Job, Scope, Salary and Placement Opportunities for Doctorate of Medicine [MD] (Forensic Medicine):

Job Types for Doctorate of Medicine [MD] (Forensic Medicine):

  • Forensic Medicine Professor & Tutor

  • Lab Technician - Department Forensic Medicine

  • Junior Resident - Forensic Medicine

  • Medical Officer

  • Senior Manager - Forensic Audit

  • Teacher & Lecturer

  • Sr. Manager - Forensic/Fraud

  • Revenue Assurance Forensics Analyst

  • Manager - Forensics

  • Manager - Forensic Advisory

  • Associate - Analytic & Forensic Technology

  • Associate - Core Forensic & Dispute Services

Placement Opportunities for Doctorate of Medicine [MD] (Forensic Medicine):

  • There is high demand for forensic criminologists and scientist in both public and private sector.

  • There are several job opportunities for professionals in this field as a research assistant, forensic scientist, criminologist, investigator and an approaching profession in various governments, private and public sector organizations such as private investigation agencies, CBI, AIIMS, police, etc.

  • Government organizations that recruit forensic criminologists are railways, banks, forensic labs, armed force department, insurance companies etc.

  • Those who have relevant experience in the field of criminology can set up their own private detective agencies to perform operations.

  • Criminologists can focus on different specialized areas related to crime such as robbery, murder, rape and other areas.

  • After passing the course, applicants can find employment in law enforcement agencies, police, the legal system, investigative services of the government and also private agencies.

  • Candidates can also work as teachers in institutes that conduct courses in this subject.

Salary for the Professionals pursuing Doctorate of Medicine [MD] (Forensic Medicine):

Salary for the professionals pursuing Doctorate of Medicine [M.D.] (Forensic Medicine)

Source: Payscale

  • Experience and pay tend to be weakly linked for Forensic Scientists — those with more experience do not necessarily bring in higher earnings.

  • Relatively untried employees who have less than five years' experience make Rs. 30 Lacs, but folks with five to 10 years under their belts enjoy an appreciably larger median of Rs. 35,00,000.

  • Forensic Scientists claiming one to two decades of experience make an estimated median of Rs.40,00,000.

  • Survey participants who have spent more than 20 years on the job report a predictably higher median income of Rs. 42,00,000, demonstrating that compensation is roughly commensurate with experience in the end.

Key Stats Doctorate of Medicine [MD] (Forensic Medicine):

Key Stats Doctorate of Medicine [M.D.] (Forensic Medicine)

Source: Payscale

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