BE EEE Syllabus & Subjects:

The course syllabus which is a part of the Bachelor of Engineering [BE] (Electrical and Electronics Engineering) [EEE] course curriculum is tabulated below. Certain colleges in the nation may restructure the syllabus structure minorly, but the major core of the syllabus remains the same.

Sl. No. BE EEE Syllabus - Year I
1 Engineering Mathematics
2 Engineering Physics
3 Engineering Chemistry
4 Engineering Graphics
5 Engineering Mechanics
6 Basic Mechanical Engineering
7 Basic Civil Engineering
8 Basic Electrical and electronic engineering
9 Basic Communication and Information Engineering
10 Engineering Workshops 
Sl. No. BE EEE Syllabus - Year II
1 Engineering Mathematics II
2 Hydraulic Machines and Heat Engines
3 Network analysis and synthesis
4 Solid-state devices and circuits
5 Electrical machines I
6 Engineering Material Science
7 Power System Engineering I
8 Electronic Circuits Lab


Sl. No. BE EEE Syllabus - Year III
1 Engineering Mathematics IV
2 Electronic Instrumentation
3 Electrical Measurements II
4 Power Electronics
5 Electrical Machines II
6 Digital Circuits Lab
7 Measurements & Instruments Lab
8 Electrical Machines III
9 Microprocessors & Applications
10 Numerical Techniques & Computer Programming
11 Industrial Engineering & Management


Sl. No. BE EEE Syllabus - Year IV
1 Control Systems
2 Power System Engineering III
3 Digital Signal Processing
4 Electrical Drawing
5 Electrical Machines Lab II
6 Power Systems Lab
7 Projects & Seminar
8 Advances Control Theory
9 Electrical Machine Design
10 Electrical System Design
11 Power Semiconductor Drives

The subjects included in the curriculum of the BE EEE course are enlisted below. While minor variations in the structure of the curriculum may be observed in some colleges, the curriculum is strictly maintained in most colleges across the nation.

  1. Basic Mechanical Engineering
  2. Basic Civil Engineering
  3. Basic Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  4. Engineering Mathematics
  5. Engineering Physics
  6. Engineering Mechanics
  7. Engineering Chemistry
  8. Engineering Graphics
  9. Basic Communication and Information Engineering
  10. Engineering Workshops
  11. Hydraulic Machines and Heat Engines
  12. Network Analysis and Synthesis
  13. Solid State Devices and Circuits
  14. Electrical Machines
  15. Engineering Material Science
  16. Power System Engineering
  17. Electronic Circuits Lab
  18. Electronic Instrumentation
  19. Electrical Measurements
  20. Power Electronics
  21. Digital Circuits
  22. Digital System Processing
  23. Electrical Drawing
  24. Advanced Control Theory
  25. Electrical Machine Drawing
  26. Power Semiconductor Drives

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