B.Ed Special Education Jobs, Salary and Scope in India 2024

Duration: 2 Years
Avg Fees: ₹50K - 1 LPA

The B.Ed Special Education jobs for graduates in India are available at all educational levels, from primary to higher education, and involve giving assistance, training, and support to students with disabilities. The average B.Ed Special Education salary in India is in the range of INR 2-5 LPA (Source: Payscale), for graduates having 1-2 years of experience. The fresher with no experience and who wants to pursue a job in special education can earn in the range of INR 2-3 LPA.

The graduates can find employment opportunities in government-owned State Social Welfare Departments, National Institute for the Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities, State and Central Universities, etc., and private organizations like White Hat Jr, Planet Spark, Schools and Institutions, etc. The B.Ed Special Education course equips students with skills and knowledge to work in a varied range of roles like special education teacher, behavior analyst, government researcher, early intervention specialist, etc.

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B.Ed Special Education Jobs in India

The demand for professionals who are specialised in teaching students with disorders or disabilities like Autism Spectrum Disorder, Intellectual Disabilities, Speech and Language Disorders, Visual Impairments, etc., is increasing Below is a brief overview of jobs available to B.Ed Special Education graduates in India:

Entry-Level Jobs for B.Ed in Special Education Graduates

The graduates in special education can start their careers by working as paraprofessionals, teaching assistants, or instructional aids in special education with an average salary of INR 2- 3 LPA. Below listed are a few job roles for B.Ed Special Education freshers and their job descriptions:

B.Ed Special Education Job Role

Job Description

Average Fresher Salary

Special Education Teacher Assistant

They work with special education teachers provide individual assistance and develop Individual Education Plans.

INR 2.50 LPA

Early Intervention Assistant

They assist in providing early intervention services like speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, behavioral therapy, and educational interventions.

INR 2.93 LPA

Community Support Worker

They focus on improving the lives of students with special needs by preparing individual support plans and helping them in goal setting.

INR 3.17 LPA

Speech Therapy Assistant

They work under certified speech-language pathologists and focus on providing speech and language therapy services to people/students with communication difficulties.

INR 2.92 LPA

B.Ed Special Education Govt Jobs

The demand for government jobs for special education teachers and related roles in the government sector is increasing due to the implementation of schemes like Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) and the Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA) aiding in job opportunities, and vocational training. Below listed are B.Ed Special Education govt jobs with their role descriptions:

B.Ed Special Education Govt Job Roles

Job Description

Inclusive Education Researcher

They focus on improving the quality of education that offers diverse learning needs to all students with constant policy improvements and research.

Early Intervention Specialist

They provide early intervention services for newborns and young children, often up to the age of six, with the goal of addressing disabilities, impairments, or other special needs.

Resource Teacher

They provide tailored instruction to students with disabilities through one-to-one or small group sessions with an aim to improve their social skills, language development, etc.

Special Education Policy Analyst

They focus on improving the existing special education policies and coming up with new reforms after evaluating the need through research and further conducting the impact assessment.

Private Jobs for B.Ed Special Education Graduates

The B.Ed Special Education private jobs are available in areas like specialized therapy centers, assistive technology companies, online education platforms like White HAT Jr. Below listed are a few common job roles in the private sector for B.Ed Special Education graduates:

B.Ed Special Education Job Role

Job Description

Assistive Technology Specialist

Their job role is to assess individuals with disabilities and recommend, and implement assistive technologies that aid in their learning and development.

Educational Consultant

They facilitate the creation of Individualised Education Plans (IEPs), determine whether assistive technology is required, and make sure that students receive the right support and accommodations.

Online Special Education Consultant

They provide virtual guidance to students and parents in the field of special education through online conferences, email, etc.

Life Skills Coach

They assess individual strengths and weaknesses and set their goals by providing one-to-one coaching and skill development sessions.

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Salary Offered to B.Ed Special Education Graduates in India

The B.Ed Special Education salary in India for graduates depends upon the level of education, grades, and skills acquired. Both the private and government sectors offer varying salaries based on the position of the graduate.

B.Ed Special Education Salary in India

The average B.Ed Special Education salary in India is around INR 2-5 LPA [Source: Ambition Box]. After gaining 3-5 years of experience the salary can be more than INR 8 LPA. The table below shows the salary breakdown of B.Ed Special Education graduates in India:

B.Ed Special Education Salary

Amount (INR)

Highest Salary


Lowest Salary


Average Salary

INR 3.50 LPA

B.Ed Special Education Salary Based on Job Designations

The B.Ed Special Education scope and salary for graduates in India have good potential with various entry-level job roles like inclusion support assistant to experienced job roles like behavior analyst. Below is a list of job profiles offered to B.Ed Special Education graduates and their average salary:

Job Role

Average Salary for Freshers

Average Salary for 5+ Years of Experience 

Inclusion Education Coordinator



Occupational Therapist

INR 3.60 LPA

INR 6-10 LPA

Special Education Teacher

INR 2.50 LPA


Early Childhood Special Educator

INR 2.70 LPA

INR 4.50-7.50 LPA

Speech Therapy Supervisor

INR 2.92 LPA

INR 6.50-12 LPA

B.Ed Special Education Salary Based on Sectors

The job opportunities for B.Ed Special Education in both the private and public sector is vast. Many organizations owned by the Government of India hire B.Ed Special Education graduates in a variety of job designations like Teachers, Counsellors, Coordinators, Therapists, etc.  Below is the list of top recruiters and the average salary of B.Ed in Special Education graduates in the government and private sector:

Private Sector 

The B.Ed Special Education graduates can find numerous job opportunities in the private sector, particularly in educational institutions, special education centers, and therapy clinics.  Below is a list of top private recruiters for B.Ed Special Education graduates along with average salary:

Top Recruiters

Average Annual Salary

White Hat Jr


Planet Spark

INR 3.70 LPA


INR 2.30 LPA

Smart Teachers

INR 3-4.50 LPA

Pinnacle Blooms Network

INR 3.40 LPA

Government Sector 

The B.Ed Special Education graduates can work in government organizations and departments like State Councils for Educational Research and Training, National Institute of Speech and Hearing, etc. The average B.Ed Special Education govt jobs salary is in the range of INR 2-5 LPA.

Below listed are a few government top recruiters that hire graduates with their average salaries:

Top Recruiters

Average Annual Salary

District Disability Rehabilitation Centers


Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan

INR 3.10-3.80 LPA

Government-Aided Special Schools

INR 2-3.50 LPA

Rehabilitation Council of India

INR 2-4.37 LPA

Areas of Recruitment for B.Ed Special Education Graduates

The B.Ed Special Education graduates are hired in various roles ranging from inclusive education teacher to IEP coordinator in private and public schools. Below listed are a few areas of recruitment for B.Ed in Special Education graduates and the respective job roles:

Area of Recruitment

Job Roles for B.Ed Special Education Graduates

Schools and Educational Institutions

Special Education Teacher, Inclusive Education Teacher, Resource Teacher, Curriculum Specialist, etc.

Rehabilitation Centers and Clinics

Speech and Language Therapists, Behavior Intervention Specialists, Educational Diagnosticians, etc.

Therapy and Healthcare Settings

Behavior Support Specialist, Rehabilitation Program Coordinator, Recreation Therapist, etc.


Volunteer Coordinator, Research and Policy Analyst, Community Outreach Coordinator, etc.

Research and Academia

Researcher, Grant Writer, Teacher Trainer, Education Consultant, etc.

Advocacy Organisations

Advocacy Officer, Special Education Advocate, Media and Communications Specialist, Advocacy Trainer, etc.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Job

In order to do a job as a Special Education Teacher or Counselor various factors should align with professional goals, personal values, and skills required. Below listed are a few factors that should be considered before choosing a job:

  • Passion and Commitment: The individual should have a commitment to teaching and guiding students with disabilities and have a sense of purpose before choosing a job.
  • Type of Institution: Before choosing a job the candidate must decide in which type of institution he/she wants to work like mainstream schools with inclusive programs, rehabilitation centers, clinics, NGOs, etc.
  • Job Role and Responsibilities: The job roles and given responsibilities should match with the candidate's career interest and align with professional goals.
  • Professional Development Opportunities: The candidate before choosing a job should evaluate the scope after B.Ed Special Education for professional development, training provided by the employer, and continuing education.
  • Salary and Benefits: The job roles and responsibilities should match the compensation the candidate will get with additional health benefits, additional incentives, etc.

Career Scope of B.Ed Special Education Course

The scope for B.Ed special education in India has increased with the government initiative to promote inclusive education through policies and programs like Inclusive Education for Disabled at Secondary Stage (IEDSS), NEP 2020, etc. Below are a few common career options and courses that students can pursue after completion of the course.

Career Options After B.Ed Special Education Course

The B.Ed Special Education scope is vast in both government and private sectors where they can work in community and vocational programs, online education platforms to consultancy, and advocacy. Below listed are a few common job roles for B.Ed Special Education graduates:

  • Inclusion Teacher
  • Special Education Teacher
  • Online Education Specialist
  • Community-Based Instructor
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor
  • Program Coordinator
  • School Psychologist
  • Speech-Language Pathologist
  • Assistive Technology Specialist

Courses After B.Ed in Special Education

Graduates after completing a BEd in Special Education course can pursue higher certification and advanced level courses to improve their skills and domain expertise. Below listed are the courses that can be pursued after the B.Ed Special Education course:

  • M.Ed in Special Education
  • MA in Applied Behaviour Analysis
  • Certified Special Education Advocate
  • Master of Social Work
  • Ph.D. in Special Education
  • Certified Assistive Technology Specialist (CATS) Course

Top B.Ed Special Education Recruiters

A career in B Ed Special Education has good potential as graduates are hired by public and private schools, early intervention programs, behavior support centers, educational assessment centers, etc. Below listed are a few top recruiters for B.Ed Special Education graduates:

Top Recruiters

Job Roles

Average B.Ed Special Education Monthly Salary

White Hat Jr

Special Education Teacher, Learning Coach, etc.

INR 27,000-37,467 Per Month

Vibgyor High School

Special Education Teacher, Inclusion Coordinator, etc.

INR 33,363 Per Month

Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan

Special Educator, Resource Teacher, Inclusive Education Expert, etc.

INR 20,000-36,000 Per Month

Autism Center for Excellence

Special Education Instructor, Behaviour Analyst, Autism Therapist, etc.

INR 35,000-40,000 Per Month

National Institute for the Empowerment of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities

Special Educator, Rehabilitation Therapist, Vocational Trainer, etc.

INR 29,000-36,000 Per Month

Skills Required for BEd Special Education Jobs

The B.Ed Special Education graduates need technical and soft skills to efficiently look after students with special needs and perform administrative functions. Below listed are a few skills in detail for B.Ed Special Education graduates:

  • Proficiency in Practical Tools and Software: For a technology education-driven landscape to enhance training, and encourage data-driven decision-making proficiency in educational tools and software is required.
  • Clinical Research Proficiency: Knowledge of clinical research can help instructors choose interventions, accommodations, and support measures for students with disabilities based on evidence.
  • Behavior Change Strategies Implementation: In order to provide individualized support, and employ positive behavioral support, early identification and prevention of escalation to implement the right behavior strategy is required.
  • Community Engagement Skills: In order to engage with communities, schools, and local organizations for the betterment of students.

B.Ed Special Education Fee Structure


What is the average salary of a Recreational Therapist in India?

The average salary of a Recreational Therapist in India is in the range of INR 2.25-5.24 LPA (Source: Ambition Box).

Do graduates with a B.Ed. in Special Education have the opportunity to engage in advocacy or policy positions in the field of education?

Yes, graduates can work in educational organizations, advocacy groups, or government organizations to promote inclusive education practices.

What is an inclusion support specialist's job description in schools?

The job role of an inclusion support specialist in schools involves preparing individualized education plans for students, providing behavioral support, and tracking the growth of disabled students in terms of academic, behavioral, and social skills.

Are there any job opportunities in government research centers for B.Ed Special Education graduates?

Yes, graduates can work as research assistants, grant writers, policy analysts, and outreach specialists in government research centers.

Can special education professionals work in early intervention programs for infants with disabilities?

Yes, special education professionals work in early intervention programs to promote developmental growth, they offer newborns and their families support by evaluating developmental requirements and providing specialized interventions.