TISSNET 2019 Syllabus

Exam Date : 28th April 2019
Result Date : 11th February 2019

TISSNET 2019 Syllabus

  • TISSNET 2019 Syllabus is framed by the Tata Institute of Social Sciences institute. The questions are from 3 key areas viz. General Awareness, English Proficiency, and Maths & Logical Reasoning. There will be 100 objective questions, each carrying 1 mark.

  • Moreover for TISSNET (B.A Entrance test), the second section i.e part-B comprises of writing despcriptive essays. Hence the candidate can prepare for writing essays in English.

  • One more added advantage for the candidate is that, there is no negative marking scheme test pattern of TISSNET exam.

  • No major changes have been notified in paper pattern and syllabus, until TISSNET 2019.

  • While preparing for TISSNET, candidates can refer to the TISSNET Sample Papers for better understanding. This will help the candidate fetch more marks.

  • It will give the candidate an idea about the overall structure of the expected paper and formulate a better study plan.

  • For the benefit of candidates, TISS also releases a DEMO TEST to help the candidates to measure their readiness level for the exam.

  • Practicing the mock paper/ question paper is of utmost importance, because it helps the candidate to know about his/her strengths and weaknesses regarding the subjects.

  • The TISSNET 2019 syllabus for the has been divided into four major parts.

TISSNET Syllabus 2019

TISSNET Syllabus is given below for the reference of the candidates who are appearing for the TISS exam in 2019.

Social Sensitivity

  • Current Affairs

  • Economics

  • Films

  • Geography

  • General Geology

  • Fine Arts and Music

  • History

  • Literature

  • Meaning of Terms

  • Personalities

  • Processes

  • Recent Social Issues

  • Social Activities and Movements

  • Sociological Awareness

General Numerical and Analytical Ability

  • Areas

  • Averages

  • Basic Algebra


  • Basic Set Concepts

  • Basic Geometry

  • HCF, LCM

  • Mixtures and Allegations

  • Number Theory

  • Percentage

  • Properties of Shapes

  • Ratios 

  • Ratios and Proportions

  • Simple and Compound Interests

  • Volumes

  • Square Roots

  • Time and Work

  • Time and Distances

  • Speed, Distance, and Time

Verbal Ability or Language Ability

  • Acronyms

  • Reading

  • Rearrange the Sentences

  • Fill in the blanks

  • Pairing of Words

  • Analogy

  • Compherension Passages

  • Synonyms and Antonyms

  • Vocabulary

General Knowledge

General knowledge questions are generally taken from static information as well as from current affairs. So, students have to be good in both the categories.

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Discussion Forum

Analytical ability topics

What are the analytical ability topics for TISSNET?

Asked By: Arman,

Answer By: GetmyuniEnterprise

Hi Arman, the analytical ability has various topics in it namely ratio, percentage, volumes and many more. For more details regarding the topics and the section, you can always have a look at the Syllabus of TISSNET.

Social sensitivity topics

Which topics do Social sensitivity includes of?

Asked By: Niharika,

Answer By: GetmyuniEnterprise

Hi Niharika, topics which are there in Social sensitivity for TISSNET are including films, history, literature and many more which details are available in the Syllabus section of TSSINET.