Job, Scope, Salary & Placement for Doctorate of Medicine [MD] (Physiology):

Job Type for Doctorate of Medicine [MD] (Physiology):

  • Professor - Physiology

  • Assistant Professor - Physiology

  • Tutor, Demonstrator - Physiology Biochemistry Anatomy

  • Anatomy & Physiology Trainer/Assistant Trainer

  • Lab Technician - Physiology

  • Clinical Analyst

  • Trainee Medical Coder

  • Regulatory Affairs Manager

Job Opportunities for Doctorate of Medicine [MD] (Physiology):

  • Aspirant can apply your knowledge of physiology directly, choosing a career in the biomedical sphere.

  • Physiology graduates can also use the general skills and knowledge they have acquired to pursue a career in a variety of workplaces.

  • Just some of the careers in which Physiology graduates are currently employed are shown below;

    • Biochemist

    • Biotechnology Industry Worker

    • Dietician/Nutritionist

    • Epidemiology

    • Forensic Scientist

    • Health Informatics

    • Health Promotion Researcher etc.

Salary and Placements for Doctorate of Medicine [MD] (Physiology):

Salary and Placements for Medicine [MD] (Physiology)

Source: Payscale

  • For employees with a Doctor of Medicine (MD) Degree, the salary may range by Job.

  • The average salary of an employee with MD (Physiology) degree is Rs.80,000 per annum.

Key Stats for Doctorate of Medicine [MD] (Physiology):

Key Stats for Doctorate of Medicine [MD] (Physiology)

Source: Payscale

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