Syllabus & Subjects for Doctorate of Medicine [MD] (Psychiatry):

Sl. No.


Subjects of Study



Semester I


Basic Sciences as applied to Psychiatry


• Monoamine Neurotransmitters and their implications for Psychiatric Disorders

• Excitatory Amino Acids in Psychiatric Disorders

• Neuropeptides and their relevance to Psychiatry

• Second Messenger Systems and Beyond

• Basic and applied Electrophysiology

• Magnetic Resonance and Implications for Psychiatry

• Consciousness

• Sleep and Dreaming

• Chronobiology

• Transcultural Psychiatry

• Aggression: Psychology and Biology

• Intelligence

• Learning Theories

• Information Processing: Brain Models of Mind

• Experimental Animal Research and Implications for Mental Disorders


Semester II


Clinical Psychiatry


• Approaching to Psychiatric Diagnosis and Classification

• Aetiology and Clinical Profile of Dementias

• Organic Delusional, Mood and Personality Disorders

• Concept and Typology of Schizophrenia

• Biological Basis of Schizophrenia

• Course, Outcome and Prognosis of Schizophrenia

• Brief and Reactive Psychosis

• Etiological Theories of Mood Disorders

• Subtypes of Depressive Disorders and their Clinical Relevance

• Course and Outcome of Mood Disorders

• Paranoid Disorders

• Concept and Typology of Personality Disorders

• Antisocial Personality Disorders


Semester III

• Anxiety disorders: Nosological status and natural history

• Reactions to severe stress

• The current concept of dissociative disorders

• Somatization disorders: Diagnosis and clinical features

• Nosological status and clinical features of Neurasthenia

• Non-organic sleep disorders

• Recent advances in eating disorders

• Management of premature ejaculation

• Psychiatric aspects of homosexuality

• Biological basis of anxiety

• Habit and impulse disorders


Semester IV

• Models of psychotherapy: an overview

• Scientific evaluation of the efficacy of psychotherapy: methodological problems

• Brief dynamic psychotherapies

• Behavioural therapies

• Cognitive therapies

• Supportive psychotherapies

• Psychological management of sexual dysfunctions

• Comparative pharmacology of antipsychotic drugs

• Short-term side effects of antipsychotic drugs and their management

• Tardive dyskinesia: pathophysiology and management

• Recent advances in antidepressant drug therapy

• Management of a suicidal patient

• Role of Lithium in Psychiatric disorders

• Adjuncts and alternatives to Lithium in the management of mood disorders

• Drug treatment of generalized anxiety and panic disorders

• Recent advances in drug treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorders

• Electro-convulsive Therapy: current trends


Semester V

• Human Rights of psychiatric patients

• Ethics in Psychiatry• Indian Mental Health Act

• Epidemiology of Psychiatric Illness in Old Age with Special Reference to India

• Current Issues in Management of Elderly Psychiatric Patients

• Integration of Mental Health into Primary Care - Its Role and Future in India

• Classification of Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Disorders

• Learning Disorders of Childhood

• Child Abuse and Neglect

• School Refusal

• Pervasive Development Disorders of Childhood

• Preventive Aspects of Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Disorders

• Neuro-Psychological Assessment of Children


Semester VI

• Dementia: Differential Diagnosis and Management

• Delirium: Differential Diagnosis and Management

• Psychiatric Syndromes with Epilepsy

• Neuro-psychiatric Sequel of HIV Infection

• Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry

• Psychological Aspects of Cardiovascular Disorders

• Psychological Aspects of Gastrointestinal Disorders

• The Terminally Ill Patient and Family

• Psychological Aspects of Breast Cancer

• Obesity

• Concept and Assessment of Disability

• Concept and Measurement of Quality of Life

• Neuro-psychologic Assessment and its Relevance to Psychiatric Diagnosis and Management

• Stress and Psychological Disorders

• Psychological Aspects of Organ Transplantation