ME Mechanical Engineering Subjects: 

The subjects that are followed in the curriculum of the course is listed below:

ME Mechanical Engineering - Semester I ME Mechanical Engineering - Semester II
Numerical Analysis and Optimization Theory of Elasticity
Instrumentation and Measurement Design of Mechanism
Experimental Stress Analysis Principle of Machine Design
Metal Forming Analysis Computer-Aided Design
Mechatronics and Product Design Design and Metallurgy of Welded Joints
Experimental Stress Analysis Lab Seminar
Mechanical Measurement Lab CAD/CAM Lab
Computational Lab Design Practice Lab I


ME Mechanical Engineering - Semester III ME Mechanical Engineering - Semester IV
Mechanical behavior of Materials Design of Pressure Vessels
Mechanical Vibrations Design of Pollution Control Equipments
Robotic Engineering Design and Metallurgy of Welded Joints
Design Practice Lab II Materials management
Materials Behaviour and Vibration Lab Computer-Aided Vehicle Design
Minor Project Dissertation

Other Related Syllabus and Subjects:

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