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Hummingbird Olympiad 2024

Humming Bird Education is one of India’s top brands in education with an experienced board of directors and a team of advisors consisting of leading academicians and educators all over the globe. The foundation’s goal is to transform school level education by developing a competitive spirit among individuals through their Humming Bird Olympiad exams. 

Humming Bird Education is doing its best to create the future leaders of the future by making students develop the right attitude while enhancing their logical, analytical, and problem-solving skills.

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About Humming Bird Education

Humming Bird education is one of the most prestigious Olympiad organizations established by Mr.Nitesh Jain, which now serves millions of students worldwide in the last ten years. Humming Bird Education has reached 13 countries, served almost 10,000 schools.

Humming Bird education is the world’s only organization listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange. They have also been awarded titles like ‘Asia’s Greatest Leaders’ & ‘Asia’s Greatest Brands’ by Price Water House Coopers P. L.’

Few highlights of the Humming Bird Olympiad are given below.

Humming Bird Education Highlights
Name of Organization Humming Bird Education
Founder Mr. Nitesh Jain
Popularly Known As Humming Bird Olympiad
Category Overview
Mode of Reference Online
Mode of Examination Computer Based Test or Offline
Classes Class 1-12
Registration Deadline 30 Days Before First Exam Date (Tentative)
Exam Center Respective Schools
Humming Bird Olympiad Contact Number 011-47096144, +91-9953777349

Aims of Humming Bird Education

Humming Bird Education aims to motivate the students to understand the subject with a different view and enhance their conceptual, factual, logical, reasoning, logical, analytical & problem-solving skills. It helps the students to realize their true potential.

The objective of Humming Bird Education

Humming Bird International Olympiads' primary objective is to encourage students' overall development and subsequently serve them with perfectly crafted Olympiads.

Humming Bird Olympiad

Humming Bird international Olympiad not only focuses on intelligence quotient but also covers spiritual, adversity, emotional, financial, and happiness Quotient. Humming Bird educational also provides an Olympiad quotient, which works as a plus point for students in getting admission to various colleges and schools. Humming Bird International Olympiads cover every aspect of education, helping students attain a better grip on the subjects.

List of Humming Bird International Olympiads

Humming Bird Olympiad foundation organizes many olympiad exams covering every subject thoroughly to increase students' fundamental knowledge. This Olympiad covers subjects like mathematics, science, IT, English, entrepreneurship, and many other subjects. The Olympiads are conducted at two levels, students with highest scores in the level 1 olympiad are qualified for the Humming Bird Olympiad level 2 exams. The Humming Bird Olympiad dates will commence between June to December every year.

Given below are the different international Humming Bird Education Olympiads conducted annually.

HBTSE Olympiad is conducted for classes 1 to 12. Questions are asked from mathematics, science, and reasoning.

HCC Olympiad questions will be from subjects like business studies, accounting, economics, and general reasoning for higher secondary students.

HCO is an international Olympiad with questions asked from computer science.

HEO is conducted for classes 1 to 12 with questions enhancing strong English grammar and comprehension skills.

HGO exam covers topics related to general knowledge and current affairs.

HHO is an international level Hindi Olympiad with questions about Hindi grammar.

HMIT involves questions from mathematics, general knowledge, science, English, and reasoning.

HMO is an international Olympiad conducted for classes 1 to 12. Questions are asked from the field of mathematics and reasoning.

HSO is an international Olympiad conducted for classes 1 to 12. Questions are asked from the field of science and reasoning.

ARO is an international Olympiad where questions are asked from qualitative reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and language conventions.

Spell Bee is an international level spelling competition for classes 1 to 12.

  • Humming Bird Language Olympiad

Language includes the Olympiads based on the Indian languages; Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Kannad, and Bengali.

SIBIL CRAT Olympiad is conducted with the help of the Scholastic Information Bureau for Institution and Learners for college students. The exam aims to help the students help them with their jobs and connect them with the investors for their business plans.

Humming Bird International Olympiad Dates

Humming Bird releases the date of all the exams on their official website. Each exam Humming Bird Olympiad is conducted on multiple dates in the year from June to December.

Below are the Humming Bird Olympiads exam months (tentative) the dates are yet to be announced for students appearing through their schools. Schools can decide between two dates based on their interests.

HummingBird Olympiad Dates for Students Participating Through Schools
Olympiad Olympiad Date 1 Olympiad Date 2
SPELL BEE November 2024 December 2024
HMO November 2024 December 2024
HSO November 2024 December 2024
HBTSE November 2024 December 2024
HEO November 2024 December 2024
HHO November 2024 December 2024
ARO November 2024 December 2024
HMIT November 2024 December 2024
HCO December 2024 December 2024
HGO December 2024 December 2024

Humming Bird Olympiad Features

Humming Bird Olympiads have many features that make it different and unique from other Olympiad exams. Humming Bird Olympiad has a great reputation worldwide for its unique style of Olympiad exams, which covers every aspect of student life. Some features of Humming Bird are given below.

Olympiad Quotient (OQ)

Every student receives an Olympiad quotient on behalf of their performance in the exam. This OQ can help them to get admission to colleges and even jobs. The student must improve their OQ regularly for a better outcome of the Olympiad quotient.

Free 'Champ Series'

This free champ series provided by Humming Bird Olympiad includes:

  • More than 2000 questions.
  • Full-length mock tests.
  • Chapter-wise test series that help students for better preparation for their Olympiad exam.

Humming Bird Olympiad App

Humming Bird app provided students access to thousands of audio/video lectures, mock tests, previous test papers, and other material to excel in preparing students for the Olympiad exam.

Performance Report

Every Candidate gets a performance analysis report with graphical analysis. Performance reports help students to pinpoint their strengths and weak points. The participant gets to know their school level, state level, zonal level, and national level ranking.

Quality Of Olympiads

Humming Bird Education is known for its quality Olympiads. They make sure to check and cross-verify every question before it reaches the students.

Humming Bird Olympiad Awards

Humming Bird Olympiad is conducted by one of the oldest and prestigious organizations. Winners of the Humming Bird Olympiads are awarded amazing prizes, medals, and certificates. Humming Bird awards include international tours, tablets, laptops, and vouchers. All the awards for Olympiad are distributed after announcing the Humming Bird Olympiad results.

The Humming Bird Olympiad results can be checked online with the provided credential's help (i.e., registration number) by the students. Students who do not have the registration number can check their results from the school itself. Schools can download all the students' results in a single file from Humming Bird Olympiad's official website.

Each participant gets a certificate of participation and a performance analysis report, which helps the students to analyze themselves. Not only students but Humming Bird also provide prizes to the teachers and principals according to their coordinating abilities.

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