Syllabus & Subjects for Master of Veterinary Science [M.V.Sc]:

Name of the Course

Topics covered

Animal Cytogenetics and Immunogenetics Animal.

Development in animal cytogenetics and immunogenetics of farm animals, Immunoglobulins and their types, Major histocompatibility complex, hybridoma and its significance.

Selection Methods And Breeding Systems

Type of selection and their genetic consequences, Correlated response to selection and efficiency of indirect selection, bidirectional selection and asymmetry of response, 

Biometrical Techniques In Animal Breeding

Introduction to matrix algebra, types of matrices and matrix operations, Determinants and their properties, methods of finding the inverse of a matrix and their application, 

Conservation Of Animal Genetic Resources

Domestic Animal Diversity in India, Methodology for molecular genetic characterization, diversity analysis and the relationship among the breeds. 

Cattle And Buffalo Breeding

History of dairy cattle and buffalo breeding. Breeds of cattle and buffalo and their characterization, Inheritance of important economic traits.

Recent Advances In Animal Genetics

Eukaryotic genome, Gene families, Gene conversion, tandemly repeated genes, Nuclear Organizer region, Minisatellites, Microsatellites and its usage, Radiation hybrid panels and their usage in livestock, somatic cell nuclear transfer.

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