important Dates

The SEAMO 2023-24 exam date and results are out.

Following are the important dates of SEAMO 2023-24:

SEAMO Olympiad


SEAMO 2023-24 Registration Date Begins


SEAMO 2023-24 Registration Date Registration Date Deadline


SEAMO 2023-24 Exam Date


SEAMO Result Date


SEAMO 2023-24 Registration

SEAMO 2023-24 registration is to begin from Aug 1, 2023. Registration can be done by students, parents, or teachers through their mail id. For registration, students have to download the SEAMO registration form from the official website. Registration fees can be paid using cash, draft claims, or payment order. The last date for the registration is Sep 2023.

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SEAMO 2023-24 Syllabus

The SEAMO program is based on the Singapore Mathematical Olympiad curriculum, and the SEAMO Indian Olympiad syllabus helps develop questions that test students' critical thinking skills. The topics included are primarily from the school syllabus. The SEAMO India 2023-24 test pattern expects students to solve 25 problems in 90 minutes. The severity of the mathematical difficulties increases from the lower standards to the higher standards.

The test is divided into six papers according to the grade of the student. The test pattern includes:

  • Paper A or Lower Primary (Grades 1 and 2)
  • Paper B or Middle Primary (Grades 3 and 4)
  • Paper C or Upper Primary (Grades 5 and 6)
  • Paper D or Junior (Grades 7 and 8)
  • Paper E or Intermediate (Grades 9 and 10)
  • Paper F or Senior (Grades 11 and 12)

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SEAMO 2023-24 Admit Card

Students can download the SEAMO admit card from the official website. The admit card for the exam will be released in the first week of September.

Students should have a soft copy of the admit card during the online examination. Without an admit card, the students will not be allowed to attend the study.

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SEAMO 2023-24 Online Exam

SEAMO Olympiad 2023-24 online exam procedure, to attain an online exam, students first have to log in to the SEAMO portal. They can start the exam onset time. After completion of exams, students can submit their answers instantly.

Students can attempt mock exams in their own time available in the SEAMO portal. Students can take an unlimited number of attempts for mock exams to get familiar with the examination platform.

SEAMO 2023-24 Results

The SEAMO Olympiad 2023 result date is yet to be announced. Students should log into their profiles on the SEAMO website to view their SEAMO results. All students will be provided with a certificate of participation and a scorecard explaining where the students require attention to improve.

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SEAMO 2023-24 Features

SEAMO Olympiad was introduced to discover the mathematics Wizards through the creative challenges created by Mr. Terry Chew and prepare candidates for mathematics competitions.

The features of the SEAMO Olympiad are given below:

  • The test provides the perspective of the external company by marking their ability and skills.
  • Provides a common platform that assesses students' ability to solve problems by forcing them to think critically.
  • SEAMO encourages students to develop logical and analytical thinking skills.
  • It is not a test of knowledge or speed; SEAMO tests a child's critical thinking ability and assesses whether students can apply the learned concept while solving a problem.
  • A customized report card will help the learner to work on their weaknesses and improve on them.
  • Depending on the SEAMO experience, the student will develop a learning style of adequate comprehension, ultimately helping them excel academically and competitively.

SEAMO 2023-24 Benefits

Thousands of students play against each other in various kinds of Olympiads all over the world. Olympia's are chosen by the students based on their capabilities and interest. Students interested in Mathematics skills opt for Olympiads like SEAMO.

Following are the benefits that students can leverage by participating in SEAMO Olympiad:

  • 95% of the students who attempted the SEAMO Olympiad since 2014 have achieved 2-grade improvement in mainstream maths with a 60% winning rate in the Maths Olympiad.
  • Winners of SEAMO have secured seats in top schools of Singapore and other prestigious institutions around the world.
  • The RA*CE framework used in SEAMO, which is developed after 12 years of extensive research by Mr. Terry Chew, helps students maximize their results
  • Winners of the SEAMO Olympiad will receive medals, certificates, and entry to the SEAMO hall of fame.
  • All the students registered for SEAMO Olympiad will receive strength-weakness analysis.

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