AIBE 2019 Reference Books

Exam Date : December 23, 2019
Result Date : December 31, 2019

The AIBE XIV 2019 is an open book examination with 100 questions in total covering 19 chapters. It becomes difficult for the candidate to search for the appropriate answer from the material during the day of the examination. So the candidate should familiarize themselves with all the topics of the examination.

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Aspirants can study and rank well in the examination by a list of few recommended books for the AIBE 2019 Exam which are given in the table below:


Name of the Book

Author/ Publications

Cover Page

Guide to All India Bar Examination

Dr P. K. Pandey

AIBE XIV 2020 Reference Books

Practice Test Papers for All India Bar Examination

Showick Thorpe

AIBE XIV 2020 Reference Books

Central Law Agency's All India Bar Examination (AIBE) Guide

Dr S. M. Rajan & P. K. Jain

AIBE XIV 2020 Reference Books

Law Exam Times Vol. 16

Dr P.K. Pandey 

AIBE XIV 2020 Reference Books

Sure Success AIBE & JCJ 

Justice B.S.Reddy & A.N.Reddy D.V.Rao

AIBE XIV 2020 Reference Books

All India Bar Examination

Shambhu Prasad Choudhary

AIBE XIV 2020 Reference Books

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