AIBE (18) Preparation 2023: Steps to Prepare, Last Minute Tips

Hafsha Qureshi
Hafsha Qureshi

Updated on - Jan 8, 2024

AIBE (18) Preparation 2023 involves a well-planned study schedule, dedication of around 8-10 hours daily, using relevant books such as Fundamental Rights, Law Exam Times (Vol. 16), etc. It requires devising a plan to cover all topics covered in the exam. Candidates need to invest their hard work and time in the preparation of the AIBE exam 2023. Candidates can check on the tips, strategies and details shared in the article to prepare well for the AIBE exam 2023.

AIBE 2023 is a law school admission test for individuals who wish to practise in India. The Bar Council of India (BCI) organizes the AIBE exam every year. Only individuals who have completed a law degree may apply for the AIBE Exam.

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Steps for AIBE (18) Preparation 2023

Preparation for the AIBE exam involves hard work and consistency in the schedule and learning activities. Following are the AIBE XVII preparation tips 2023 for candidates preparing for the AIBE XVII exam.

  • Make a Schedule: Candidates should plan their studies according to the AIBE exam dates, and create and stick to a schedule.
  • Consistency: Applicants must be committed and consistent with their studies if they want to pass the bar exam in one sitting.
  • Manage Study Time: Candidates must efficiently manage their time while studying for the test. Weaker subjects should receive more attention, and there should be enough time left over for revision and preparation with AIBE test questions.
  • Make Short Notes: Making quick notes is usually beneficial while getting ready for a topic. When revising, candidates might consult these notes.
  • Following legal decisions and cases: According to a review of last year's paper, a few questions in the paper are based on significant and controversial legal decisions from the previous year.
  • Practice Sample Papers: Analyzing previous year's papers, offering adequate mock tests, and solving sample papers provide the candidate with an advantage over others.

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AIBE (18) Overall Preparation Strategy

The following are a few of the best AIBE preparation tips for the year 2023 that a candidate should go by in order to perform well on the AIBE exam.

Plan your strategy

  • Candidates should create a study schedule for their preparations and then schedule their studies accordingly.
  • Candidates must gather information regarding the exam format.
  • For your Preparation, always check the official syllabus.
  • Determine which sections require more of your attention and which sections could improve your score.

Maintain Your Health

  • Always keep your health in mind as you study for the exam.
  • Your productivity will always suffer if you are under physical or emotional stress.
  • Always get at least 7 to 8 hours of rest each day.
  • Consider a balanced diet.
  • You could improve your focus on your studies by doing yoga or meditation.

Mock Exams and Question Papers from Prior Years

  • For better preparation, candidates can use the online mock tests that are available.
  • Try to finish the practice test within the allotted time.
  • Mock tests also allow you to evaluate your performance.
  • Exam preparation can also benefit from reviewing the previous year's questions.
  • Candidates must finish the previous year's questions to become acquainted with the exam structure.

Management of time

  • After learning about the material and exam format, schedule your time according to your regular activities.
  • Always make an effort to spend a little more time on the subjects that are challenging for you.
  • Create your schedule in accordance with the exam's syllabus.
  • As part of your AIBE (18) preparation for 2023, schedule short study sessions.
  • Include short breaks and other rest periods between study sessions as well.

Good Study Resources

  • A significant component of your preparation is using quality books and study materials.
  • Always choose publications published by seasoned authors that are simple to understand.
  • There are several excellent study guides on the market that students can use to get ready.
  • Candidates can also get ready by using online study resources.

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AIBE (18) Last Minute Preparation Tips

Following are the AIBE exam preparation strategy shared below for last minute. Candidates appearing for the AIBE 2023 examination can check on the strategy shared and can follow up on their preparation as well.

  • Candidates must be updated with the latest syllabus and exam strcutre designed by the official authority.
  • Candidates must prepare a study plan accordingly and stick to it without fail.
  • Applicants must focus on writing the learnt materials as mucj as possible, as writing the learnt materials will have strong grip.
  • They must check for the topic weightage and prepare based on the importance the topics.
  • All highly recommended topics must be covered first.
  • They must check on as many previous year papers as possible.

AIBE (18) Preparation 2023 Books

AIBE (18) preparation 2023 involves a list of important books which are very useful and updated based on the questions being asked in the AIBE exam. Candidates can check on the list shared and can follow up on the pages for AIBE exam preparation.

AIBE (18) Preparation 2023 Books
Book's Name Author's Name
Fundamental Rights Uday Raj Rai
Public International Law V.K Ahuja
Patents Act-1970 Taxman
Human Rights H.O Aggarwal
Intellectual Property Laws Private Publication
Guide to All India Bar Examination Dr. P.K Pandey
Law Exam Times (Vol.16) Dr. P.K Pandey
Practice Test Papers for All India Bar Examination Showick Thorpe
Central Law Agency All India Bar Examination (AIBE) Guide Dr. S.M Rajan & P.K Jain

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AIBE (18) Preparation 2023: Topic Weightage

AIBE exam preparation involves various topics, among which some hold more weight comparatively. AIBE topics are divided into two categories, and the list of AIBE topic weightage for the 2023 examination is shared below for the candidates.

AIBE (18) Preparation 2023: Topic Weightage
Subjects No. of Questions Marks per Subject
Constitutional Law 10 10
Indian Penal Code 8 8
Criminal Procedure Code 10 10
Code of Civil Procedure 10 10
Evidence Act 8 8
Alternate Dispute Redressal Including Arbitration Act 4 4
Family Law 8 8
Public Interest Litigation 4 4
Administrative Law 3 3
Professional Ethics and Cases of Professional Misconduct under BCI Rules 4 4
Company Law 2 2
Environmental Law 2 2
Cyber Law 2 2
Labour and Industrial Laws 4 4
Law of Tort including the Motor Vehicles Act and Consumer Protection Law 5 5
Law of Contract, Specific Relief, Property Laws, Negotiable Instrument Act 8 8
Law-Related Taxation 4 4
Land Acquisition Act 2 2
Intellectual Property Law 2 2
Total 100 100

AIBE Topic Weightage


How to start preparation for AIBE exam 2023?

AIBE exam preparation 2023 involves preparing a proper schedule, being aware of the exam pattern and syllabus, focusing mainly on the topics having high weightage, practicing previous year papers and appearing for mock tests. A detailed preparation strategy has been shared for the candidates.

What are the important books for preparation of AIBE exam?

AIBE preparation involves a list of books such as Fundamental Rights, Patents Act-1970, and many more. A detailed list of book names, along with their author name, is shared in the article above.

What are the last minute steps required to be followed for the AIBE 2023 preparation?

AIBE 2023 last-minute preparation tips involve focusing on topics having more weightage, checking for previous year papers, analyzing the paper and estimating the minimum qualifying marks, appearing for mock tests and analyzing the results, and many more.


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